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Emergence of NVC

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Emergence of NVC. The Dream. Exponential spread of NVC consciousness. … and the Rub. Frustration with certification system. Evaluation, disconnection from needs. Some candidates willing but not joyful. So, where did this proposal come from?. Inspirations. Sociocracy Wikis

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the dream
The Dream

Exponential spread of

NVC consciousness

and the rub
… and the Rub

Frustration with certification system.

Evaluation, disconnection from needs.

Some candidates willing but not joyful.




Online discussion groups



inspiration sociocracy
Inspiration: Sociocracy

Founded on cybernetics

Self-organizing systems require

Common goal

Energy (chaos)


inspiration wikis
Inspiration: Wikis

Collaborative online documents

Use for Conal’s graphics language work

Create inspired & empowered community

Example: Wikipedia (vs Brittanica)

Supports quality & growth

Provide missing community

Poor at fine-grain interaction, clarity & emotional transparency

Inspiration: Online Discussions

Ants, brains, cities, Wikipedia, online communities, .... cybernetics.

Self-organizing systems can grow without bound and maintain quality/health.

A framework to support The Dream

Inspiration: Emergence

More learners  more teachers

self fueling (reproduction),

so exponential growth is natural,

unless we hit a resource limit,

such as assessor attention.

Slashdot solution:

erase assessor/assessee divide.

Growth vs. Top-Down Assessment

Make profiles: background, expertise, location, class schedules, practice groups, cost, ….

Search by attributes. See matching profiles.

Encourage useful feedback.

Feedback feedback (reviews reviewed).

Related: match.com, MySpace, Amazon, Tribe, Slashdot, Netflix, LiveJournal, Vaestro.

All info is self-organizing & evolving.

Matching & Feedback System

Perpetual learning (not just until certified)

Current means: books, groups, classes, mentoring, IITs (resources, not reqs).

Attend offerings & give feedback.

See Sandy's “pathway” doc.

Learning Community – Low Tech

Record workshops. Watch & discuss

Web version: public feedback/learning

Organic FAQ

Shared space for empathy exploration

Shared course materials: use & improve

Learning Community – High Tech

Clarity/ease/trust – of expectations

CNVC support – money, work, grants

CNVC safety – lawsuits

Trainer support – visibility / credibility

Growth – mentoring and feedback

Needs Underlying Certification

Gathering feedback & assess interest

Feedback-centered architecture

Programming & forms

Invite profiles

Meanwhile, we can implement Sandy’s new PSNCC “pathway”


emergence of nvc1
Emergence of NVC

Clarifying questions?

Quick reactions?

Paramount objections?

Top-down assessment can contribute only a minute portion of exponential growth, ...

... so let's invest in the big pay-off of the bottom-up approach instead.

Why not top-down and bottom-up?