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L-ISTORJA TAL-BONSAJ Jos.F.Cachia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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L-ISTORJA TAL-BONSAJ Jos.F.Cachia. The Legend of the Carbayon. } arrub fil-Mu\ew ta’ Marbella. BON. DISH. HEALTHY GROWTH. SAI. Hatsheput’s Fleet at Punt. Picture from “ The Ancient Mariners ” – by Lionel Casson. Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Hanging Gardens of

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hatsheput s fleet at punt
Hatsheput’s Fleet at Punt

Picture from “The Ancient Mariners” – by Lionel Casson

hanging gardens of babylon
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of

Babylon (also known as

Hanging Gardens of

Semiramis) and the walls of

Babylon were built by

Nebuchadnezzar II around

600 BC. He is reported to

have constructed the

gardens to please his wife,

Amytis of Media, who

longed for the trees and

beautiful plants of her


They were destroyed in an earthquake

after the 1st century BC.

the bonsai triangle
The Bonsai Triangle

250 year old bonsai japan
250 year-old Bonsai, Japan

NationalGeographic Magazine

visit by peter chan
Visit by Peter Chan

Bonsai master Mr.Peter Chan visited Malta as a guest of the Bonsai Culture Group in June 2006.

He gave a hands on presentation to Group members at Floriana.