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Introduction to ITC and Market Analysis Tools PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to ITC and Market Analysis Tools

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Introduction to ITC and Market Analysis Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to ITC and Market Analysis Tools

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  1. Workshop in Market Analysis Introduction to ITC and Market Analysis Tools

  2. What Is ITC? • Technical cooperation arm of UNCTAD and the WTO • Mission – provide enterprise oriented capacity building for trade promotion and export development UNCTAD WTO ITC

  3. OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVEDIRECTOR DIVISION OF PROGRAMME SUPPORT Financial Management Section General Services & Publications Section Info. Technology Services Section Human Resources Section ITC Organizational Chart DEPARTMENT OF OPERATIONS DIVISION OF TRADE SUPPORT SERVICES DIVISION OF TECHNICAL COOPERATION COORDINATION DIVISION OF PRODUCT AND MARKET DEVELOPMENT South-South Trade Prom. Unit LDC Unit Trade in Services Unit E-Trade Dev. Unit Market Development Section Business Advisory Services Section Office for Arab States Europe & the CIS Office for Asia-Pac., Latin America & the Caribbean Market Analysis Section Enterprise Mgmt^. Development Section Trade Information Reference Centre Int’l Purchasing and Supply Management Section Office for Africa

  4. The Market Analysis Section at ITC • Part of the Division of Product and Market Development at the International Trade Centre UNCTAD / WTO • Produces and disseminates tools for market research and trade analysis for exporters, importers and trade support institutions

  5. World trade grows faster than GDP: Source: WTO

  6. WORLD MERCHANDISE TRADE IN 2003 $7,300,000,000,000 Over $ 230,000 per second

  7. Shift in Global Trade Value Added Manufacturing Technology- based Products High-Tech based Services Commodity Dependency

  8. Now look at some issues in MARKETING: • Globalization requires and rewards best practices • How many of Nike’s 5’000 employees in the US are working in production? • How much do Hong Kong’s traders get for marketing mainland China’s exports? • In what sectors are most of the world’s 10 largest companies in terms of sales? Capacity to undertake market analysis is the key

  9. Change demands change Environmental Change Strategic Change • rapid evolutions • hyper-competition • technological progress • ‘new’ economy • dynamic strategic plans • managing change • technology improvements • ‘new’ managerial approach

  10. In the past, big fish used to eat small fish Now, fast fish eat slow fish. They hatch and spread every-where, in the North and in the South.

  11. So, why export market analysis? • As just discussed… • trade is growing rapidly and is considered to be one of the most important sources of economic growth for developing and transition countries • efficient production is not sufficient anymore • successful firms/countries need to excel in marketing to identify the best opportunities in foreign countries and distinguish themselves from competitors • Market analysis is the first, necessary, step to formulate a coherent export strategy

  12. Questions of our partners: • National perspective: Positioning in international markets • Where is our competitive advantage? What are the most promising markets for our exports? What should be the priorities for trade promotion? • Trade policy perspective: Market Access • What are the trade barriers we face? What are the scenarios? • Company perspective: Market intelligence • What are the latest market developments? Who are potential business partners?

  13. TradeMap Product Map Country Map Market Access Map MAS Products and Services Combining web-based tools focused on the needs of exporters . . . . . . . with training courses that quickly positions partners to use them.

  14. ITC’s Market Analysis Tools Country Map TradeMap Market Access Map Product Map

  15. Select your country here (click on countries )

  16. Wide range of analytical and informationtools

  17. Country Map - applications: • Strategy design and export diversification: • Viet Nam, Senegal, UAE, Mongolia, Malaysia • Promotion of South-South trade: • Exports of SADC and SACU • Investment targeting: • Egypt and selected other African countries • Assessment of trade performance: • LDCs • Global competitiveness assessment: • World Economic Forum

  18. The Global CompetitivenessReport 2001 – 2002 World Economic Forum

  19. TradeMap Market Access Map Product Map Our Tools Support Analysis At Four Levels Country Map

  20. TradeMap login page username password

  21. TradeMap – Selection menu Imports or Exports Product Selection Country/Region selection Partner country selection

  22. World Importers of Dates Unit Value Growth rate Countries Global market share Value Quantity Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers

  23. Tariff Barriers Non-Tariff Measures Access barriers to Morocco’s date market

  24. Scan the export portfolio of a country Trinidad and Tobago’s Exports

  25. ITC’s Market Analysis Tools Country Map TradeMap Market Access Map Product Map

  26. Product Map: • Presenting on a single Web site extensive trade data and market intelligence specifically designed for firms active in international trade.

  27. Get the business contacts Go in-depth: Find out more on the market Initial commercial links Networking tools Analyze the market Qualitative Analysis Market Intelligence Tools Quantitative Analysis Market positioning tools Product Map Learn and apply the trade practices Define the product to trade and its uses

  28. Musical Instruments • Nuts • Oilseeds and products • Optical and precision instruments, spectacles and glasses • Packaging materials • Paper and printing • Perfumery, cosmetics and toiletries • Pets, pet food and accessories • Pharmaceutical and medicaments • Photo - cinematographic film • Plastics and plastic products • Precious, semi-precious stones and jewellery • Rubber and rubber products • Specialty Food Products • Spices and culinary herbs • Sports wear, sports and leisure goods • Stationery, office machine and supplies • Sugar, molasses and sugar confectionery • Tea and tea products • Telecommunications equipment • Textile fibres, fabrics and specialty textiles • Toys and games • Transport equipment • Wood and wood products • Agricultural machinery • Animal feed • Art, collection, decoration and cultural goods • Automotive components and accessories • Beverages • Carpets and wall covering • Cellulose derivatives and specialties • Cereals and cereal products • Chemicals • Cleansing and polishing preparations • Clocks and watches • Clothing and accessories • Cocoa and cocoa products • Coffee and coffee products • Colouring substances • Construction materials • Cut flowers and ornamental plants • Dairy products • Electrical machinery and equipment • Electronic equipment and components • Engines and motors • Fertilizers and plant protection products • Fishery products • Food ingredients • Footwear • Fragrances and flavours • Fruit and vegetable juices • Fruit and vegetables • Furniture and components • Glass and glass products • Gums, resins and extracts • Hand tools • Hides, skins, furskins and leather • Honey and apicultural products • Household and furnishing textiles • Household utensils and appliances • Image and sound equipment and accessories • Industrial machinery and equipment • Lamps, lighting and visual signaling equipment • Leather products • Live animals • Machine tools • Measuring, checking and precision instruments • Meat and animal products • Medicinal plants • Metal and metal products • Mineral and mineral products • Medical and laboratory equipment and instruments Fruit and vegetables Coffee products Plastic products Wood products Footwear Automotive components Clothing

  29. Market Intelligence Market Intelligence Published market research, links to information sources and to ITC’s trade inquiry service • World trade flows • Best performing countries • Best performing product segments Create company storefronts & identify business contacts Networking facilities

  30. ITC’s Market Analysis Tools Country Map TradeMap Market Access Map Product Map

  31. MAcMap Homepage Type your username, password and click on ‘login’

  32. European trade policy – preferential agreements G.S.P. Bilateral L.D.C. Nepal Sri Lanka Afghanistan Albania Andorra Malaysia Bangladesh A.C.P. Armenia Macedonia Cambodia Mexico Yemen Maldives Georgia Lesotho Cape Verde Croatia Togo India South Africa Bhutan Samoa Bulgaria Botswana Argentina Ethiopia Bosnia Ctrl. Afr. Rep. Senegal Laos Sao Tome Romania Zambia Myanmar Tuvalu Angola Burkina Faso C.A.C.M. Honduras Tonga Madagascar Benin Kiribati El Salvador Sudan Guatemala Solomon Isl. Nicaragua U.S. Eq. Guinea Uganda Costa Rica E.E.A. Malawi Vanuatu Mali Countries Fighting Drugs Gambia Comoros Haiti Guinea-Bissau Norway Burundi Pakistan Iceland New Zealand Somalia Niger Rwanda Tanzania Guinea Mauritania Liechtenstein Eritrea Bolivia Chad Hong Kong Liberia Sierra Leone Mozambique Djibouti Ecuador E.F.T.A. Switzerland Andean Group Venezuela Kenya Peru Zimbabwe Suriname St. Lucia Seychelles Colombia Dominica M.F.N. W.T.O. Congo Barbados Nauru Dominican Rep. Antigua Korea, Rep. Australia Namibia Gabon Cuba U.A.E Kyrgyzstan Cook Isl. Swaziland Congo Dem.Rep. Jamaica Cameroon Qatar Canada Trinidad Guyana Taiwan Indonesia Chile Palau Mauritius Thailand St. Vincent Bahrain Micronesia Ghana Grenada Tokelau Uruguay Macao Singapore Brunei Marshall Isl. Ivory Coast Nigeria Japan Kuwait Brazil Papua Oman Montserrat Belize Mongolia Bermuda Niue St. Kitts Israel Morocco Bahamas Fiji Moldova Egypt Panama Turkey China Uzbekistan Tunisia Yugoslavia Philippines Paraguay Jordan Belarus Korea, Dem. Rep. Kazakhstan Palestine Russia Iran Syria Algeria Vietnam Libya Lebanon Saudi Arabia Iraq East Timor Gibraltar Greenland Turkmenistan Tajikistan Euromed Aruba Ukraine Anguilla M.F.N. Azerbaijan

  33. General features of MacMap • WIDE GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE: tariffs applied by 169 countries to the products exported by over 200 countries and territories. • WIDE COVERAGE OF INSTRUMENTS: Covers: ad-valorem tariffs; specific tariffs; tariff quotas; and antidumping duties • PREFERENCES: Covers most bilateral and regional agreements. Rules of Origin and Certificates of origin are also included for most agreements. • ANALYTICAL FLEXIBILITY: Permits any analysis: by region, by economic sector or by measure

  34. TradeMap Product Map Country Map Market Access Map MAS Products and Services Combining web-based tools focused on the needs of exporters . . . . . . . with training courses that quickly positions partners to use them.

  35. Our vision: to build the capacity of policy makers and negotiators along with the business community in all countries to be able to use these services effectively.

  36. Some questions for the next few days... • How can I use the market analysis tools to think about trade development strategically? • How do changes in the trade environment affect my country's / enterprise's positioning? • What are the public and private sector institutions that need to be involved? • Can I develop a quick strategic outline for a product / sector? • What are the main issues for developing a successful export strategy in my product / sector / country?