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ALT / JTE Relations

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ALT / JTE Relations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ALT / JTE Relations. Introduction Warmup ALT/JTE Roles Cultural Differences Scenarios / Problem solving Short Questionnaire Q&A. Introduction. Heidi Soto 4 th year ALT Tamana Koko, Arao Koko, Tamana Kogyo. Yukiho Yoshimoto Tamana Koko English teacher. WARMUP.

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alt jte relations
ALT / JTE Relations
  • Introduction
  • Warmup
  • ALT/JTE Roles
  • Cultural Differences
  • Scenarios / Problem solving
  • Short Questionnaire
  • Q&A

Heidi Soto

  • 4th year ALT
  • Tamana Koko, Arao Koko,Tamana Kogyo

Yukiho Yoshimoto

  • Tamana Koko English teacher
alt jte roles what are they
ALT / JTE Roles: What are they?

ALTs, please tell us what you think the roles of JTEs are in your classroom?

JTEs, what do you think the role of your ALTs are in the classroom?

How do these answer s compare to your own thoughts about your role?

alt jte roles
ALT / JTE Roles

From CLAIR’s Resource Materials and Teaching Handbook

and General Information Handbook

  • ALTs are involved with the planning of lessons in cooperation with Japanese foreign language teachers, interacting jointly with the Japanese teacher in the classroom and evaluating the effectiveness of the lessons.
  • the ALT is an assistant to the Japanese teacher. The ALT should not, therefore, be expected to conduct classes alone, or be the “main” teacher. As an assistant, the ALT must respect the syllabus requirements and wishes of the Japanese teacher during lesson planning sessions.
  • It is difficult to generalize about the ALT position. ALTs may work closely with Japanese colleagues in developing the curriculum and be given the responsibility to develop their own materials, or their Japanese colleagues may have already decided an overall plan. Whatever the case, it is important for ALTs to talk with their colleagues at the beginning to establish the goals and objectives for team-teaching lessons.
alt jte roles according to mext s handbook for team teaching
ALT / JTE RolesAccording to MEXT’s Handbook for Team-Teaching
  • ALTs assist with classes taught by JTE.
  • Assist with the preparation of supplementary teaching materials
  • Assist with language training/practice for JTEs
  • Assist with the instruction of foreign language speaking societies and other extracurricular activities
  • Provide language information for teachers’ consultants and JTEs
  • Assist with foreign language speech contests
  • Assist with other duties as specified by the participant’s host institution.
things alts may not know
Things ALTs May Not Know…
  • JTEs have two sides that they must use to present themselves: Honne, and Tatemae.
  • Teachers with homerooms have to take care of 30-40 students as if they are their own. This is on top of the family they have to raise at home.
  • Being emotional in school or class is not an option.
  • Japanese teachers are more indirect with their requests than direct. This is seen as being polite.

Please try not to get frustrated and be patient. You’ll figure it out with time.

things jtes may not know
Things JTEs May Not Know…
  • ALTs NEED the Internet.
  • ALTs travel during the holidays to avoid homesickness and depression.
  • ALTs are used to being direct and assume that teachers will give them direct instructions or guidance.
  • Maybe ALTs appear a bit “zany” with their activities and actions but it may also be a difference in culture.

Please be open-minded and accepting of other cultures. Try new things.

problem solving scenario 1
Problem SolvingScenario #1

School Rabu Rabu Chugakko has one ALT who comes to school once a week.  The ALT works with three JTEs for four classes.  The ALT doesn’t plan the lessons. When they are called to class, they often assist by reciting from the textbook. Halloween is coming up and the ALT would like to teach them about their own culture by organizing a Halloween lesson in English. The ALT knows that the JTEs usually prefer to use only the textbook and are normally reluctant in giving the ALT full control of class. 

problem solving scenario 2
Problem SolvingScenario #2

School Totoro Shogakko has an ALT who works there twice a week with 4 teachers.  The ALT teaches 3 classes each day.   Usually, the ALT approaches each teacher 10 minutes before their class to explain the lesson.  The JTEs, however, don’t speak English well and don’t know what role to play in class. The ALT also doesn’t speak Japanese well. The games and lessons sometimes don’t work out. How can the ALT and JTE communicate their ideas without misunderstanding?

problem solving scenario 3
Problem SolvingScenario # 3

School Chu Chu Kogyo Koko has an ALT who works there twice a week.  The ALT teaches four classes each day.  The ALT usually brings their lessons from their high-level academic school to use at this lower-level technical school.  The JTEs feel that the level of these lessons are too high for the students and find themselves translating more than they would like to the students.  The JTEs don't know how to approach the ALT due to cultural sensitivity and language issues.

alts questionnaire
ALTS Questionnaire

Please answer the following

1.) If you were taught Japanese in the way you teach English, would you actually learn or just have fun?

2.) What kind of student were you in school?

a) Cool b) A Slacker c) Class Clown d) Disruptive e) Geeky f) Teacher’s Pet g) Attentive

3.) What were the teachers like that you really respected?

4.) What did you do at your school’s culture festival?

jte questionnaire
JTE Questionnaire

JTEs, please answer the following

1.) What do you like about ALTs? Ex. They are fun and crazy in class for students.

2.) What do you dislike about ALTs? Ex. They are always late.

3.) Do you think students’ English abilities would become worse if the ALT no longer worked at your school?


4.) What did your ALT do at your school’s culture festival?

the end

Let’s work together and make the world a happier place. Awww.