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New DAC Training

New DAC Training. August 2012. New DAC Agenda. What do I need to know and do now? Key Assessment Themes Fall Training on Administration Code and Inclusions EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering Data Review (School Report Card) CIITS Where do I begin? ACCESS for ELLs®

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New DAC Training

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  1. New DAC Training August 2012

  2. New DAC Agenda • What do I need to know and do now? • Key Assessment Themes • Fall Training on Administration Code and Inclusions • EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering • Data Review (School Report Card) • CIITS • Where do I begin? • ACCESS for ELLs® • WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT)™ • Alternate K-PREP • Pearson K-PREP • College/Career Readiness • ACT Quality Core

  3. 2012-13 Alignment of Standards Fall Testing


  5. What do I need to know and do now?

  6. Key Assessment Themes • DATA QUALITY—collaborative process between OAA and school/district staff to ensure accurate reporting of test results • TEST SECURITY—addition of new checks and processes to monitor appropriate administration of state-required tests

  7. Data Quality • Review of student level information using checklists (throughout year) • Test rosters • Student Data Review and Reporting (SDRR) Application • Pre-Reporting Data Review (August) • Data Review (14 days after public release)

  8. Test Security • Seating Charts will be required for all state-required test administrations. • Seating charts will begin with EXPLORE and PLAN administration in Fall 2012. • DAC will collect and maintain in case of potential investigations. • Templates will be provided.

  9. Test Security • Ensuring training of appropriate school/district staff in testing regulations: • Administration Code • Inclusion Regulation • Documentation of training (i.e., sign-in sheets, time, location, content) • Collections of signature sheets from Administration Code and Appropriate Practices forms (Focus on Fall Testing - EXPLORE/PLAN, EOC, COMPASS)

  10. Administration Code and Inclusions Regulations Training Fall Testing

  11. Administration Code • Appropriate training required for anyone administering EXPLORE/PLAN or 1st EOC window • Signatures on Appropriate Practices Form and Administration Code • Seating charts that reflect everyone in each testing room (adults and students)

  12. Inclusion Regulation Update • 2009 Inclusion of Special Populations Regulation (EXPLORE/PLAN, EOC) • Updated regulation has two more Legislative committees to pass • Expected changes will come late September or early October • New training will be offered after regulation clears last hurdle • Immediate impact is EOC and ACCESS for ELLs®

  13. Accommodations For Fall 2012 • Guidance in current Inclusion regulation • Students with Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan, or Program Services Plan (PSP) may utilize current accommodations, for example: • Reader • Prompting/Cueing • Manipulatives • Extended Time

  14. EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering Fall Testing

  15. EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering • www.readiness.act.org • Open August 2-August 17 • Order all materials: standard, extended time, and accommodated. • New users will need to create a new user account (follow on-screen directions).

  16. EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering • Place an order of at least the minimum quantity (1-5 test booklets) for all schools (A1 and Alternate Programs – non-A1) that have the potential to have students enrolled during the window. • ACT, Inc. includes an overage. • Materials ship directly to DACs.

  17. EXPLORE/PLAN Ordering • Materials should arrive by September 5. • Inventory materials upon arrival. • Supplemental orders may be submitted beginning September 19. (3-5 day delivery)


  19. Data Review SDRR and SRC

  20. Timeline for Reporting • Schools and districts will have opportunity to review student data for accountability and demographics before public reporting. • All dates are tentative. • Planned release to schools and districts in late September-early October; public release in mid-October

  21. Prioritizing Your Data Review • School and districts may review all available student information. OAA encourages focus on these priorities. • Step 1 Accountability (Priority One) • Confirm your 100 day students that will contribute to your district or school accountability. • Indicate any non-100 day students that should be removed from your accountability. • Step 2 Demographics (Priority Two) • Check free-reduced lunch and students with disability status (IEP), since these have potential to change over time. • Confirm ethnicity and race categories.

  22. School Report Card Opening Page Welcome and Links to Additional Information

  23. School Report Card

  24. School Report Card

  25. CIITS Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System

  26. Continuous Instructional Improvement System (CIITS) • Contains more than 11,000 assessment items aligned to standards. • Supports a classroom formative assessment process/create and administer classroom assessments aligned to standards. • Access is determined by the Infinite Campus role with additional roles assigned by the KSIS Point of Contact. • Point-of-Contact is the District Instructional Supervisor. KDE CIITS Mailbox: kdeciitsmailbox@education.ky.gov

  27. Where do I begin?

  28. W-APT ™ • Give each new student in your district the home-language survey. • If the answer to any of the 4 required home-language survey questions is any language other than English, then administer the screener, W-APT ™. • The W-APT ™ is downloadable free to districts from the website: www.wida.us. Contact Chris Williams for a password. • The results of the W-APT ™ must be shared with parents within the first 30 days of the school year or within 2 weeks of enrollment during the school year.

  29. ACCESS for ELLs® • In order for ACCESS for ELLs® test administrators to receive passwords, DACs need to do the following: • Download the SD13_your district number _your district name_ACCESSPasswords.xls spreadsheet from the secure site (http://apps.kde.state.ky.us/login) • Add to the bottom of the spreadsheet new ACCESS for ELLs® test administrators in the district • Highlight the row in yellow if there are changes to test administrator’s information (ex. name change) • Send Chris Williams an e-mail of test administrators that need to be deleted • Upload the changed spreadsheet, but do not change the file name • Deadline: August 31


  31. Alternate K-PREP Training • First training; opens August 13, 2012 • Overview Training • Overview of Alternate K-PREP • Discuss Components (Attainment Tasks and Transition Attainment Record) • Student Participation • Grade Requirements • Web-Page All Teachers Required to Take Training Training Recommended for DACs

  32. TEST WINDOWS • Official Test Window 1 • January 22-February 22 (Attainment Tasks) • Official Test Window 2 • April 8-May 24 (Attainment Tasks) • Transition Attainment Record • March 4-May 24

  33. What To Do First • Complete Overview Training • Provides layout of the entire year • Online quiz, DAC registration allows DACs to follow teacher participation, will also register new DACs for Student Registration Database (SRD) • Edit teacher participation • Enter new teachers/school placement • Additional instructions will arrive (1 page handout) • Alternate Assessment E-mails • Follow information provided • Feel free to contact Kevin O’Hair with questions (kevin.ohair@education.ky.gov)

  34. Pearson K-PREP Grades 3-8 and On-Demand Writing Grades 10 and 11

  35. PearsonAccess PearsonAccess will be used to: • View electronically student data summaries from spring K-PREP testing • View student enrollment counts for K-PREP ordering • Order accommodated testing materials (Braille, Large-Print and Audio) • Order additional materials if the district has a shortage • Update district and school profiles (shipping addresses, etc.)

  36. PearsonAccess Overview Set passwords for users within district for PearsonAccess. • www.PearsonAccess.com/ky • Single ID and password log-in

  37. How to Log Into PearsonAccess Step 1: Begin on the PA Landing Page: www.pearsonaccess.com/ky Step 2: Click on the “Log into PearsonAccess” button: Step 3: Enter your User Name and Password: Note: Reset password and help links Step 4: Click on the “Login” button: Note: Account will be locked after 5 unsuccessful log-in attempts. Once your account is locked, contact your district assessment coordinator to have it unlocked. 30 minutes of inactivity will automatically log users out.

  38. College/Career Readiness ACT COMPASS KYOTE ASVAB WORKKEYS KOSSA Industry Certificates

  39. College/Career Readiness Rate

  40. ACT • Administered to all high school juniors in March. • Confirm that high schools have determined test site establishment and accommodations procedures. • ACT CPE Benchmarks • Reading = 20 • English = 18 • Mathematics = 19

  41. Important 2013 Dates • ACT Initial Test Day – March 5 • ACT Makeup Day – March 19 • ACT Accommodations Window – March 5-19

  42. COMPASS • College placement test administered through KDE and available to grade 12 students who have not met the CPE benchmarks on the ACT. • Eligible Student List file will be available in October. • Complete COMPASS School Update Form to change personnel administering COMPASS. • Online Trainings available upon request. • Open August 1 – June 15 • Additional information: dacinfo@education.ky.gov

  43. KYOTE • Available through University of Kentucky • Contact Information Paul Eakin (859) 257-6798 Paul.eakin@uky.edu

  44. Career Readiness • ASVAB – Military Entrance Processing Center (MEPS) • WORKKEYS – Area Technology Center or ACT • KOSSA – Pam Moore • INDUSTRY CERTIFICATES – Career Tech (TEDS Coordinator)

  45. Supports for Testing • Manuals and Other Materials • ACT, Inc. assessments are combined into a single 3 ring-binder (EXPLORE, PLAN, EOC-QualityCore®, COMPASS and the ACT). • Each company will provide shipping and packing directions and custom service. • Division of Support and Research • Web-based trainings (archived on web) • DAC Monday and Special E-Mails • Direct contact with Division (502) 564-4394 and e-mail (dacinfo@education.ky.gov)

  46. QualityCore English 10 Algebra II Biology U.S. History

  47. Division of Support and Research (502) 564-4394 dacinfo@education.ky.gov • Rhonda Sims, Director • Joy Barr, Program Consultant • Cindy Greer, Program Consultant • Kathy Moore, Program Consultant • Kevin O’Hair, Program Consultant • Pam Powers, Systems Consultant IT • Chris Williams, Program Consultant • Teresa King, Support Staff • Maranda Perkins, Support Staff

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