terra australis by elise w n.
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Terra Australis by Elise W

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Terra Australis by Elise W. Contents. First Australians Aboriginal Culture 18 th C entury England The First F leet Bound for Botany Bay. First Australians.

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  • First Australians
  • Aboriginal Culture
  • 18thCentury England
  • The First Fleet
  • Bound for Botany Bay
first australians
First Australians
  • First Australians were aboriginals. They were people with dark skin and they found and lived in Australia first. They wore possum, kangaroo and wombat fur for warmth. They used spears, weapons, boomerangs and tools too kill fish and animals to eat. They lived in little huts. They live near camp fires to keep warm. Some of the aboriginals had dingo's as their pet dogs.
aboriginal culture
Aboriginal Culture

My aboriginal artwork represents a kangaroo with nowhere to live and with no friends and no water. One day this kangaroo saw some aboriginal foot prints he followed the foot prints and found a billabong he lived there and had plenty to drink.

the origin of water
The origin of water


I think one of the birds had a blister and he tripped on a stick and his blister popped and out came water.


Once there were these animals they didn’t have any water all they had was gulbirra (kangaroo grass). One day they saw Bangarra the blue tongue lizard drying him self so the animals thought he must have water so they prepared a meeting and got Gudjilla the bandicoot to spy on him, but out of the corner of Bangarras eye he saw Gujilla. So the animals had another meeting and got someone else to spy on Bangarra. They got willy wag tail but his black and white tail stood out to easily. Then they tried Gula the rat. Gula scared Bangarra and they had water rivers and creeks because the king fisher wriggled and made them.

the origin of water1
The origin of water


  • I think all of the animals would have felt angry with Bangarra for not sharing the water.
  • I think Bangarra would have felt selfish for not sharing.


  • Why would Bangarra not share the water?


  • Little things can make a big difference.
18 th century england
18thcentury England
  • In England 18th century the people were very poor. They had not much money. People starved to death.
  • Lots of people even kids had to steal food to live. Lots of the kids got kept in an orphanage and they got hardly any food, they had to work all day. When people stole food they got taken to a family to be their slave or they got hung. The children got sent to orphanages because their parents have died and there's no other family to look after them. Children's parents died because of sickness and disease's. There were no hospitals and dentists around then.
  • The peoples clothes were dirty tatted and horrible they didn’t even have buttons.
  • In England the people who were rich didn’t care about the poor people they just made them work.
the first fleet
The First Fleet
  • I’m Mary Wilson I’m fourtyseven and I lived in Old Baily London. I’m on the Lady Penrhyn ship because I stole clothes worth 20 shillings. I was transported here on the 22/2/1786. My job was a needle worker. When I was on the ship I was starving .There was absolutely no food and only a small amount of water. I missed my family terribly I would cry so much. I would much rather be back with my family. There are no friends. I wish I hadn’t stolen in the first place.
the journey of the first fleet
The journey of the first fleet

3rd of June 1887: Arrived Tenerife in

The Canary Islands, stayed a week

And took on supplies of fresh food.

25 Oct 1787:

The fleet was in the

Middle of the Indian


5th of July1787: crossed the


13th of Oct 1787: reached Table Bay.

Now in cape town. Cape of god hope after surviving

Tremendous storms in the Atlantic ocean .

7th of August: arrived at Rio de Janeiro,

Stayed a month repairing sails, collecting

Plants and seeds to be grown in New south Wales.

the journey of the first fleet1
The journey of the first fleet

25 Dec 1787: Adventure

Bay, Van Diemen’s Land (now


18 January 1788: Arrived

At Botany Bay after sailing

South of Van Diemen’s

Land, then north to New

South Wales. It was

decided that Botany Bay was

Not a suitable for the settlement because water

Supply and soils were poor. So

The fleet sailed on.

26 Jan 1788: The first

Fleet went ashore to

Port Jackson to start

A settlement. Arthur

Phillip named a place

Of landing Sydney cove,

After lord Sydney, an official who had helped to

organise the voyage.

bound for the botany
Bound for the Botany
  • Who is singing this song? The convicts are singing this song.
  • Why are they singing it? To talk about what the convicts have experienced.
  • Why are they saying ‘farewell to Old England forever. The convicts are leaving on a ship to Botany Bay and may never back.
  • Where were they going? Why? The convicts are going to Botany Bay in Sydney because they had committed a crime.