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Ryan Joseph Giggs By: Jude Zahran . Background.

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Ryan joseph giggs by jude zahran

Ryan Joseph GiggsBy: Jude Zahran


Ryan Giggs is a Welsh footballer. He was born on the 29th of November 1973, making him 36 years old. He started playing for Manchester United in 1990, and he still does to this day. In United, he is considered a Legend. He holds the club record of most trophies won by a Manchester United player (23 trophies); he has collected 11 Premier League winner's medals, four FA Cup winner's medals, three League Cup winner's medals and two Champions League winner's medals. He used to play for the Welsh national team, but he quit International football in June 2007. He is also United’s Vice Captain.

His manchester united role
His Manchester United Role

Ryan Giggs has always played as a Left Winger, but since he started getting older, he started playing in positions where he is the playmaker. He would sometimes play as a Second Striker, only if his team-mate Wayne Rooney is not present, but when he is, then Giggs would play in Attacking Midfield, behind the strikers. He has always been known for his passes and crosses, and in that position, he provides excellent passes to the players on the wings, and the players in Attack, which normally leads to a goal. Even though Giggs is 36 years old, he is still an important part of Manchester United’s starting team because of his playmaking skills. Giggs prefers to use his left foot, but because of the 20 year experience in football, he can now use both feet extremely well, which means he can make perfect passes to players on the Left and Right Wing.

What makes h im s pecial
What Makes Him Special?

What makes Giggs special is the fact that his heart belongs in Manchester United. He has been committed to this great club for about 20 years, which is also why he is considered a Legend. The other thing that makes him so special is his importance on the field. He is very calm and can create beautiful passes under pressure. He always has something to do with a goal scored in a game, either a good pass or a cross, or starting an attack. He has a good eye for the ball, and can predict in which part of the field his team mate will be, and that way he could play a through pass, which then starts an attack or even leads to a goal. He is a classy player.

I love h im
I Love Him!

There are many reasons why I am really into this player. The first and most important is because he is a Manchester United Legend. But the work he does on the field proves how much of an important player he is. When the team is loosing and feeling down, he is always there to raise the spirit and make a comeback. A great example of that was in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich, when United were loosing 1-0, and with his presence of the field, he was able to make passes and crosses that lead to scoring 2 goals in the last 3 minutes, ending the game with a 2-1 victory, and the winning of their first European Champions League! I basically admire him because of his skills and his commitment and spirit.

The 3 questions
The 3 Questions…

  • My first question would be: How did it feel like to make an amazing comeback in the last 3 minutes of the Champions League final? I would ask him that because its every players dream to win a Champions League trophy, and it is the most wanted trophy in Europe, so how would it be like to win that trophy, but in the last minutes of the game?

  • My second question would be: Why is it that Manchester United is in your heart, you have been offered millions of pounds to be transferred to big clubs such as AC Milan and Real Madrid, but why did you choose to stay in Manchester United? I would ask him that because I would really like to know what it was about Manchester United that made him want to stay.

  • My third question would be: What would you like to do after you retire? I would ask him that because I am curious about what he will do after he quits playing professional football, will he still be involved in football? I would like to know.


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