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1. Movie Censorship. 1. 05.18.2011. English A2SL Block C. S ona Choi. OBJECTIVES . “Censorship”.

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Movie Censorship



English A2SL Block C

Sona Choi



is the suppression of speech or other public communication considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.


Indiana Jones And

The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull 2008

what s good
What’s good?
  • Help and protect people from dangerous concepts, violence and pornography
  • Protection of the citizens by either banning some explicit content or labeling it with age restriction
  • Religious conflicts are avoided
  • Preserves the secrets of a nation
  • Prevent politically motivated propaganda
  • Shields the moral of society
  • Restrains vulgarity and obscenity
what s bad
What’s bad?
  • Freedom of speech is compromised
  • Prevents free flow of ideas
  • Leads to ignorance of the society
  • Works against creativity
  • Intrudes on the privacy of a person
  • Gives rise to & hides human right abuses

If sex related topics are completely censored, it becomes difficult to teach the teenagers about the dangers of HIVS/AIDS

  • Different standards of morals among different societies are quite different from the imposed ones by the censorship
censoring the movie censor
Censoring the movie censor

“Shouldchildren be kept from seeing adult films? Can a child's movie maturity be determined by his or her chronological age? If there's a ratings system — by any other name, a censorship board — should it be run by the government or the movie industry?”

effects on language used
Effects on language used


 banned!

hey everybody we re gonna get laid hey everybody we re gonna take a shower
“Hey everybody, we’re gonna get laid” “Hey everybody, we’re gonna take a shower”
say no to censorship yes to regulation in singapore
Say NO to Censorship. YES to Regulation in Singapore!

“Many of us do not know how to express ourselves properly. From simple things like saying 'Thank you' to the bus drivers, to more complicated stuff like talking about racial and religious issues respectfully but openly. ”

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