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Lars Garpetun – Sweden – Session 6 – 0415 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lars Garpetun – Sweden – Session 6 – 0415

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Lars Garpetun – Sweden – Session 6 – 0415 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXPERIENCES FROM OPERATIONS AFTER A FULL-SCALE SMART METERING ROLLOUT REGARDING AVAILABILITY AND RELIABILITY. Lars Garpetun – Sweden – Session 6 – 0415. Smart metering deployment 2003 to 2009 at Vattenfall Distribution Nordic. Sweden 916 000 meters installed

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Lars Garpetun – Sweden – Session 6 – 0415

smart metering deployment 2003 to 2009 at vattenfall distribution nordic
Smart metering deployment 2003 to 2009 at Vattenfall Distribution Nordic


  • 916 000 meters installed
  • Mainly PLC communication but also radio and GPRS
  • Metering operation out-sourced to Telvent (~600 000) and Vattenfall Service (~250 000)


  • 395 000 meters installed
  • Mainly point-to-point GSM communication
  • Metering operation out-sourced to Telia-Sonera (~360 000) and Landis+Gyr (~35 000)
the business case for smart metering

Extended business case

  • Enables electricity market development
  • Better follow-up on quality of delivery
  • Better follow-up on outage management
  • Revenue control
  • Prevent damage at customer sites
  • Better conditions for network analyses
The Business Case for Smart metering
  • Decreased cost for regular meter readings
  • Decreased cost for move in / move out reading
  • Decreased cost for suppliers change reading
  • Reduced customer service cost

Original business case

achieved improvements from smart metering
Achieved improvements from Smart Metering
  • Remotely meter readings. Meters read daily.
  • Monthly billing based on actual consumption
  • Fewer Customer Service calls
  • Positive environmental impact due to less field crew activities
  • Customer complains can be handled more efficient and faster
  • Online web visualization of hourly consumption for all customers
  • Quality of supply: Power Outage and Power Quality measured at customer's site
  • Asset Management: Network calculation based on actual consumption & PQ data
  • Outage Management: Network operations more efficient due to Power Outage data and functions
  • Revenue Management:
    • Monitoring of network losses
    • Monitoring of customers power usage
    • Monitoring of illegal usage and damaged meters
    • Remote switch off / -on used in the move out /-in process.
launched customer promises by 2010 at vattenfall distribution nordic
Launched Customer Promises by 2010 at Vattenfall Distribution Nordic
  • Compensation for delayed new installations
  • Outages more than 6 hours will automatically be compensated
  • More than 5 outages per month the fixed fee will be excluded for that month
  • Compensation if voltage isn't in the right level, compensated if it's not rectified in 6 months
  • Information about outages shall rapidly be presented trough web, IVR, sms, mail
  • Consumption not billed will after one year not be charged, for business customers 3 years
  • If the change of supplier process will be delayed customers will be compensated
  • If appliance have been damaged caused by bad power quality customers will be extra compensated
  • All customer have access to service (My Pages) through the web
  • To support customers continuously with excellent service we do investment in modern technique and develop the grid in an environmental direction

Smart metering are crucial to fulfil and launch new customer promises

meter data management

AMR process overview

Meter Data Management
  • In a Smart Metering concept the MDM-system is an important hub and a source for historical information for a lot of back-end systems and work processes
  • When needed the information could be requested and delivered from the MDM-system
  • The MDM-system will also be the unifier and the link from back-end systems to all AMI-systems and Smart meters.
  • The system will support all metering aspects of consumption, production and handling of alarms and events.
  • The system will also support other systems, actors and report functions with data on demand.
data volumes and filtering functions
Data volumes and filtering functions
  • Smart Meters measure and deliver large volumes of data
  • The amount of data related to alarms and events could be significant higher than for meter values.
  • To minimize the transportation of data and speed up the services in some cases the meter / the concentrator should analyze and filtering the data, only if needed forward information to the users
metering functions
Metering functions
  • Improvements of the meters content and features have increased rapidly during the deployment regarding:
    • Firmware and parameters up-dated remotely
    • Bi-directional meter readings supporting micro generation
    • Power Quality information; voltage, current, zero faults
    • Power Outage information; outage indications, statistics, phase loss
    • Supporting disconnect/connect, demand response
  • For all meters it’s possible to do an on demand meter read and do a query to the meter remotely.
  • For all meters it's possible to read meters hourly
system security
System security
  • The metering operations are carried out of different external suppliers/actors and the system infrastructure consists of different technical solutions
  • The overall responsibility for system security in the metering collection process remains at the DSO.
  • System security could be divided in areas like:
    • Intrusion protection
    • Alerts to operators
    • Traceability, logging of security events.
    • Remote access
    • Network separation
    • Disaster Redundancy System
communications regarding availability and performance

The figure represent a typical performance result regarding meter readings with monthly requirements.

Communications regarding availability and performance
  • To better meet the requirements in the future in some cases the communication has to be more or less in real-time and data to be processed in a more efficient way.
  • For future Smart Grid solutions communication between secondary substation and Smart Meters at customer sites must be extremely good
  • If Smart Metering will be an essential part of a Smart Grid solution requiring real-time communication, availability and reliability can be a problem