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Grampian Diabetes Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Grampian Diabetes Website

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Grampian Diabetes Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grampian Diabetes Website
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Grampian Diabetes Website George Duncan Ossie Heffell Frances Philip

  2. NHS Grampian Website Redevelopment • Why? • When? • How?

  3. What’s New at NHSG? • Updated links • New sites • New style • Easy access • New web address

  4. Launch of New Grampian Diabetes Website

  5. Aims of Diabetes Website • To inform • To be relevant • To be up to date • To be useful • To be accessible

  6. How Can I Find the Website? • NHSG intranet – type in keyword diabetes or at • • or • via a search engine, eg Google • Make us one of your favourite websites – it’s easier to find us and you know it makes sense!

  7. What Can I Find There? • Reliable information on diabetes specialist services • Links to other useful sites • News of forthcoming diabetes related events

  8. Meet the team Hospital Specialists Links to GP Websites DSNs Dietitians Podiatrists Retinal Screening News of forthcoming diabetes related events Presentations from this Conference National patient leaflets MCN documents Links to useful information sites In Particular

  9. Allow Us to Demonstrate

  10. Information instantly available at any time Grampian Diabetes Guidelines and new RACH Guidelines on line Linked information, eg Managed Knowledge Network available Meet the Team information Retinal Screening SCI-DC Conferences and Events Patients can access the site directly How Is This Relevant to Me As a Healthcare Professional?

  11. Accessible site Local Relevant Reliable information on diabetes care available in primary and secondary care General information about clinics; what to expect, where to park National Patient Information Leaflets Links to useful sources of information, eg Diabetes UK, the Buddy Service How Is This Relevant to Me As a Patient?

  12. Future Developments • More links will be available shortly • More information on SCI-DC • More in-depth information • Latest position on new developments

  13. What Do We Need in Return • Feedback please! • Look at the website • Tell us what works • Tell us what doesn’t work • Use the website • Tell us what you would like us to add

  14. As a Diabetes Resource • It’s newly revised and developing • It’s available wherever and wherever you are. It’s a partnership - sharing information • Together we can build a functional diabetes resource that works for all of us

  15. And Finally • This is just the start of the Diabetes website – it’s under development so please keep watching this space and using the website. • Contact us by e-mail at diabetes@nhs.grampian with comments or requests to include information • Thank you for listening • We look forward to hearing from you!