Women win new rights
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Women Win New Rights. The Progressive Era (1890-1920) Chapter 22, Section 3. Essential Questions:. What are the measures that you would take to change something that is wrong?. Lillian Wald. Founded the 1 st Ever Visiting Nurse Program Founded the Henry Street Settlement in NYC

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Women win new rights

Women Win New Rights

The Progressive Era


Chapter 22, Section 3

Essential questions
Essential Questions:

  • What are the measures that you would take to change something that is wrong?

Lillian wald
Lillian Wald

  • Founded the 1st Ever Visiting Nurse Program

  • Founded the Henry Street Settlement in NYC

  • Program Helped Poor Women and Children

Technology changing women s work
Technology Changing “Women’s Work”

  • New Inventions, Factories & Technology Created Products that Made Life Easier

  • Women Now Had More Free Time:

    • Could Get a Job Outside the Home

    • Women Had Fewer Children (Smaller Families)

Jobs offered to women in the early 1900 s
Jobs Offered to Women in the Early 1900’s

  • Factory Jobs

  • Secretaries

  • Jobs in Stores

  • Telephone Operators

  • Store Clerks

  • Typists

  • Teachers

  • Nurses

  • Women Were Expected to Quit Their Jobs When They Got Hitched!!!

Jane addams inspiration
Jane Addams’ Inspiration

  • Jane Addams was Very Wealthy & a College Graduate

  • Visited Settlement Houses in London Slums that Assisted the Poor

  • Started the Hull House in Chicago w/her Friend Ellen Star

  • Got Wealthy Citizens to Donate $$$ to Rent Out a Mansion to Create the Hull House

Settlement houses
Settlement Houses

  • Settlement Houses Helped the Poor By:

    • Provided Information for Immigrants

    • Helped Unemployed Find Jobs

    • Offered Kindergarten

    • Offered Day Care

    • Had After School Youth Clubs

    • Nutrition Classes

    • Concert Programs

    • Taught English Classes to Immigrants

Jane addams beliefs of the role of settlement houses
Jane Addams’ Beliefs of the Role of Settlement Houses

“One function of the settlement to its’ neighborhood somewhat resembles that of the big brother, whose mere presence in the playground protects the little ones from bullies.”

Charlotte perkins gilman
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  • Fought for Women’s Rights

  • Wanted Women to Leave the Home and Start Careers (Get Jobs)

  • Wrote Women and Economics, The Home, Concerning Children

  • Wanted to Create Professional Day Care Programs so Women Can Go to Work!

Carrie nation
Carrie Nation

  • Fought for Prohibition

  • Was Married to an Abusive Alcoholic

  • Used a Hatchet to Smash Alcohol in Saloons (Bars)

  • Fought for the Passage of the 18th Amendment

18 th amendment again
18th Amendment Again?

  • Known as Prohibition

  • Outlawed the Manufacturing, Sale & the Consumption of ALCOHOL!!!

  • Many Believed Alcohol Caused Poverty, Unemployment & Violence!!!

National american woman suffrage association nawsa
National American WomanSuffrage Association (NAWSA)

  • Fought for Woman’s Suffrage

  • Suffrage is the Right to Vote

  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the 1st President of NAWSA

Susan b anthony
Susan B. Anthony

  • 2nd President of N.A.W.S.A.

  • Was Arrested for Voting in 1873 (Dressed Up as a Man and Voted)

  • HUGE Activist For The 19th Amendment

1 st four states to allow women to vote
1st Four States to Allow Women to Vote

  • Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Colorado

  • Why were States in the West the 1st States to Give Women the Right to Vote?

Carrie chapman catt
Carrie Chapman Catt

  • President of N.A.W.S.A. During WWI (1914-1918)

  • Argued that U.S. Could NOT Win WWI if it Wasn’t for Women Working in Factories and Selling War Bonds

  • President Woodrow Wilson Agreed!!!

The 19 th amendment
The 19th Amendment!

19 th amendment 1919 women s right to vote
19th Amendment (1919):Women’s Right to Vote!!!

Show 19 th amendment dbq
Show 19th Amendment DBQ!!!

Women win new rights

  • 1st Women’s Rights Convention Ever!!!

  • Took Place @ Seneca Falls, NY (Right Outside Albany) 1848

  • Frederick Douglass was a Guest Speaker

Frederick douglass
Frederick Douglass

  • Former African American Slave

  • Fought for Abolition

  • Guest Speaker at the Seneca Falls Convention (1848)