optically polarized atoms n.
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Optically polarized atoms

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Optically polarized atoms. Simon M. Rochester UC Berkeley. Dmitry Budker UC Berkeley and LBNL. Textbook to be published by Oxford University Press. Marcis Auzinsh University of Latvia. Goals of the course. L earn to analyze situations like this:

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optically polarized atoms

Optically polarized atoms

Simon M. Rochester

UC Berkeley

Dmitry Budker

UC Berkeley and LBNL

Textbook to be published by Oxford University Press

Marcis Auzinsh

University of Latvia

goals of the course
Goals of the course
  • Learn to analyze situations like this:
  • Survey of interesting topics in AMO (student presentations)
approximate scope of the course
Approximate scope of the course
  • Motivation and preliminaries
  • Atomic states
  • Atoms in external electric and magnetic fields
  • Polarized light
  • Atomic transitions
  • Coherence in atoms
  • Density matrix
  • “Maxwell-Bloch” equations
  • Examples
preliminary i the hierarchy of scales in the electron world
Preliminary IThe hierarchy of scales in the electron world
  • To get into the groove and to introduce some notations, let us write the

classical radius of the electron

…and the fine-structure constant

Let’s see what happens if we divide reby powers of 

Characteristic wavelength of atomic radiation

Compton wavelength

Bohr radius

good books are hard to find
Good books (are hard to find)
  • Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy by A. Corney
  • Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions by I. I. Sobelman
  • Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum by D. A. Varshalovich, A. N. Moskalev, and V. K. Khersonskii
  • Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics by A. R. Edmonds
  • Angular Momentum by R. N. Zare
  • Polarization of Light by S. Huard
  • Optical Polarization of Molecules by M. Auzinsh and R. Ferber
  • Interference of Atomic States by E. B. Alexandrov, M. P. Chaika, and G. I. Khvostenko
  • The Quantum Theory of Light by R. Loudon
  • The Physics of Laser-Atom Interactions by D. Suter
  • Optical Pumping. Principles and Applications by W. Happer, Th. Walker, and K. Bonin – delayed by 9/11
  • Atomic Physics by C. J. Foot
  • Light and Matter by Y. B. Band
  • Light-Mater Interaction by W. T. Hill, III and C. H. Li
  • Atomic Physics. An Exploration through Problems and Solutions by D. Budker, D. F. Kimball, and D. P. DeMille