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Be Californian. Be Counted.

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Be Californian. Be Counted. What’s at stake in CA?. California could lose an existing Congressional seat $435 Billion in Federal Funding is allocated each year $4.35 Trillion over the next decade Federal Funding (distribution based on Census statistics)

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what s at stake in ca
What’s at stake in CA?
  • California could lose an existing Congressional seat
  • $435 Billion in Federal Funding is allocated each year
    • $4.35 Trillion over the next decade
  • Federal Funding (distribution based on Census statistics)
    • $1.8B in HHS related program funding (FY2006)
    • $3.6B in Education program funding
    • $400M in Transportation funding
    • Over $500M in direct federal grants to cities & counties
  • Title 1, Part A funds Entitlement (2009-2010) –
    • $2.9B Regular Title 1 Entitlement
    • $2.0B ARRA Title 1 Entitlement
    • TOTAL $4.9Billion
california complete count effort
California Complete Count Effort

Mission: Ensure that Californians get their fair share of federal resources and Congressional representation by encouraging the full participation of all Californians in Census 2010.

  • Will closely align with the successful principles and approaches implemented in Census 2000 (sans funding)
  • Budget Limitations
  • Best Practices of Census 2000
best practices california you count census 2000
Best Practices -California, You Count! Census 2000
  • Comprehensive Partnerships– Keeping it grass roots!
  • Targeted efforts – invested resources in areas and population least likely to respond
  • Paid Ethnic media, in-language advertising campaign
  • Direct Community Outreach – events throughout the state – “high touch – high impact”
  • Community Based Networks – QACs in the right places at the right time, by the right messengers
  • County Complete Count Committees-County Handbooks
  • School based Outreach
  • State Agency Outreach
successful results census 2000
Successful Results – Census 2000
  • 2000 Mail-back response rate:
    • California: 70%
    • U.S.: 68%
  • California’s 1990 response rate: 65%
  • DOF finding – Tracts with QACs funded by the State’s CCC improved their mail response rate by an impressive 8 percentage points

“Experts are convinced that the California outreach effort made the difference.”

“While the Census Bureau encouraged participation nationwide, the state’s Campaign was better targeted to California’s diverse communities, including those in the past where the participation effort was not as successful.”

(LA Times, May 23, 2000 “State Census Strategy was on the Money”)

2010 california complete count
2010 California Complete Count


  • Total $2M Budget (FY 2008-09, 2009-10)
  • Convening, Collaborating and Coordinating efforts
    • Convene and Engage Community-based/Faith-based Organizations networks and resources
    • Coordinate Foundation and Private sector efforts to weave together a patchwork of outreach coverage
    • Leverage all State Agency/Department outreach opportunities
  • Target Efforts – Focus on populations in census tracts with high “hard to count” scores and historically undercounted and low response populations, County handbooks online.
  • Trusted messenger approach
  • Use low cost New Media approaches to outreach
california complete count effort c onvening c ollaborating c oordinating
California Complete Count EffortConvening, Collaborating & Coordinating
  • Regional Convenings – 20 scheduled (6/18/09 – 10/7/09)
    • California Complete Count Committee
    • Statewide Outreach Strategy
    • State Agency Outreach Plan
    • Schools-based Outreach Plan
    • State & Local Government – Webinar trainings
    • Community/Faith-based Outreach Plan
    • Earned Media Plan
    • Statewide Census Outreach Resource e-Center
    • Mapping Outreach tool –
    • Other activities as determined by stakeholder input

from Regional Convenings

key deliverables of the 2010 effort
Key Deliverables of the 2010 effort
  • Statewide Outreach Strategy (SOS)– due November 30, 2009
  • CA Complete Count Committee and Subcommittees
  • Regional Stakeholder Convenings and Report of Findings & Recommendations
  • Webinar Trainings – Local government
  • Statewide Census Outreach Resource e-Center
  • Mapping Outreach Tool and QAC resource finder
  • Implementation of Statewide Outreach Strategy – Jan-July 2010
  • Final Report to the Governor by June 30, 2011
outreach principles
Outreach Principles
  • Targeted Efforts
    • Hard-to-Count Census tracts
    • Hard-to-Count populations
  • Leverage State Agency/Department existing efforts
  • Create knowledgebase sharing through technology
  • Focal points
    • Trusted messengers
    • Questionnaire Assistance Centers
    • Media – Ethnic, in language, microtargeted
state agency working group
State Agency Working Group
  • Leverage Existing State Agency/Department Outreach Opportunities
    • Collect Outreach Opportunities
  • Develop Statewide Outreach Plan
    • Including a focus on “caseworker outreach”
  • Secure Partner Support Program Funding
  • Identify key dates, deadlines, implementation workplan
  • Coordinate Outreach to avoid duplication and maximize outreach activities
ways to cover the state

Leveraging Partners across the state

Ways to “cover the state”

US Census Bureau QACs

SF Foundation grantee QACs & Targeted Outreach

CA Community Foundation QACs & Targeted Outreach

SVCF QACs and Outreach partners

GCIR foundation grantee QAC & Targeted Outreach

NALEO partnership – Assistance Centers

La Cooperativa QAC & Targeted Outreach

CRLA Trainings and Outreach


Not ALL of THESE Organizations HAVE COMMITTED FUNDS for QAC or Outreach.

mapping outreach planning tool
Mapping: Outreach Planning Tool

User friendly web-based tool

leverage coordinate and innovate
Leverage, Coordinate and Innovate
  • Performed a statewide “readiness assessment”
  • US Census Bureau has implemented many of CA’s 2000 Census Best Practices
  • Leverage over $8 M in private and non-profit foundations to fund community based outreach
  • Provide simplified and useful resources at a statewide level for all stakeholders
  • Use low cost technological tools to provide real-time training and outreach resources across the state

Thank You

Walter Schwarm

Demographic Research Unit

California Department of Finance