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The Texas Medical Center Library: Resources and Services PowerPoint Presentation
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The Texas Medical Center Library: Resources and Services

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The Texas Medical Center Library: Resources and Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Texas Medical Center Library: Resources and Services. L. Maximilian Buja, M.D. Executive Director. The TMC Library. Established 1949 Independent member institution of the TMC Unique consortial Library with 8 TMC governing institutions and 13 TMC supporting institutions

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The Texas Medical Center Library: Resources and Services

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the texas medical center library resources and services

The Texas Medical Center Library:Resources and Services

L. Maximilian Buja, M.D.

Executive Director

the tmc library
The TMC Library
  • Established 1949
  • Independent member institution of the TMC
  • Unique consortial Library with 8 TMC governing institutions and 13 TMC supporting institutions
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine South Central Regional Library since 1991
the tmc library governing institutions
The TMC Library Governing Institutions
  • Baylor College of Medicine (4 BOD seats)
  • UT Health Science Center-Houston (3 BOD seats)
  • UT MD Anderson Cancer Center (1 BOD seat)
  • U of Houston (Pharmacy & Optometry) (1 BOD seat)
  • Texas Southern Univ. (Pharmacy) (1 BOD seat)
  • Texas Woman’s Univ. (1 BOD seat)
  • Houston Academy of Medicine (2 BOD seats)
  • Texas Medical Center (1 BOD seat)
the tmc library strategic plan fy 2012 15
The TMC Library Strategic PlanFY 2012-15
  • Vision

The TMC Library aspires to be recognized as a world-class leader in the delivery and development of biomedical information.

  • Mission Goals
    • Collect, Provide and Conserve Biomedical Information
    • Teach Strategies and Develop Techniques for Knowledge Management
    • Provide a Center for Study, Research and Collaboration
    • Implement Public Relations and Marketing Strategies

THE TMC LIBRARY HOME PAGE Off-site usage requires remote access log on

the tmc library departments and senior staff
The TMC Library Departments and Senior Staff
  • Executive Director – L. Maximilian Buja, MD
  • Chief Operating Officer – TBA
  • Chief Financial Officer – Dorothy Cobbs, MA
  • Circulation – Jesse Gonzalez
  • Collection Development – Dean James, PhD, MLS
    • Interlibrary Loan – Alisa Hemphill
  • Information Technology – J. Chris Young
  • Research and Education – Lisa Berry, MLS
  • McGovern Historical Collection & Research Center –

Philip Montgomery, MLS, CA

  • NN/LM SCR Library – Michelle Malizia, MA
the tmc library1
The TMC Library
  • Total FTE: 54.33
  • FY 2013 expense budget: $7,697,042 (without depreciation expense: $6,820,139 )
    • Collection budget: $2,448,871
    • Electronic collection: $2,403,496
    • Print collection: $45,375
  • NN/LM SCR current year contract: $1,375,210

8,215 Electronic Journals

11,000 Electronic Books

288 Databases

356,575 Print Volumes

the tmc library fy 2012 and fy 2013 on site usage
The TMC Library FY 2012 and FY 2013 On-Site Usage
  • Total On-Site Usage for FY 2012:
    • 68,283 visits over 48 weeks
    • 6,621 unique visitors
    • 1,422 visits per week (average)
    • 203 visits per day (average)
  • Current On-Site Usage for FY 2013 YTD:
    • 44,894 visits
    • 5,274 unique visitors
    • 1320 visits per week (average)
    • 188 visits per day (average)
the tmc library fy 2012 on site usage
The TMC Library FY 2012 On-Site Usage


Baylor College of Medicine

All visits – 14,482 (21.2%)*

Faculty – 1,685

Trainees – 9,906

Staff, Other – 2,891

  • All visits – 22,995 (33.7%)*
  • Faculty – 1,360
  • Trainees – 15,622
  • Staff, Other – 6,013

Total visits from all TMC institutions = 68,283

the tmc library fy2012 electronic usage
The TMC LibraryFY2012 Electronic Usage
  • Total Electronic Usage
    • 3,184.25 GB/17,835 unique users = 178 MB/user
  • Top Institutions
    • BCM
      • 1,785 GB/6,848 unique users = 260 MB/user
      • 57.4% of total usage
    • UT Health
      • 816 GB/5,239 unique users = 159 MB/user
      • 26.7% of total usage

GB = 109 bytes; MB = 106 bytes

staff functions to provide electronic resources
Staff Functions To Provide Electronic Resources
  • Purchasing negotiations
  • Database Management to Make Access Seamless
  • Federate/Discovery Search
  • IT Hardware and Infrastructure
  • Management of EZProxy (Gatekeeper) and Reporting Systems (Accounting for Usage)
  • Metadata Creation & Quality Control for Access
  • Open URL Link Resolver
  • Curriculum Support
  • Personalized research support
  • Reference services
  • Troubleshooting/solving user problems with resource access
  • User training
  • UTSDL licensing management
  • Vendor management
value proposition
Value Proposition
  • Both UTHealth and BCM benefit as TMC Library members in purchases of major journal packages from publishers obtained through the UTSDLC. Per student costs are substantially less than for other UT Health Institutions.
major journal packages via utsdlc
Major Journal Packages via UTSDLC
  • Science Direct (Elsevier)
    • UTSW, UTSA, UTMB, UTMDA - $0.70-$1.49/jnl/std
    • UTH-Houston - $0.31/jnl/std
    • BCM + UTH-Houston - $0.37/jnl/std
  • Springer Link
    • UTSW, UTSA, UTMB, UTMDA - $0.62-$1.02/jnl/std
    • UTH-Houston - $0.32/jnl/std
    • BCM + UTH-Houston - $0.38/jnl/std
  • Wiley Online
    • UTSW, UTSA, UTMB, UTMDA - $0.56-$1.07/jnl/std
    • UTH-Houston - $0.46/jnl/std
    • BCM + UTH-Houston - $0.56/jnl/std
  • Without The TMC Library, UTH costs would rise to that of the other UT institutions and BCM would likely not have access to the UTSDLC.
science direct via utsdlc
Science Direct via UTSDLC
  • UTSW
    • $720,346/2066stds/234jnls = $348/std/pk or $1.49/std/jnl
  • UTSA
    • $436,414/3022stds/207jnls = $144/std/pk or $0.70/std/jnl
  • UTMB
    • $538,661/2437stds/230jnls = $221/std/pk or $0.96/std/jnl
  • UT MDA
    • $299,251/2221stds/104jnls = $134/std/pk or $1.30/std/jnl
  • UTH-Houston
    • $228,241/2322stds/322jnls = $98/std/pk or $0.31/std/jnl
  • BCM + UTH
    • $456,482/3811stds/322jnls = $119/std/pk or $0.37/std/jnl
  • Through The TMC Library, BCM and UTH are getting the largest number of journals at the lowest price.
vendor direct purchases
Vendor Direct Purchases
  • Journals – Science Online (AAAS), Science Translational Medicine (AAAS), Blood (ASH), NEJM (MMS), JBC (ASB), AJP-7 title package (APS)
  • TMC Library Price
    • Total: $75,005
    • BCM share: $23,749 (37.15%)
    • UTHSCH share: $20,631 (33.96%)
  • Stand Alone Price
    • BCM ( 8 sites): $38,490
    • UTHSCH (6 schools): $38,940
  • Estimated Savings through TMC Library
    • BCM: $14,740 (38.3%)
    • UTHSCH: $18,308 (47.8%)
top 10 biochemistry molecular biology journals by scimago journal rank sjr

Top 10 Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Journalsby SCImago Journal Rank (SJR)

A measure of journal’s impact, influence or prestige. Expresses the average number of weighted citations received in a selected year by the documents published in the journal in the three previous years.

H (Hirsch) index = attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar.

major databases
Major Databases

If the database you're searching for is not listed below, please use the Database Tool.

  • Listed here are direct links to the Major Databases offered through The TMC Library.

THE TMC LIBRARY HOME PAGE Off-site usage requires remote access log on

interlibrary loan service
Interlibrary Loan Service
  • Retrieval of articles not available through the Library’s current subscriptions are now available free of charge for TMC members via the ILL service. Articles are obtained from other Libraries or (for older articles) from our own Library.
  • You need a library card (Call 713-799-7147 or go to
  • Then go to home page and then click on ILL.
  • First time users need to register with user name and password.
  • Then fill out information about the article – title, authors, volume, year, etc.
  • You will receive an email once the article is available for you to go back to the ILL site to view or download the article.
key messages
Key Messages
  • We want to do a great job giving you what you need from your Library.
  • The Library can come to you if you can’t come to us.
key messages1
Key Messages
  • Digital Commons @ the Texas Medical Center
    • a digital collection with the ability to bring together all the scholarly work from TMC faculty, researchers and students into one central location to be preserved and shared.
key messages2
Key Messages
  • We provide easy access to the best available biomedical literature to support research, clinical care, grant writing, teaching and scholarly projects.
  • Remote access log in:
    • Authenticates our authorized users—license requirement
    • Provides usage stats by institution—user request
    • Required by our Library Board
    • For convenience, needs to be done only once,

by keeping your browser window open

key messages3
Key Messages
  • The renovated Library will be a great place for collaborative science. Researchers across the TMC will be able to meet on common ground and work together in a shared space to solve research problems.
value of the library
Value of the Library
  • There’s no substitute for a good library.
  • Good libraries change the world. Google just borrowed a good idea.
  • Google may give you 10,000 answers, but the library will give you the one good answer you need.
  • The TMC Library is your Library. We help you achieve great things.


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