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MammOptics. Ramin Miri – Pedro Hernandez Emma Medjuck – Josef Miller. MammOptics. Company description.

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Ramin Miri – Pedro Hernandez Emma Medjuck – Josef Miller


Company description

MammOptics is developing an instrument that uses optical spectroscopy to analyze the physiological content of cells and report back abnormalities. MammOptics is focusing on having the device be used as a method of screening for breast cancer. Currently in the US 190,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year, with a projected market of $600 M in capital equipment sales and $1.2 B in per use sales in 2015.The primary reasons MammOptics will be an improvement over mammography is that it can detect abnormal cells in an early stage, it is a radiation-free, and is 2-5 times less expensive than the use of mammographs. Due to these advantages, the Mammoptics device stands as an attractive competitor in a market with only 35% penetration.


Core business assumptions

  • MammOptics technology based on non-invasive detection of breast cancer cells in early stages (0 or 1) without any x-ray radiation risk would propose a replacement procedure for the current Gold standard of breast cancer diagnosis (Mammography)

  • IP portfolio/strategy and technology developments would allow MammOptics to build a product that will be approved by the FDA for commercial use in breast cancer diagnostics.

  • Pioneering medical doctors drive the adoption rate of novel medical technologies which will bring along the medical society as a source of continuous-revenue for MammOptics


Business model hypothesis (Part 1/2)


Business model hypothesis (Part 2/2)