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8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION. The title of the film is…. Sab Kuch Doob Gaya Ab Bacha Kya Hai. A Scary Story Directed By: Research Department Prudent CAS Ltd. When We thought we should direct this film...few critics gave us some suggestions.

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  10. The title of the film is…. Sab Kuch Doob GayaAb Bacha Kya Hai A Scary Story Directed By: Research Department Prudent CAS Ltd

  11. When We thought we should direct this film...few critics gave us some suggestions... • Are bhaiya Kyon apne pairo par kulhadi maar rahe ho..Sab log tere par chillayenge.. Chup chap beth ja.. • One of the banker said.. Why do you think so much.. CUSTOMER matlab hi hota hai KASHT-MEIN-MAR • Don’t educate people more.. They will not understand…

  12. But at PRUDENT, we never took their advise. What we think is something different • When everything is going good, there may not a need to meet people.. At times things go bad.. We should be there with our clients. • Lack of knowledge is the root cause of fear.. So we try to remove the fear by sharing more and more information so that we all are educated. • Why should we run and escape from clients.. Have we done something wrong by talking on “The Great Indian Story” or “Power of equity in Long Run”

  13. So why are we here today watching this film… To get clarification of our concerns To look beyond the vision of an average investor And most importantly, at the end of the film everyone should feel better than before, the villain which is FEAR should be defeated and. As usual… THEY LIVED HAPPILY THERE AFTER

  14. We start the film with few common concerns.. • When will market stop going down- Bottom of the Market • Is my money safe • Has Indian Economy gone burst.. No more India Shinning • How much returns would I get • Should I continue Investing in SIP cont.

  15. Should I exit today and come back once again when the markets are heading north • What if I withdraw today.. I am having a loss • I read it in News papers and I saw on TV channels.. Everything is bad.. people are losing money.. And I am sure.. Audience in front of me would like to add some more concerns…

  16. Concern No. 1 When will market stop going down? • Million dollar question.. • To be fair.. No one knows.. One may work on assumptions but who knows with surety.. • Warren Buffet says that no one in the world can tell you that how stock market will behave in near term or in next two years or three years.. • Market went down as oil and inflation went up… probably market should go up once they come down..

  17. Concern No. 2 Is My Money Safe? • What is safe? Most of us will say principal safety.. • I invest in Fixed Deposit… Inflation and taxes will eventually erode the purchasing power.. • I give it in unorganized market.. I don’t know how many will say it is absolutely safe • I invest in my business.. Is it safe… • I invest in Real Estate.. I am not able to sell my property today and I need the money at any cost.. What is happening to real estate is not something which I need to talk about...

  18. Equities or Stock Market is Safe for Long Term and unsafe for short term Sensex is inspiring, not because it rise and falls, but each time it falls, it never fails to rise again…

  19. Do you know how stock market works in Short Term….

  20. Concern No. 3 Is India Shinning Over? • India’s 55% population is less than 25 years of age.. • India accounts of one forth of worlds young population.. • Every third person on the globe lives in INDIA- CHINA.. • Entire globe is getting older and India is getting younger.. • It is an economy which is self-driven.. Dependency on export is less than 20% of entire GDP There could be Bend in the road but not necessarily it is the end of the road. VIDEO

  21. Concern No. 4 How much returns would I get? • The returns from equity are more or less directly proportionate with the growth rate of the economy. • India is expected to grow at 7-8% p.a. and add inflation of another 7% to that.. • Your expected growth rate should be 15-20% p.a. over 5-7 years of horizon..

  22. Just look what happened in the past..

  23. Concern No. 5 Should I continue my SIP? • Someone said me in one of my presentation, “ PRUDENT me tum SIP ke alawa bhi kuch samjhaya karo” • SIP is best when the markets are going down.. But it is the lay-man investor that feels happywhen the markets are going up and feels low when the markets are going down. • Also there is something called LAW OF DEMAND.. It fails when it comes to investment.

  24. Concern No. 6 Exit Today and re-start when markets start performing better US Market (1985-2004) – a 20 year period Average Mutual Fund Return – 10.7% p.a. Average Investor Return should be - 10.7% p.a. It was shockingly one third of actual return.. 3.7% p.a. The investor used their BRAIN(TIMING) about where markets are headed.. and they kept going in and out of market…

  25. So when the market goes down… • Do you think yourself as VICTIM or OPPORTUNISTIC • Does anyone know when markets will start performing better.. • Remember, that no one has ever got best returns. Best is something that we can see by postmortems and best has its own definition..

  26. Concern No. 7 If I withdraw today, I am in loss • If someone has thought that Equity, Business andReal Estate are for short term, they all are bleeding today.. • Think for long term and stay invested.. You will eventually get good returns. • Don’t withdraw in Panic and don’t leverage as well.. This is one of the most common mistake people do…

  27. See what common investor does to his investment in stock market…

  28. Long Term outlook pays to an investor..

  29. Concern No. 8 Media keep scaring me? Before I talk on this.. Take a look on proofs of outstanding Efforts for Journalism in India…

  30. Now would you really believe in Media and take your decision based on their news… • Media writes what sells.. It does not matter whether that is right or wrong.. • Most unfortunate part is that the role of media has just gone commercial..


  32. No…. You are not allowed to go out and lighten yourself or to get some popcorn.. I would like to call Mr Wise Investor who has been associated with us from our inception and has been an investor from early 1980s.. Lets have vision of an Successful investor

  33. Unsuccessful investor does not like to see volatility in his portfolio or his investments going negative Successful investor does not like to see volatility in his portfolio or his investments going negative What is the difference between a Successful investor and an unsuccessful investor This is the fundamental difference between the people who are successful and people who are not

  34. Is there any confusion… • Yes, Successful investor does not like to see his investment value going down nor he likes to see 500 up and 500 down everyday… • Successful investor makes it a habit of neglecting short term ups & downs though he does not like the same but an unsuccessful investor keeps watching those ups & down on literally daily basis & he gets emotionally affected by them.. • And believe me this is the difference that really demarks between an unsuccessful investor and the successful investor

  35. Now at the end, let me tell you few common mistake most investors do • Talking on Extreme points • Chasing returns • Leveraging • Not diversifying asset class • Trying to make money in short term • Following herd mentality • Dealing in cash for their investments

  36. We are coming to the end of this documentary film… Moral of the Film is 1. You don’t have to be wealthy to be an investor. . But you have to be an investor to be wealthy. 2. When the markets are going down and you buy wisely, at some point in the future, you will be happy. You won’t get there by reading “Now it is the TIME to buy”. 3. Stock Market is a place where in the long run, money flows from Traders to Investors.

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