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Madicon Staff Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Madicon Staff Guide

Madicon Staff Guide

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Madicon Staff Guide

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  1. Madicon Staff Guide Basic Staff Information and Specific Room Duties Guide

  2. Why Create A Guide? • Consistent feedback in “after-Madicon” discussions has often touched on the fact that people running rooms don’t always do what the conchair hopes. • The answer has been that duties are poorly articulated and people staffing rooms/the convention are not sure exactly what is expected. • This is a fair criticism, so this guide attempts to address that with simple instructions for each room/staff member.

  3. Basic Staffing Expectations • Keep a copy of the con schedule on your person and know which rooms events are happening in. • Know the con’s rules (ask your Con Chair, these might change from year to year). • Know how the art room/auctions work and how they’ll be run. This information should be in the program book but you might get questions. • Know the basic FAQ questions about Madicon – such as why there is no children’s rate or what our charity is. • If you are working staff in any area of the convention it is important to have some basic information available to help con attendees. • Be Professional. You represent JMU and SFFG.

  4. Registration

  5. Registration • The next few pages will explain how to register each type of Convention Attendee. • Preregistered Pass • Weekend Pass • Day Pass • Vendor • Guest • We do not offer press badges • This section will also explain how to record a Con Attendee who wants to upgrade their badge. • You are the first person a con attendee is likely to meet and you are asking them for money. • Be polite and friendly. Point out events and answer questions. • You are familiar with JMU and Festival. Other people may not be. Remember that when answering questions. • Make sure attendees know where to park. JMU will still ticket some lots even on Spring Break.

  6. Registration: Preregistered Attendees • Your Con Chair will provide Registration with a list of pre-paid badges. • This is also where “comp” badges (typically COMARR and 501st list) should be listed. • The treasurer will already have the money for these badges. • When a con attendee tells you they are preregistered: • Politely check ID • Record their name and badge number • Give them their badge • Give them a program and a schedule • Give them a pre-registration packet provided by Comic Toast • Mark their name off the pre-paid/comp list to show they picked up their badge. • That’s it.

  7. Registration: Weekend and Day Passes • Weekend Pass: • Politely check their ID • Politely take their money. • Record their name and badge number • Give them a weekend badge, program, and schedule • If a laptop is not available, there will be a control sheet (write legibly) • That’s it. • Day Pass: • Politely check their ID • Politely take their money. • Record their name and badge number • Give them a weekend badge, program, and schedule • If a laptop is not available, there will be a control sheet (write legibly) • That’s it.

  8. Registration: Weekend and Day Passes • Vendor Passes: • Registration should have a vendor control sheet provided by the Con Chair. • Vendors are entitled to two badges for their first table and up to one more per additional table if they need them. • Give the badges to the Vendor and offer to get them help in setting up. • Explain where they can pull up to unload. • That’s it. • Guest Pass: • Welcome the guest to Madicon! • Give them their badge. Registration should have a badge ready for each guest. • Answer their questions. • Get the con chair or designated guest helper to Registration to meet with the guest. • That’s it.

  9. Registration: Important Notes • Each person who gets a badge should also get: • a program book • an event schedule • Hand these items to the Con Attendee. Don’t just point at them and leave them to figure it out themselves. • Processing Funds • Cash • Credit card • Square card reader, at-door only, smart phone needed, signs will show prices (because a surcharge will be added for credit card usage) • Upgrading or Refunds • To upgrade a badge (say from Day pass to Weekend) • Take the difference in money • Mark their name off the Day Pass list and Add their name to the Weekend pass list. This is IMPORTANT for record keeping. • Giving a refund • Use good judgment. Be Polite. Ask them why they are leaving. Try to help if you can. Let them talk to the Con Chair or Guild President if they need to. • Next to their name on the control sheet, write REFUND. Again: Important.

  10. Con Suite

  11. Con Suite • It is impossible to predict what might be offered in the con suite from year to year so these are basic duty guidelines when you are working Con Suite hours: • Cleaning: Keep the con suite clean. Clean up spills, crumbs, abandoned food/drink. Stay on top of cleaning. • Upkeep the food/drink: Familiarize yourself with what is being offered in the con suite. Put out new stuff when things look low. Remove food that looks old/too picked over. • Stay Active: Clean, monitor the food/drink, answer questions, interact with con attendees. • Oh – and the most important thing is on the next page…

  12. Con Suite The Most Important Rule Food and Drink must stay in the Con Suite!* * I know this seems silly. But we have the Con Suite at the sufferance of JMU Food Service. Don’t give them a reason to come down on us because food is just wandering the halls. You don’t have to be rude about this – if someone walks out with a handful of chips, so what? Use good judgment and think about what it would look like to a JMU rep if they saw it. SFFG represents JMU. You can cut Vendors a little more slack. They sit at their booth all day, we understand.

  13. Runners, Vendor Helpers, etc.

  14. Other Positions • Runners • You might sign up to be “on-call” for a few hours during the con weekend. • The Con Chair will call on you to help during these times – be ready to assist. • Make sure the Con Chair can reach you (cell #) so that you can respond quickly as needed. • You might be asked to help a guest, take over a room temporarily, sit in at registration, or cover for a vendor. Be flexible. • Vendor Helpers • You should be available to help vendors with set up and/or break down. • During the hours when the Vendor Room is open take time to walk the room, ask vendors how they are doing, if they need anything… • Be engaged, friendly, and helpful.

  15. Final Thoughts • Remember the important thing is to exercise good judgment, be friendly, and have fun. • Take care of con-goers the way you would want to be taken care of at a convention. These people are our guests this time. • If you have questions, ask your friendly Con Chair.