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Advanced SEO Techniques to Double your Search Traffic PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced SEO Techniques to Double your Search Traffic

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Advanced SEO Techniques to Double your Search Traffic
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Advanced SEO Techniques to Double your Search Traffic

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  1.    Advanced SEO Techniques to Advanced SEO Techniques to   Double your Search Traffic Double your Search Traffic   It is crucial to understand the significant increase in your traffic and brand awareness. Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of experimentation and research. It is found out that almost 75% of users don’t even click past the first page, to have a look at searched items. The first three organic search results get more traffic i.e; almost 60% of the total traffic. More the traffic on your site more are the chances that the traffic will convert into customers. ​SEO Company in Sydney ​​is working on getting its customer’s website rank the best. Let’s have a look at the SEO techniques that can help you increase the traffic:

  2. ● Complete An SEO Audit On Your Website  SEO auditing helps to find out the reason for your site not getting enough sales and search traffic. It is called the growth hacking technique, which helps in attracting and retaining customers. It closely examines your overall site performance, sets new goals and implements tactics to reach those goals. SEO Audit includes checking of SEO meta titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. ● Create SEO Optimized Landing Page   To improve lead generation and sales, the well-designed landing page is mandatory. The more landing pages you create, the more traffic you attract. Use of long-tail keyword throughout your landing page makes it SEO optimized. Tools like Copyblogger creates high-quality of landing pages on popular topics. ● Mobile-Friendly Website  It is really important that your website looks good and performs well on mobile devices. Now, it is no longer a luxury that your website looks good on mobile, it is all about standard. Web pages of your site should be responsive. This technique is important, as 80% of population search everything on their mobiles and not on desktops or laptops. ● Grow Your Traffic With Infographics Infographics are basically visual representations of information or data. As 65% of people are visual learners, they prefer graphics more than text articles. Therefore Infographic is more popular because it displays complex information in an easy way. It is an extremely effective way of digital marketing. SEO is all about giving relevant and most useful content to the target audiences. So the above techniques can help you get your website SEO optimized and create double traffic. If you want any help in optimizing for the website and getting i​t ​​best Google rankings, consult SEO Company in Sydney [Comapny info]  Website: ​ Email: ​ Phone No: (02) 6100 4040