8 th va comp common assessment 2 art criticism n.
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8 th VA COMP Common Assessment #2: Art Criticism

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8 th VA COMP Common Assessment #2: Art Criticism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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8 th VA COMP Common Assessment #2: Art Criticism. Vaness a Edokpa Cooper Middle School. Artwork I am Critiquing. Explosion, by Kiara D., Paint, 2013. Description. What can you learn from the title of the artwork?

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8 th va comp common assessment 2 art criticism

8th VA COMP Common Assessment #2: Art Criticism


Cooper Middle School

artwork i am critiquing
Artwork I am Critiquing

Explosion, by Kiara D., Paint, 2013

  • What can you learn from the title of the artwork?

From the title of the artwork, I can learn what the piece is about and it’s meaning. Since the artwork is called explosion ,I think it going to show something exploding.

2. What subjects in the artwork can you recognize?

The subjects in the artwork that I can recognize are the colors

and different shapes that pop out.

  • Looking at the elements of design, describe what qualities

you see:

-line-In the outside objects the lines are more thicker than those of the inside.

-shape- Circles are used as spirals to show the explosion as the object blows up in the artwork.

-color-The different colors of blue, yellow and white.

-value-The different shades of dark blue to light blue.

-form- The shape used are circles, rectangles, pentagons, triangles and a star.

-texture-The artwork feels a little bumpy because of paint bubbles that dry up.

-space-The artwork is focused in the middle of the paper.

4. What media and techniques did the artist use?

The media the artist used were paint and chalk.

  • Emphasis: When I look at the artwork I first see shapes in the middle of the explosion because the colors are more bolder than the other colors.
  • Balance: There is a balance in the colors from light to dark shades of blue.
  • Proportion: The proportions look unusual because there are small objects around the outside, medium sized objects in the middle and big objects surrounding the medium sized ones.
  • Pattern: There are no patterns in the artwork.
  • Rhythm or Movement: The paths of movement that my eyes follow are the white rectangles coming out of the explosion.
  • Unity and variety: The type of colors unify the artwork by dark colors in the middle going to light colors in the outside. The artist use a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Is there symbolism in the artwork? What do you think it means?There is not any symbolism in this artwork.
  • What feeling do you think the artist wanted to give the viewer when looking at the work? The feeling the artist wants to give the viewer looking at the work is a colorful, non-abstract art work.
  • Does the work remind you of other things you have experienced? This work reminded me of a time I got really mad that I wanted to actually explode.
  • How does the work relate to other ideas or events in the world and/or in your other classes? The work can relate to the artworks of Kandinsky.
  • What parts of the work make you feel it is a success or failure? The work is a success because of how the shapes pop out because of the colors used in the artwork.
  • What criteria (think of the style of the work) can you list to help others judge this work? The criteria I would list is to look at the use of colors, the different shapes and the style of the artwork.
  • How unique is the work? Why do you feel this work is or isn’t unique? This work is very unique because there isn’t any other one like it. I feel this work is unique because of how she overlapped the objects and the style she used.
  • What are some improvements you feel the artist could have made to the work? I feel the artist could have painted the artwork neaterand made it more neater.