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May WebSphere Platform Launch PowerPoint Presentation
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May WebSphere Platform Launch

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May WebSphere Platform Launch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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May WebSphere Platform Launch. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business. Enhanced Foundation and Tools. Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business. WebSphere Evolves Platform for Dynamic e-business. Enhanced Foundation and Tools.

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May WebSphere Platform Launch

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    1. May WebSphere Platform Launch

    2. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business Enhanced Foundation and Tools Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure

    3. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business • WebSphere Evolves • Platform for Dynamic e-business Enhanced Foundation and Tools Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure

    4. WebSphere software platform June 28, 2000 • Key IntegrationPoints • Foundation - WebSphere Application Server and Application Development Tools • Presentation capabilities to maximize productivity • Deployment capabilities to maximize web traffic performance

    5. Accelerating e-business Platform Market WebSphere: Fastest Growing Platform 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 40 20 0 1999 2000 Value (US $B) Market Share (GIGA) 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 IBM BEA Application Server Market Source: IDC 2000 Application Server Market Source: GIGA Apr 2001 35,000 customers worldwide 9,000+ ISV applications 7,000 certified professionals WebSphere Market Success

    6. Top Flight Customers Bank of Montreal Bank of Nova Scotia AXA UPS Coca-Cola Deutsche-Bahn Borders Kemper Ford Agricultural Bank of China Post Office (EMEA-UK) Nordea American Express Fortis Marriott First Union BNP Toys R Us Bayer Credit Suisse Blue Cross Blue Shield SC BASF Aetna Prudential Nestle Caterpillar AT&T Wal-Mart Sears GTE Morgan Stanley PaineWebber Bristol-Myers Squibb DaimlerChrysler Kimberly Clark Nasdaq Cigna Siemens Heineken Boeing Shell Bank of Ireland State Farm J P Morgan HSBC IT Ergo Barclays US Mint Farmers Insurance UBS MetLife US Air Force Southwest Airlines Merrill Lynch Chase Manhattan Bank

    7. Dynamic e-business Dynamic e-business ntelligent transactions ntegration Value Networks nfrastructure Internal Integration B U S I N E S S V A L U E e-business Transactions Web Publishing Source : The McKenna Group, IBM Market Research

    8. WebSphere Answers • Greatest business value • Most platform agility and efficiency • Best developer value based on open standards Answering the Market • Effective • Exploit the e-business opportunity • React more quickly than competitors • Attract and retain a loyal customer base • Reach customers and employees anywhere, anytime • Fast • Respond rapidly to change • Reduce time to market • Grow seamlessly • Efficient • Drive for tighter integration to cut expense • Maximize performance • Reduce implementation costs

    9. Platform for Dynamic e-business Customer and Partner Applications Application Accelerators Integration Development Deployment Presentation Foundation Extensions e-business Foundation May 30, 2001 • Incorporating integration and BPM in a transactional context • Enhancing foundation with version 4.0 • Delivering pre-packaged business infrastructure • Widest support for open standards -- leader in web services

    10. WebSphere Platform Realize greatest business value versus competition • Over twice the performance throughput per $ invested • Deliver the technology required for dynamic e-business • First with Web services technologies - SOAP, WSDL, UDDI • First with J2EE added value optimized for dynamic web transactions • Easily start with an e-business platform adaptive to change via superior configuration flexibility, extensibility and scaleability Leverage your existing assets to build robust e-business infrastructures • Broadest range of complementary, integrated middleware • Over 9,000 ISV applications available (500% YTY growth) • Establish the most productive developer environment through a full range of integrated and extensible AD tools • Greatest number of certified developers • 7,000 professionals worldwide across industries, disciplines

    11. Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure • Three New Offerings enable you to... • Accelerate exploitation of dynamic e-business for competitive advantage Single installation, single source for complete solution • Implementation results seen in days, not months • 30- 50 % cycle time reduction results • Rely on integrated technology based on solid foundation • Reach across the enterprise from host systems to customers • Internet access for PC's, cell phones, PDA's supported • Process integration inside and outside company boundaries • Based on open standards, Web services • Realize great return on investment • IBM integrated solution costs less than multi-vendor competition • $10M annual benefits cited at one key customer • Development costs reduced 50% at another

    12. 50% Code reuse • Application running in 90 days • Financial benefit of $10.3M • Reduced development cost 50% • Reduced cycle time 30 - 40% • 7,000 certified professionals Delivering Dynamic e-business Ability to Execute with the WebSphere Software Platform B U S I N E S S V A L U E Ability to Execute with point product technology

    13. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business • WebSphere Evolves • Platform for Dynamic e-business Enhanced Foundation and Tools • WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 • WebSphere Application Development • WebSphere Studio Workbench Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure

    14. WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 • A single Web services-enabled J2EE certified technology base is the core of Version 4.0 • Different configurations add or subtract services to the core to meet the needs of different groups of customers WebSphere Application Server v4.0 WebSphere Application Server v3.5 OS/390 Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition

    15. WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 • Increased customer flexibility, easier growth • Faster time to market of configurations for niche needs • First step to dynamic electronic licensing, configuration Extensible Enterprise QoS Full Distributed QoS Deployment QoS Standalone Server QoS Programming Model QoS WebSphere Application Server v3.5 OS/390 Enterprise Edition Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition

    16. Version 4.0 Configurations RAS and Performance WebSphere for z/OS WAS Enterprise Edition Deployment QoS WAS Advanced Edition • Single Server Config Option • Development--only Config Option Ease of Deployment Programming Model QoS J2EE & Web Services

    17. New Single Server Configuration RAS and Performance WebSphere for z/OS • Same Web services,J2EE runtime • Browser-based adminw/o clustering, workloadmanagement • Very rapid deployment; fewerpre-reqs, small footprint • For stand-alone department and small or medium business applications • Free development-only license for Linux and Windows WAS Enterprise Edition Deployment QoS WAS Advanced Edition • Single Server Config Option Ease of Deployment • Development--only Config Option Programming Model QoS J2EE & Web Services

    18. Version 4.0 Technology Highlights • Full Web services support (SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, XML, J2EE 1.2) including robust integration and transaction technology • Unparalleled connectivity including J2EE JCA, CORBA, Active-X and expanded database support (native and JDBC) • EJB 2.0 Message Beans and JMS Listener Support • EJB Extensions - Globalization, Business Rules and Process Flow • Intelligent adjustments to client locales for time zone, currency, language, etc. • Dynamic updates without re-coding when business practices change • Agile and adaptable business process flows via BPBeans technology preview • Expanded price/performance leadership via dynamic EJB reloads, dynamic caching (multi-tier, JNDI), txp optimization, etc.

    19. Performance & Scaleability IBM Performance Benchmark Application (freely available on Web) JDBC dynamic pages/second EJB dynamic pages/second 2000 3000 2500 Other 1500 2000 WebSphere 1000 1500 1000 500 500 0 0 1 6 12 1 6 12 Processors Processors • More than double JDBC throughput per $ of investment • 75% greater EJB transaction throughput per $ of investment • Near linear growth in scaleability performance • Improved WAS v4.0 technology will drive even greater performance (15% - 200%)

    20. WebSphere Application Server Wins PC Magazine Editors Choice Pages per second WebSphere Peak: 720 pps, 450 virtual users A.R.T.: 0.3 sec Title Search 300 200 100 0 Borland AppServer Peak: 84.3 pps A.R.T.: 0.6 sec Sybase EAServer Peak: 45.6 pps, A.R.T.: 1.0 sec BETTER 0 10 20 30 40 50 Virtual users IBM's WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition 3.5 was by far the fastest and most scalable server on the scenario test. At its peak, it maintained 4,000 virtual users at 177 pages per second. Because of its sophisticated dynamic page-caching algorithms, WebSphere was also the clear winner on the title search test. It also had the best A.R.T. at peak performance on nearly all of the tests. Source: Sahil Gambhir, PC Magazine,4161,2713476,00.html “ ”

    21. WebSphere Application Server The proof Hewitt Associates • Major global human resources consulting firm • Manages $300B retirement funds for 150 client companies • Direct access to accounts for business partners • Full B2B integration based on open standards • Real time transactions with token encryption security “ We achieved full B2B integration [at Hewitt] using advanced open standards technologies running on WebSphere Application Server. And we did it under five months. We estimate it would have doubled the cost and time involved if we had built all the pieces from scratch. ” —Tim Hilgenberg, Chief Technology Strategist, Business Logic Corp.

    22. WebSphere Application Server4.0 Packaging • Configuration Options • Advanced Edition • Single Server Option • Development-only Option • Enterprise Edition • z/OS and OS/390 • WebSphere Technology for Developers preview technologies • GA • 3/30/01 for Z/OS and OS/390 • 6/30/01 Advanced Edition • 2H01 Enterprise Edition • Pricing • $35,000/CPU for Z/OS • $12,000/CPU Advanced Edition • $8,000/CPU Advanced Single Server • No charge for Development Server • Platforms • Windows • Linux • Solaris • HP-UX • AIX • OS/390, z/OS • OS/400 Web Services Enabled

    23. WebSphere Developer Value Comprehensive Integrated Development Environment IBM AD = + Broad Middleware and Platform Support + Growing Developer Community + Leadership in Open Technologies

    24. WebSphere Application Development A flexible and extensible development environment • Comprehensive and integrated • Broad middleware and platform support • Full application development life cycle • Leverage complementary third-party tools • Integrated iRAD capabilities An integrated open programming model • Leadership in open technologies and standards • Rapid support for new technologies -- e.g., Web services, mobile, voice • Tight integration with WebSphere Software Platform Expanding Business Partner and Developer community added value • WebSphere Developer Domain, developerWorks, alphaWorks • IBM/Partner Education and Training • Design Patterns and Intellectual Assets -- e.g., templates, papers, etc.

    25. Key WebSphere AD Enhancements No Cost J2EE and Web Services Application Server for Developers • WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Edition Development-only Option • Electronic Support and Community Resources New Application Development Tools Delivering Expanded J2EE, Web Services and e-business Middleware Support • VisualAge for Java v4.0 • WebSphere Studio v4.0 • Expanded WebSphere Software Platform support (WAS, Mobile, JCX, etc.) • Technology previews of next generation IBM application development environments New WebSphere Studio Workbench tool development kit • Open development kit for building and integrating tools • Technology foundation for IBM's next generation of application development tools • Growing industry support among application development tools vendors • Available via IBM PartnerWorld

    26. WebSphere Studio Workbench Partners • Rules based development • Versata • Connectors • Extricity • Neon • Development tools • Instantiations • Macromedia • Business Process Modeling • Holosofx • Requirement Management • RationalSuite Analyst Studio • Application and Data Modeling • RationalSuite Developer Studio • Web Content Management • Interwoven SiteExpress • Software Configuration Management • Rational ClearCase / ClearQuest • Merant PVCS • Serena ChangeMan • Quality Assurance / Performance • RationalSuite Test Studio • Sitraka • Business Process Integration • CommerceQuest Business Process Modeling Business Rules Application and Data Modeling Quality Assurance Requirements Mgmt Data Code Web Content Web C Mgmt Software Configuration Management

    27. WebSphere Studio Workbench An Open Tool Development Kit Java Tooling Modeling Web Rapid AD Tool Navigator View IDE Tooling Tools Standalone Content Outliner Tool Desktop Desktop Platform APIs / Extension Points Platform APIs / Extension Points Common Frameworks Common Services Property View Common Services Common Frameworks Resource Management • • Widget Toolkit • Widget Toolkit • UI Frameworks • Editing Frameworks • Builders, Markers, Help • Resource Management • Project Model • Team Programming Model • Debugging • Extensibility framework • Project Model • UI Frameworks Task List • Team Programming Model Source Editing Framework • • Scripting Support • Graphics Editing Framework • Debugging MOF and XMI • Published • Extensibility Framework • Builders, Markers, Help Extension Content Editable View(s) Points Other Interfaces CVS Interface CCLT Interface ISV plug in - or contribution Repository Technologies to open source

    28. No-cost Application Server for Developers Free Development-Only Option • Full J2EE and Web services programming model w/o the admin overhead • Electronic support and community via WebSphere Developer Domain; phone support also available (optionally priced) • Licensed for development-only usage; AE Single server configuration on Windows or Linux Supported by third-party and IBM tools (e.g., same runtime as integrated into WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java) Complemented by WebSphere Developer Domain and WebSphere Technology for Developers preview program WebSphere for z/OS WAS Enterprise Edition WAS Advanced Edition • Single Server Config Option • Development--only Config Option Programming Model QoS J2EE & Web Services

    29. J2EE and Web Services Development • Industry's first Integrated AD environment for J2EE, XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and other Web Services standards for dynamic e-business • The first development environment (server + tools) that enables developers to build Web Services for deployment across multiple Java platforms • Supports open standards: XML, HTTP, UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, and J2EETM • Supports publishing/finding Web service descriptions in public/private UDDI registries • Generates Java code that implements the interface to a Web service (WSDL/SOAP) • Extends existing applications easily and turns them into web services enabled e-business applications (legacy asset analysis and leverage) • Supports Visual Workflow Composition of Web Services • Sample code, design patterns and education and training

    30. WebSphere ApplicationDevelopment Tools The proof CareTouch • Lifecare health Company • Online support for patient services Carepanion Application • Robust e-commerce site in 85 days • 2500 concurrent users initially, open ended scaleability “ We estimate we saved two to four weeks of development time and reduced the cost of building the solution by approximately 1.4 million dollars...Sometimes building interfaces can be a challenge, but with the integration of Visual Age for Java with WebSphere, it was very easy. ” —Dr. Prasuna Dornadula Vice President, Web Development

    31. WebSphere Application Development V4 Packaging • Configuration Options • VisualAge for Java Professional Edition • VisualAge for Java Enterprise Edition • WebSphere Studio Professional Edition • Includes VisualAge for Java PE • WebSphere Studio Advanced Edition • GA • 7/20 • Pricing • VA for Java PE: $149 • VA for Java EE: $2999 • WS Studio PE: $599 • WS Studio AE: $1999 • Platforms • Development: • Windows • Deployment: • All WebSphere Server Platforms Web Services Enabled

    32. WebSphere Delivers Dynamic e-business • WebSphere Evolves • Platform for Dynamic e-business Enhanced Foundation and Tools • WebSphere Application Server Version 4.0 • WebSphere Application Development • WebSphere Studio Workbench Pre-Packaged Business Infrastructure • WebSphere Business Integrator Version 2.1 • WebSphere User Experience for Multiplatforms Version 1.1 • WebSphere Everyplace Access for Multiplatforms Version 1.1

    33. Component technology priority (Along With Web Application Server) Approach to establishing e-business solution Source: IBM Internal Study 100% 60% 46% 38% 80% 54% 40% 60% 31% 16% 40% 22% 18% 20% 20% 0% 0% Not Sure Prefers to purchase e-business components, led by infrastructure and integration Prefers to purchase a completely integratede-business solution, led by the application decision Content Mgmt SW Portal SW App Integr SW Personalization Srvr • Content Management and Application Integration software were the two highest rated technologies to be purchased with a Web Application Server (portals and personalization closely followed) Buying Behavior Analysis • Nearly half (46%) of enterprise customers surveyed prefer to purchase a completely integrated solution

    34. Pre-packaged Business Infrastructure • WebSphere Business Integrator Version 2.1 • Business process automation, management, and optimization upheld by industry dominating enterprise application integration • Deliver frictionless process integration inside and outside the company boundaries leveraging existing organizational resources including applications, people and best practices • Model and automate business processes across the supply chain • React dynamically to business changes with an open, standards-based offering built on industry-leading middleware WebSphere User Experience Version 1.1 and • WebSphere Everyplace Access Version 1.1 • First in the industry to provide a unique customer experience, extended to the wireless Internet, measurable to 24X7 availability • Attract and retain customers employing a personalized portal • Dynamically respond to web trends and analysis gathered across your entire web infrastructure • Reach customers and employees anyplace, anytime, with consistency across access points - including the capability to translate text to speech • Improve customer satisfaction with measurable reliability and customizable quality of service

    35. WebSphere Business Integrator

    36. WebSphere Business Integrator Challenges “ Up to $4.4 Billion was lost in e-commerce revenues in 1999 due to inadequate infrastructure that led to poor site and service performance. ” —Source: Zona Research

    37. WebSphere Business Integrator Challenges “ Up to $4.4 Billion was lost in e-commerce revenues in 1999 due to inadequate infrastructure that led to poor site and service performance. What lies beneath the surface ” 1% e-commerce web sites —Source: Zona Research Backend infrastructure and processes to support e-commerce 99% Source: Goldman Sachs E-Commerce/Internet 1999

    38. WebSphere Business Integrator The solution • Single infrastructure • Enables agility • Significant enterprisewide savings • Complete system management • Manage and improve • service levels C U S T O M E R S P A R T N E R S In an e-business world, processes are not isolated to individual applications... they span your enterprise... and beyond. Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning Trading Partner Management

    39. WebSphere Business Integrator Scenario Head Office Private Exchanges Partner 1 Division 1 WebSphere Business Integrator Public Exchanges Partner 2 Division 2 Direct Partner Connection Partner 3 Division 3 • Single infrastructure • Intercompany process management • Significant enterprisewide savings

    40. WebSphere Business Integrator The proof AT&T • Shortened customer response time from 60 days to 5 days • Increased quality and customer service • Improved process visibility • and management First Union • Reduced cycle time 30-40% • Implementation time was 10-days for production pilot Aetna Insurance • Business Agility : Envision new offerings and rapidly deploy them • Business Visibility : Highlighted business anomalies - previously unseen “ ” IBM's Business Process Management bridges the gap between the business and IT. —Scott Fleming, First Union “ It took two weeks to build the prototype process model, designed by business users and implemented by the IT department. ” —Bob Miano, Aetna Insurance

    41. WebSphere Business Integrator Packaging • Configuration Options • Messaging middleware and business integration • Integration adapters • One-to-many connectivity model, plus transformation, intelligent routing and information flow modeling • Workflow management • Access Management • Personalization • Integrated application development workbench • Automated Business-to-business integration • Electronic Data Interchange • Application Serving • GA • 5/31 • Pricing • $45,000/cu Enterprise Deployment • $25,000/cu Entry Configurations • $15,000/cu Development Web Services Enabled

    42. WebSphere User Experience

    43. WebSphere User Experience Challenges • Standards for user experiences are rising • Competitors are just a click away • Need to attract, engage and retain customers • Need to provide user experience • at a reasonable cost They don’t know who I am They don’t know what I like They can’t make recommendations

    44. WebSphere User Experience The solution • Deliver a world-class user experience • Increase customer loyalty through personalization • Flexible and scalable for rapid e-business growth • Leverage existing investments • Improve productivity, • satisfaction and profitability Customization Personalization Recommendations Portalization and syndicated content High quality content

    45. Developers Tools Third Party Feeds Site Analysis Enterprise Applications Presentation Portal Language Translation Web Application Server Enterprise Content Management + Personalization Site Visitor Push Server Technology Enterprise Digital Assets Web Content Management Development Deployment Published Content and JSPs Approval Web Content Load Balancing Caching Quality Of Service WebSphere User Experience How it works

    46. WebSphere User Experience Scenarios e-Banking Mortgages Investments Bank Portal Bank Internet user Consumer Banking • Differentiate yourself • Continuous improvement • Increase customer loyalty

    47. WebSphere User Experience The proof “ We are excited about IBM’s two new WebSphere offerings WebSphere Everyplace Access and WebSphere User Experience. They will greatly enhance our ability to deliver the robust, next-generation e-business systems required by our customers. ” —Joe Lindsay, Chief Technology Officer, eBuilt “ The new product offerings to support WebSphere will allow Bekins to offer a robust, flexible and personalized experience for each of the end users. The J2EE compliant Portal server is a welcome addition to the family and will be implemented at Bekins to support Internet based access for PC's, cell phones, PDA's and other pervasive devices. IBM is now a 1 stop shop for designing, creating and delivering dynamic e-business solutions. ” —Randall Mowen, Director of Data Management & e-business Architecture, The Bekins Company

    48. WebSphere User Experience Packaging • Configuration Options • WS Personalization (4 cpu licenses) • WS Site Analyzer (1 cpu license) • WS App Server, Adv. (4 cpu licenses) • WS Studio (1 developer license) • Interwoven TeamXpress (1 cpu license) • IBM Content Mgmt (1 cpu license) • WS Portal Server (4 cpu licenses) • Integration scenarios and sample code • Language Support • Personalization, Site Analyzer, App Server, IBM Content Manager • English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simp and Trad), Korean, Brazilian Portuguese • Portal Server, Interwoven TeamXpress • English • IBM Content Manager supports 13 other languages • Platforms • AIX • NT/Windows 2000 • Solaris • some products have additional platform support including Linux • Optional Components • WS Translation Server • Push Technology • WS Edge Server • 1 Year Supportline • Availability • 5/31/01 • Price • $261,000 (across 4 cpu license) • Competitive Price Comparison • $500K SW • Integration Services Web Services Enabled

    49. WebSphere Everyplace Access

    50. WebSphere Everyplace Access Challenges • Demand for anytime, anywhere access to your e-business • Desire to protect existing Web investments and infrastructures • Complexity of dealing with new technology I don't have mobile access to the site I don’t have voice interaction