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Manufacturing and Nanotechnology Group

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Manufacturing and Nanotechnology Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manufacturing and Nanotechnology Group. By Dr. Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa , Jay (Graduate Student Orientation) Fall 2011. Professors. Ioan Marinescu Precision Micro-machining and Advanced Manufacturing Sarit Bhaduri Biomaterials/Ceramics

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manufacturing and nanotechnology group

Manufacturing and Nanotechnology Group


Dr. Ahalapitiya H. Jayatissa, Jay

(Graduate Student Orientation)

Fall 2011



IoanMarinescu Precision Micro-machining and

Advanced Manufacturing

SaritBhaduri Biomaterials/Ceramics

Hongyan Zhang Welding and Material Joining

Ahalapitiya Jayatissa Thin Films, Nanotechnology,


Mathew Franchetti Industrial Engineering

Yong Gan Energy materials


Dr. IoanMarinescu

Projects 2011

  • Nano ELID Technologies for Semiconductors Industry
  • Nano Polishing of AlTiC Sliders
  • Precision Burnishing for Aerospace Industry
  • Heat Transfer/Fluid Mechanics Modeling of Grinding
  • UV Bonding of Abrasive Tools
  • Contact: Professor IoanMarinescu

Dr. SarithBhaduriResearch Field: BiomaterialsHe has opening for MS and PhD level students in processing of bio-compatible ceramic materials. Nature of research is synthesis and characterization of materials.For availability you may contact him with 419-530-8223


Material Joining Laboratory

Dr. Hongyan Zhang

  • Active Research Project
  • High Performing Friction–Stir Riveted Joints

(Openings 1 MS, 1 PhD):


Nanotechnology and MEMS Laboratory

Current Research Projects:

1. Graphene based multiplexed Sensors: Investigation of carbon nanotube and graphene and other single layer materials for sensor applications.

2. Laser Processing of Thin Films: Investigation of the fundamental phenomena of laser irradiation on metal oxide-based thin films relevant to sensor performance

  • PhD/MS students will be considered.

Contact: Dr. A. H. Jayatissa, Jay

Room #: 4049 NI

  • Tel: 419-530-8245
  • E-mail:

All projects involve Experimental activities and Modeling/Simulations.

Current students: 6 PhD and 3 MS, 2 undergraduates


Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing Laboratory

  • Dr. Matthew Franchetti (419-530-8051 or NI 4006)
  • Active Research Projects (2 openings):
    • The Business Waste Reduction Assistance Program sponsored by Lucas County
    • The UT Pollution Prevention Program sponsored by the EPA
  • The projects involve assisting manufacturers and businesses in measuring and reducing waste, pollution, energy usage, and environmental impacts.

Dr. Yong Gan

Nanomanufacturing thermoelectric energy conversion materials

  • The objective of the project is to make nanoscale Bi–Te nanostructures with thermoelectric properties on various substrate.

Biophotofuel cell anode materials research

  • The objective of the project is to make a photoactive anode containing highly ordered nanotube array and to study the effect of electrolyte concentration and voltage on the size distribution of the nanotubes. The photo-catalytic behavior and biomass decomposition under ultraviolet (UV) radiation to generates electricity and hydrogen will be studied.
  • One Ph.D. student is needed if funding is available.