if the world were a village l.
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If the World Were a Village

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If the World Were a Village - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If the World Were a Village. What if the world’s population was represented in a village of just one hundred people?. Why this book?. This book serves as a snapshot of the world we live in.

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if the world were a village

If the World Were a Village

What if the world’s population was represented in a village of just one hundred people?

why this book
Why this book?
  • This book serves as a snapshot of the world we live in.
  • It informs us about many of the topics central to our study in global geography – diversity, education, wealth, health and access.
what the village would look like
What the village would look like...
  • Of the 100 people...
    • 61 are from Asia
    • 14 are from Africa
    • 11 are from Europe
    • 8 are from South America, Central America (including Mexico) and the Caribbean
    • 5 are from Canada and the United States
    • 1 is from Oceania
  • There are almost 6000 language in the world. In this village more than half of the people speak in just 8 languages.
  • 21 speak a Chinese dialect, 16 of them speak Mandarin
  • 9 speak English
  • 9 speak Hindi
  • 7 speak Spanish
  • One-fifth of the villagers would be under 9 years old.
  • More than half the village would be under the age of 30. Why?
  • On average 1 person would die every year, while 3 would be born.
  • 32 are Christians
  • 20 are Muslims
  • 14 are Hindus
  • 9 practice a folk religion
  • 6 are Buddhists
  • 2 belong to a global religion
  • 1 is Jewish
  • 70 people do not have consistent access to food.
  • 50 of them are hungry some or all of the time.
  • 20 are severely undernourished.
  • 30 people always have enough to eat
  • Yet, the village has nearly 330 animals – 250 of which are chickens.
  • 83 have access to a source safe of water
  • 17 do not and must spend a significant portion of time in order to collect safe water
  • 57 have access to public or household sewage disposal
  • 32 breathe air that is unhealthy because of pollution
  • Of the 38 school aged villagers only 31 attend school.
  • Of the 88 people old enough to read only 71 have some degree of literacy. 17 cannot read at all. More males are taught to read than females.
  • If all the money were divided equally, each village would have about $11,500 Canadian dollars per year.
  • However, in this village the richest 10 people have over half the money.
  • The poorest ten each make about $1 a day
  • 75 of the people average about $4 a day
  • The average cost of living in this village is $5000 a year
the village of the future
The Village of the future
  • Most experts believe that the village can’t support more than 150 people (a world population of about 10 billion)
  • Could see the privatization of resources that we currently take for granted (such as water)
  • Some believe that the majority of our water systems would become highly polluted – even in the developed world.
what if our classroom was the village
What if Our Classroom was the Village?
  • None of us would be Canadian
  • Only 9 of us would be well nourished
  • 3 of us would make about a dollar a day
  • Approximately 18 of us would be from Asia
  • 9 of us would use 75% of the energy
what about the money
What about the Money?
  • The richest 2 people would make about 65% of the income
  • The richest 6 would make just over 80% of all the income. They would all be from the United States
  • The other 24 would make approximately 28% of all the income
  • The poorest 6 would make just under 1.5% of all the income
what about xenophobia conflict and prejudice
What about Xenophobia, conflict and prejudice
  • 6 of you live in the fear of death by armed conflict, landmines, kidnapping or assault
  • Nearly half of you cannot speak or act freely according to your faith or conscience. Doing so could result in harassment, imprisonment, torture or death