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  1. MLC310 – ARMREST-CONSOLE Professional, high quality AftermarketAccessoryfor a comfortabledrive!

  2. COMFORTABLE ARMRESTS AND STORAGEOPTIONS MOSTLY MISSED IN SMALL CARS! • Larger and medium sized cars are normally equipped with armrests or center consoles, but the majority of small cars (both old and new) lack these kind of equipment, foremost in the volume series • In smaller cars, almost always, hidden storage – i.e. suitable compartment possibilities for loose items like wallet, keys or glasses - is an unsolved problem • Even if the small sized car has a factory equipped armrest, this mostly lack important comfort and storage options – i.e., the armrest is to small, not adjustable and does not offer any storage compartment. There is a need and great potential for a clever aftermarket armrest – especially when extra storage is included!

  3. ...CHANGE THIS WITH THE ”ARMREST-CONSOLE” COMFORT MLC310!- the clever comfort accessory for smaller cars • Extra developedforthe after marketmounting! • But deliveredandmountedwith original accessoryqualityandappearence! • Armrest installation made directly onto the seat frame -using existing holes! • Ensures an excellent and correct seating position regardless of a persons length • Doesn’t steal valuable storage space in the center tunnel • High Quality and Design features offering premium appearance • Steel reinforced structure and steel shaft fixation for high stability • Proven for loads from 75 kg and more! • TÜV-approvedwith German ABE! With the Comfort MLC310, You get seating Comfort, Design and valuable Storage - all in one!

  4. COMFORT MLC310 ARMREST-CONSOLE- well established product with strong references • The Comfort MLC310 armrestconsoleis implemented and used by renowned importers and distributors across Europe. Among the brands are: • Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Fiat, Renault, VW, Daihatsu etc… DaihatsuTerios Kia Soul Mazda 5 Toyota Verso-S / Subaru Trezia Hyundai i20 Comfort is highly appreciated by our Customers – please ask us for references and experiences!

  5. THE COMFORT MLC310 ”ARMREST-CONSOLE” IS JUST WHAT THE NAME SUGGESTS......ideal Combination of an armrest and a console! • The Comfort MLC310 Armrest-Console is mounted like an Armrest direct on to the seat frame. • However, being broad and wide as a Middle-Console, also offering a practical storage box. • The Comfort MLC310 Armrest-Console combines the advantages of an armrest with the advantages of a Console. At the same time, weaker features of those two products are eliminated! • Why chose between an armrest and a console, when you can have both combined as one!? …seenextslidefor „combination-advantages“!

  6. THE MLC310 OFFERS MANY ADVANTAGES... ...and eliminates the traditional trade-offs! • „CONSOLE BENEFITS“ • Broad and wide (310 mm) enough for offering driver AND passanger a comfortable support for their arms! • Offering extra valuable storage in the car thanks to the integrated storage box • „ARMREST BENEFITS“ • Offering optimal ergonomics at all times, as it always follows the driver, no matter how close he/she sits to the steering wheel, and how high/low they want to adjust the seat! • interior maintains airy & spacious as no existing storage possibilities (in the tunnel) are blocked. • Very stable and non wobbling - but instead a lasting fixation! Nolamecompromiseswiththe MLC310 Armrest-Console!

  7. Comfort’s END CONSUMER Advantages- comfortable driving at all times! • Ideal Ergonomics that meet up with individual requirements at all times! • The armrest console is always correct positioned regardless of a persons length! • Fully foldable and continuously adjustable armrests (up to 60 degrees!) • High quality with high load capacity (min load pressure from 75 kg!) • Includes a practical storage box - that offers a hidden extra space for keys, wallet, mobile phone etc without ”stealing” valuable space in the centre console (compared to traditional tunnel fitted consoles) End Customers will appreciate the high quality, the optimal ergonomics and extra storage bonus!

  8. Comfort’s CAR DEALER Advantages- easy mounting, no drilling, added revenues! • Easy and fast installation in existing holes! • No extra drilling of holes, the seat remains in the car at all times. • Installation time approx. just 20-30 minutes. • Can be carried out as easily at the PDI or at the dealerships. • Smart and expedient accessory that offer the end consumer added value and the dealer added revenues =  • Aftermarket solution that can be offered also to already sold cars! The Car Dealer can now offer all his customers true added value –for both new and already sold cars!

  9. Comfort’s DISTRIBUTOR Advantages- low cost, fast implemenation and no risk! • Comfort is a well-established systems with more than 20 years on the market. • Smart carry-over system with high flexibility and fast development cycles. Makes it possible to benefit profitability from day one -on both existing and new car models! • No tooling costs and a very low initial investment cost, empowers you to start working with the Comfort system -even at low volumes at no risk! • ABE approved system with a 3 year warranty – testing conducted by German TÜV • A perfect product for the car dealers, but also for PDI / PIO- installations in combination with special edition series etc. Being a carry over system, Comfort will easily be adopted for new car models – without any tooling costs!

  10. HOW TO ADD Comfort IN A CAR!- easy mounting! Open up the upholstery– Screw mount the adapter in existing holes- Cut a hole for the adapter– Insert the armrest into the adapter - done!

  11. COMFORT MLC310 – maintains the interior airy & spacious without blocking any existing storage space! The MLC310 is mounted directly onto the seat, being fully foldable & adjustable. No ”free space” like storage boxes or the handbrake are blocked or made indesposable due to the Comfort MLC310!

  12. HOW CAN YOU MAKE MORE OUT OF COMFORT? - Ideal for PIOs, special editions and new models! • Deliverable in individual materials - also at very small quantities! • Exploit the ability to customize the armrests for smaller PIO series and similar. • Sydmekohas a well established cooperation with several textile-, vinyl- and leather suppliers in Europe, granting access to a wide range of materials. • Save money and resources – New development within a few weeks! • Thanks to the carry over system, you will experience an extremely fast development cycle, to a very low cost, when upgrading the solution for a new introduced car model!

  13. Company Sydmeko Industri AB is a Swedish, family owned company which was founded in 1936. The company is now runned by third generation entrepreneurs with headquarter and factory situated in Arlöv, just outside Malmö –in the very south of Sweden. Sydmeko is an innovative refining company with sheet metal processing as main specialty. With a wide network of subcontractors, Sydmeko also process and supply materials such as plastics, PUR, textile, leather etc. The company niche is construction, production and sales of own developed products mainly within two business areas -armrest systems for personal cars (Comfort Armrest System) and display systems for banners and signs (StandOut Banner Display System). We are currently a growing company active on an international market with about 70 % export share. Our business idea: ”to develop, produce and market niche products with a high grade of innovation, design and quality -that have an international market potential”. SydmekoIndustri AB, Santessonsv. 3, SE-23291 Arlöv. Phone: +46 40-83640 Fax: +46 40 89090 / / Mail: