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  1. History of Puerto Rico Begin

  2. Main Menu Taíno Natives Cuisine Puerto Rican Flag Self Test

  3. Who were the Taínos? Taínos were the dominant Native culture of Borikén, meaning Eden, of the now known island country of Puerto Rico. Their origins are in the Orinoco and Amazon River basins - what is now Venezuela and Guianas. Back Next

  4. They spoke Arawakan The Taíno written language was in the form of petroglyphs. Polygamy was common Their society was communal The Taínos were farmers and fishermen Fun Facts

  5. They spoke Arawakan The Taíno written language was in the form of petroglyphs. Polygamy was common Their society was communal TheTaínos were farmers and fishermen Fun Facts

  6. Social Structure The social structure was matrilineal - the lineage was carried by the mother. Nitaínos were the noblemen and were the warriors, craftsmen & artesans • The Nitaínos ruled over the naborias.

  7. Social Structure • Naborias were the laborers and were the lower class. • were like serfs. • Naboriasfished, hunted, and worked the conucos, and generally did the hard labor. • Caciques (chiefs) were inherited positions and came from the Nitaíno class. •  inherited position of great privilege • The cacique was polygamous Menu

  8. Cuisine Taíno The Taíno diet made use of indigenous ingredients such as cassava, sweet potatoes, calabaza(squash), beans, peppers, pineapple and guava. They hunted small prey like birds and iguanas and cast nets for fish and turtles.

  9. Cuisine Latin America’s influence The Spaniards brought a variety of new ingredients including, olives, garlic, bacalao, and cilantro. Other foods native to Latino America were brought to the island with the Spanish trade, such as cocoa from Mexico.

  10. Cuisine African Influence African slaves influenced the Puerto Rican kitchen greatly introducing the use of plantains, coconuts, and their favorite method of cooking, frying. Menu

  11. History of the Puerto Rican Flag The design of the Commonwealth flag reflects the close ties that bound the Cuban and Puerto Rican patriots in the 19th century for the flag which waves over the Capital of San Juan is the Cuban flag color reversed.

  12. History of the Puerto Rican Flag In 1898, the flag became the mark of resistance to the US invasion; and in the 1930s it was adopted by the Nationalist Party. The flag was first used on December 22, 1895. When Puerto Rico became a Commonwealth in July 25, 1952 it was officially adopted as the national flag. The flag is not flown except in company of the U.S. flag. Adopted in July 25, 1952.

  13. History of the Puerto Rican Flag  The white star stands for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico while the three sides of the equilateral triangle together represent the three branches of the Republican government (executive, legislative and judicial branches). The three red strips symbolize the blood that feeds those parts of the government. The two white stripes symbolizing the rights of man and the freedom of the individual, are a perpetual reminder of the need for vigilance of a democratic government is to be preserved. Menu

  14. Self Test When was the U.S. flag adopted? 1930 1895 1952 Menu


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  17. Self Test What did Africans introduce to the Puerto Rican kitchen? Coconuts Plantains Both A and B Menu


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  20. Self Test Tainos originate from where? Orinoco and Amazon River basins Venezuela and Guiana Both A and B Menu


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  23. Self Test Arawakan was the spoken language of the Tainos True False Menu


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  26. Self Test The Puerto Rican cuisin was NOT influence by which cultures? Spain Africa Cuba Menu


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  29. Self Test Which of the following did the Tainos NOT hunt? Birds Snakes Turtles Menu


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  32. Self Test When was the Puerto Rican flag first used? 1898 1895 1952 Menu


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  35. Self Test What other country has the same flag design as Puerto Rico? Dominican Republic United States Cuba Menu


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  38. Self Test What are petroglyphs? Taino scrolls Arawakan art Symbols carved in stone Menu


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  41. Self Test Who were the chiefs of the Tainos? Naborias Nitainos Caciques Menu


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  44. Self Test What do the three sides of the blue triangle signify? Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Three branches of the U.S. Government The rights of man and the freedom of the individual Menu


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  47. Self Test What did the Mexicans bring over to the Puerto Rican cuisine? Cocoa Bacalao Cilantro Menu


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