body sculpting pranic facial treatment n.
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Body Sculpting and Pranic Facial Treatment PowerPoint Presentation
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Body Sculpting and Pranic Facial Treatment

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Body Sculpting and Pranic Facial Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this polluted environment our skin get damaged and becomes dull, body sculpting & pranic facial treatment will solve your problems. This pranic healing treatment helps you to make it glow and fresh.

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body sculpting pranic facial treatment

Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial treatment

Our Face beauty is a mirror image of inner beauty and peace. Scars and wrinkles on

face are appearances of psychological marks, which we get though life that we still

carry internally. Pranic healing is technique which works on the body aura called

Pranas. Pranic healing can erase and heal these scars and can achieve greater inner

healing and beauty. Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial treatment is used to improve

and take back freshness and brightness to your face and make your body more

elastic and flexible.This accelerated Pranic healing treatments in Nagpur is well-

known to minimize body weight and get back to muscle tone without use of

medicines and chemicals.

Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial treatment deals with health, beauty, and skincare

and wright loss by using Pranic healing and specific combination of color Pranas

and technique. Pranic Facial treatment make your skin younger and attractive. It

can help to loose excess weight by using the knowledge of subtle energy and your

body will look thinner. Specific color Pranas have the power to break and eliminate

fat, wrinkles and lines form your system to generate a healthier and beautiful body.

The scars, wrinkles and lines on face are the storage of negative and unpleasant

emotions and experience like fear anger

emotions and experience like fear, anger and sorrow. These all things makes your

body aura contaminated , by eliminating these emotions and experience form aura

can make your face look younger, brighter and energized.

Elshaddai is pranic healing center in Nagpur, which gives all pranic healing

treatments to solve people’s problems and also take workshops so that people can

learn theses pranic healing methods. Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial workshop is

suggested for healers, especially for people who deals in health and beauty.

Doctors and specialists dealing with skin, nutrition and weight loss should learn this

treatment as it introduce effective techniques which can be best compliment for

your medical treatment. This treatment is about beauty through deep

psychological healing with combination of advanced, Pranic Crystal and Pranic

Psychotherapy technique. Mr. Shrikant Kanhere is experienced pranic healer in

Nagpur at Elshaddai Center. He takes training and workshop on Pranic healing


Body Sculpting & Pranic Facial treatment workshop benefits –

1.You can eliminate lines and wrinkles of the face

2.Can make your skin bright and young

3.You can lose excess weight

4 control your hunger and eliminate the excessive

4.Control your hunger and eliminate the excessive cravings for food and


5.Remove sad emotions, it make your aura clean

6.Increase your will power to endure your desires