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Fascinating Animals

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Fascinating Animals

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  1. Fascinating Animals

  2. Fascinating Animals People have just found a new generation of writers. Ihope people enjoy these great pieces of writing. They have been finding animal research. For someone in Third Grade, they are doing really great. These are all of the research they have done. By Mrs. Herrington’s Class

  3. Bats are heroes! Bats are very cool creatures. They are the only mammals that can fly.

  4. Bats mostly live in caves, hollow trees and attics of buildings. They also hang from the ceiling in their homes. They hibernate in winter and normally sleep in caves when they hibernate.

  5. Fruit bats eat mangos and bananas. Other bats eat different things. Bats get eaten by crocodiles and snakes. They need to be very careful around their predators!

  6. Bats have five toes. They have brown or gray fur. Most of them hang upside down. Fruit bats have large eyes. Other bats have small eyes.

  7. Farmers don’t like bats because they damage their crops. If you don’t like mice, you should like bats! By Brandon Yerina

  8. Antarctic Sealsby: Camden Czajka Seals spend their lives mostly at sea. They can’t move fast on land.

  9. Us seals love the water. We eat penguins, but that’s only in water. On land we are slow and they do not fear us. We eat krill and penguins. LeopardSeals eat seal pups along with killer whales.

  10. The Weddel seal is the only seal that stays in the Antarctic forever. Other seals go south for the winter, but not the Weddel seal. Weddel seal

  11. During Summer, seals haul themselves onto the ice and give birth. They give birth to one pup at a time.

  12. Eared Seals Eared seals use their flippers as feet on land.

  13. Earless Seals Earless seals just glide across the ice to move around.

  14. Seals are very unique and interesting animals!

  15. Tasmanian Devils Hi my name is Tass and I live in Tasmania, near Australia. I sleep in dens, hollow, logs and burrows.

  16. I eat possums, lizards, frogs, insects and carrion. I also eat small bones and dead animals.

  17. I have powerful jaws to help catch my prey. I look like the size of a little dog. I have a short thick head. I have small eyes and large bright pink ears.

  18. I live in Australia. However, some of us became extinct on the mainland. I live in the forest. I am a shy and wild animal personality. Our population is dying out. Therefore, please protect our habitat. by Colin Barry

  19. Crocodiles Hi my name is Crock. I’m a vicious animal if someone harms me.

  20. My baby is called a hatchling. If you try to eat him. I will eat you!

  21. I hide in the water. I’ll eat you. I would love a kid to eat! How about YOU!

  22. Caribou Hi this is Dallas, news reporter. I have some fascinating facts about Bill the caribou/reindeer. Caribou are normally brown and gray. They have a sprinkle of white.

  23. Caribou mostly eat fungi and mushrooms. For a treat they eat berries and green leaves. In fall they eat lichen.

  24. Caribou have been sighted in Asia, North America, Europe and the Arctic. They are also coming down into Canada. Dallas Beeman

  25. Coyotes Coyotes weigh between 25 to thirtypounds. They can run up to forty miles per hour [40 kilometers]. Coyotes prefer to live in grasslands and woodlands, usually near farms and ranches, cities and towns.

  26. Coyotes live in dens. The coyote population may total 1.5 million. . Coyotes mate in late winter orearly spring. 2 months later the pups are born and usually thereare 4 to 7 pups.

  27. Coyotes eat a lot of things: prairie dogs,mice, sheep, rabbits, insects, berries, nuts, lambs, fruit, elk, deer, chicken, cattle, garbage and rodents.

  28. Coyotes have grayish brown coats withreddish flanks. Their feet and legs are tawny colors. Those living in far north have lighter colors, but heavier coats than those living farther south.

  29. The colors of their coats change everyseason. Coyotes hunt at night. Coyotes throw their heads back and begin with a yap-yap sound, they also growl and bark. by Bella Michael

  30. BATSARE COOL ! Bats are very cool animals because they are nocturnal. Did you know that some bats can live up to 30 years old?

  31. Some bats only eat insects. Fruit bats eat fruit and drink the nectar from flowers. Their favorite fruits are mangoes and bananas. Baby bats drink milk until they are 6 to 8 weeks old.


  33. COUGARS Habitat Cougar Cougars are amazing animals. They live mostly in mountain areas like North America, South America, Alaska, and Canada. By: Jack Baiocco

  34. What the cougar eats The cougar eats almost anything, but mostly deer The cougar is a grayish or a reddish tan and also a light brown.

  35. What the cougar looks like The tip of thecougar’s tail is black or dark brown. They also have a pink or black nose. Cougars have a small head and a long neck.

  36. The malecougars weigh 160 to 200 pounds. The female weighs 90 to 135 pounds. What the cougar weighs

  37. Fun facts Did you know the heaviest one known weighs 276 pounds?

  38. COYOTES Coyotes are cool! Coyotes can run up to 40 miles per hour. Coyotes often howl loudly at night. There are many neat facts about Coyotes.

  39. Coyotes live in a den. A den is a hole that they live in. The mother may move the pups to another den. The mother moves the pups to another den if one den may have too many flies in it.

  40. Coyotes eat rodents, bugs, and other small animals. Coyotes also eat berries, seeds, fish, and chicken. Coyotes have a good appetite.

  41. There are many places that coyotes live in. You would see a coyote in North America, Central America, woodland and grassland. Most coyotes travel in packs. Coyotes are very unique animals. By Isabella Kelly

  42. Mackenzie Hembrook Owls Owls have large heads with eyes that look forward as they hunt for their prey. Owls are such unique creatures that have many cool features.

  43. Owls are such beautiful birds. They have very large eyes. This helps them see at night and hunt for their food. They also have an extra eyelid to keep dirt out of their eyes.

  44. Owls live almost anywhere in the world. Some owls make nests in trees. Many owls live in the woodlands.

  45. A female owl will lay two to twelve eggs. She keeps them warm and never leaves them. Babies are fed by their mothers. A baby owl is called an owlet. For the first few weeks the owlet will wait in the nest while their mom will hunt for food.

  46. Owls are very neat animals. They are found all over the world. We need to protect this beautiful bird.

  47. Giant Pandas MELANIE WHITE Giant pandas are very cute animals. They love to eat bamboo! Giant pandas love to play. They have lots of neat facts about them. Giant pandas are black and white. They are very furry animals.

  48. They have fur around their eyes, and on their ears. They have white stomachs and black bodies.

  49. Giant Pandas usually eat bamboo, but they do eat lots of other things like apples. They also drink lots of water. Giant Pandas spend most of their day eating.

  50. becoming extinct Pandas are becoming extinct!