abrahams tent founded in 2008 by rabbi sirote n.
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Abrahams Tent Founded in 2008 By Rabbi Sirote PowerPoint Presentation
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Abrahams Tent Founded in 2008 By Rabbi Sirote

Abrahams Tent Founded in 2008 By Rabbi Sirote

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Abrahams Tent Founded in 2008 By Rabbi Sirote

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  1. Abrahams TentFounded in 2008By Rabbi Sirote Jessica Lotz, Lee Tawil, Yusang Lee, Vicky Ng

  2. The Book Store • Home to over 5,000 used Jewish books • Profit provides funds for rent and events • Hosts many Jewish events • One on one learning • Movie nights • Friday night dinners • Holiday celebrations • Classes once a week

  3. Abrahams Tent • Mission:Promote Jewish literacy and identity • Audience: young adults who have graduated from college and are looking to further their Jewish learning • Looking to meet and be surrounded with other Jewish people • All levels of Judaism accepted

  4. -Credibility-Involvement-Assistance-Interactivity P R O B L E M S

  5. The Future of Abraham’s Tent • Increase funding by providing a way to sell books and offer donations through the organization’s website (links to Amazon) • Offer opportunity for an internship in order to help staff the organization • Contact Rutgers to send e-mail out regarding internship • Increased interactivity rates when interns are able to manage interactive sites • Podcasts • Be able to listen in on discussions that members are not able to attend • Forums • Members can participate in online discussions + Organizes information • Media Content • Testimonials, images, recap of events, etc.

  6. The Multi-Directional Communication Model: • The MDC Framework combines the traditional vertical process (top down) with consumers who develop messages (bottom up), share messages horizontally (side to side). • Organized data lowers the cost of finding similar interests and experiences leads toconversationsand interactivity promotes the production of new generated content • Concept of INTERACTIVITY • Integration of a Forum will: • Allow Multi-Directional Communication • Organize data • Promote Interactivity

  7. Reader-to-Leader Framework: • The members’ social participation in the online world will change from reader to leader. • Below is the process of the members who will use the online forum: • Reader: venturing in, reading, browsing, searching • Contributor: reviewing, posting, uploading • Collaborator: developing relationships, working together • Leader: promoting participation, mentoring novices

  8. The MAIN Model Individuals heuristically assess the credibility of an entity based on its medium’s affordances: • Modality – Internet • Agency –Abraham’s Tent and its members • Interactivity – User has the opportunity to contribute • Navigability –Organized data facilitates navigability • Overall Goal: Increase credibility and reputation of the organization • Secondary Goal: Attract involvement and assistance

  9. Concepts: Tie-Strength, Homophily, & Credibility Our campaign will increase these concepts • Tie-Strength • Site reciprocity – Easily navigable; Offers more gratifications (content) • Emotional closeness – Interactivity builds online community • Homophily • Shared group interests – Categorized information; User generated content • Shared mindset – Plethora of organized content promotes browsing • Credibility (Increases with Tie-Strength & Homophily) • Trustworthiness – Familiarity; Consistency & Reliability (Requires maintenance) • Actors’ expertise – Forum tracks user involvement & activity

  10. Uncertainty Reduction Theory Uncertainty is detrimental to forming relationships • Theory is normally used for interpersonal relationships • Even with computers, people still have a desire to reduce uncertainty • If people go to a website with insufficient information, they don’t stay too long • Keeping the website updated and filled with sufficient information and content promotes positive impressions and relationship formation • Reorganize information and increase channels for content diffusion • Overall Goal: Reduce cost of seeking information • Secondary Goal: Attract interest and personal investment

  11. Concept: Digital Storytelling Reduced costs of production and distribution opens new channels for participation • Provide testimonials from all types of members (leaders, participants, interns, etc.) • About the organization in general and/or recent events and gatherings Advantages of adding Testimonials • Provides information about the organization • Increased social presence • People trust people • Promotes involvement from individuals with similar experiences • Individuals who relate feel emotional closeness

  12. Applications Currently developing a forum for Abraham’s Tent through • • Free community platform service • Basic services sufficient for Abraham’s Tent • Forums • Blogs • Photo uploads • Ad-free • Easy to set up/manage

  13. Applications Organization of Abraham’s Tent’s forum: • General • Member Introductions • Books on • Photos • Videos • Podcasts • Community Support • Events • Etc.

  14. Applications Create a YouTube account for Abraham’s Tent to host all videos • Widely used and recognized • Easy-to-use, free service • Promotes quick and easy sharing of videos • Allows subscriptions, favorites, and playlists • Sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ • Tracks views and other usage data

  15. Applications Either audio or video recordings of discussions and meetings can be uploaded and distributed through

  16. Applications Reformat current website to introduce changes, improve navigability, and promote interactivity • Provide link to the forum and motivate usage • Insert links on existing pages to their appropriate counter-parts on the forum • Implement sharing widgets for Facebook and Twitter • Fix “Donate” page to conserve consistency • New page for “Get involved!” or “Internship opportunities” • New page for “Media”

  17. Conclusions Implementing social media tools and reformatting the current website will facilitate the improvements desired by Abraham’s Tent • Increased interactivity, credibility, and gratifications promotes interest and involvement in the organization • As impressions of Abraham’s Tent improve, more individuals will be persuaded to take up internship opportunities and provide assistance • Collectively organizing book listings found on Amazon into one page reduces the cost of seeking sales, and individuals can purchase Abraham’s Tent’s books more easily • Reorganizing the presentation of Abraham’s Tent on the web will make the organization look more professional/credible, and make it easier to obtain donations and funding