Financial aid presentation 2014 15 academic year
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Financial Aid Presentation 2014-15 Academic Year - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial Aid Presentation 2014-15 Academic Year. Presented by: Carolyn A. Julian Student Aid Adviser & VA Coordinator PSU - Harrisburg Campus And Carol Handlan Higher Education Access Partner 717-514-9038 Principles of Financial Aid.

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Presentation Transcript
Financial aid presentation 2014 15 academic year

Financial Aid Presentation2014-15 Academic Year

Presented by:

Carolyn A. Julian

Student Aid Adviser & VA Coordinator

PSU - Harrisburg Campus


Carol Handlan

Higher Education Access Partner


Principles of financial aid
Principles of Financial Aid

  • Student and parent have the primary responsibility for funding post-secondary education to the extent they are able.

  • Financial Aid is a tool to assist with these expenses. Not all families will qualify for financial aid nor is there a guarantee.

  • We believe that the purpose of student financial aid is to ensure everyone has equal access to postsecondary education. Promoting fairness and equity for students across all sectors of postsecondary education, with a particular emphasis on low-income, underrepresented and underserved students. 

Goals of financial aid
Goals of Financial Aid

  • The primary goal of the financial aid professional is to help students achieve their educational potential by providing appropriate financial resources. We take great pride in our essential task of helping our students and families determine the best ways to meet their educational expenses.

  • Access to Post-Secondary Education

  • Choice among Post-Secondary Institutions

General eligibility requirements
General Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Degree Seeking & enrolled at least 6 crs.

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress once in school.

  • Male students must be registered with the Selective Service upon reaching their 18th birthday.

Family educational rights and privacy act ferpa
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Financial information submitted is protected.

  • Data is confidential.

  • Authorization required for release to a third party.

Applying for aid
Applying for Aid

  • Ask what applications are required?

  • Know the deadline dates!

  • Complete 30 days prior to deadline date.

  • NEED NOT BE accepted for admission.

  • Respond quickly to additional requests.

  • Explore ALL funding resources.

Application hints
Application Hints

  • Read all instructions carefully

  • Name must match SS Card

    • Student & Parent

  • High School Grad

  • Divorced Families

    • Parents/Stepparents

    • New 2014-15 (unmarried and/or


  • 2013 Taxes Completed*

    • Form 1040, 1040A or EZ

  • 2013Taxes PAID*

    • Form 1040, 1040A or EZ


      *IRS Data Retrieval tool.

Css financial aid profile
CSS Financial Aid PROFILE

  • Used at Private Colleges & Universities along with the 2014-15 FAFSA.


  • $25 fee for initial application & 1 college

    • $16 for each school

  • Payment online.

  • Ask for list

    of PA Schools

Free application for federal student aid fafsa
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • File 2014-15 online @

    • Preferred Method

    • By University deadline date – February 15th or March 1, 2014

  • First Request PIN

    One for Parent & Student.

  • Title IV College Code

Fafsa completion
FAFSA Completion

  • January – April throughout PA.

  • Held at local high schools, college or other educational institutions.

  • Sponsored by PHEAA & PASFAA.

  • Check PHEAA’s website at for locations nearest you.

Expected family contribution efc
Expected Family contribution (EFC)

  • The EFC is a measure of how much the student and his or her family can be expected to contribute to the cost of the student’s education. The EFC is calculated according to a formula specified in the federal regulations.

Federal expected family contribution
Federal Expected Family Contribution

  • Total taxed & untaxed income of family.

  • Assets, savings, investments, business* or farm investment, but not home equity.

  • Number of children or other dependents enrolled on at least a half time (6 credits.) basis. Excludes parent.

  • *Excludes the value of a small business that family owns with less than 100 FT employees.

Cost of attendance academic year 2 semesters
Cost of AttendanceAcademic year (2 semesters)

Direct Costs (Bill):

Tuition and Fees

Room and Board

Indirect Costs:

Books and Supplies


Personal Expenses

What is financial need
What is “Financial Need”?

  • Cost of Education (COE)

  • - Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

  • = Financial Need

    • Pell Grant

    • PHEAA Grant

    • SEOG Grant

    • Outside scholarships/grants

    • Perkins Loan

    • Direct Stafford Student Loan

    • Parent Plus Loan

      Balance +/-

How is aid awarded
How is Aid Awarded?

  • Need-Based (FAFSA)

    • Grants

  • Merit-Based

    • Academic Ability

    • Program of Study

    • Family Background

    • Special Talent/Achievement

      • Scholarships

  • Types of aid
    Types of Aid

    Gift Aid



    Self-Help Aid



    Sources of aid
    Sources of Aid

    • Federal

      • Pell, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Perkins, Work-Study and Direct Stafford Loans

    • State

      • PHEAA (PA Higher Ed Assistance Agency)

    • Institutional

      • Internal scholarships

    • Private

      • Local & Civic organizations

    Federal pell grant
    Federal Pell Grant

    • EFC determines eligibility (0-5081*)

    • Award amount based upon enrollment & school costs

      • $5,645-$605 ( Max of 12 semesters)

      • *Verification - selected by Federal Processor

        • SS#

        • Selective Service

        • Citizenship

    • Reply promptly w/additional documents

    • Special Circumstances

      • (unemployment (10 weeks), death, loss of untaxed income, divorce/separation)

    Campus based aid
    Campus-Based Aid

    • Federal Work Study (FWS)

    • Federal Perkins Loan

    • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

    Federal supplemental educational opportunity grant seog
    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

    • Eligibility: Students with exceptional need

    • Priority to Pell Grant Recipients

    • Undergraduates only

    • Awards vary between $100-$4,000

    Federal work study fws
    Federal Work Study (FWS)

    • Eligibility: Undergraduates & Graduates

    • Answer question on FAFSA

    • Hourly rate and bi-weekly payment

      • At least minimum wage

    • Average award $3,000

    Federal perkins loan
    Federal Perkins Loan

    • Eligibility: Undergraduates & Graduates

    • Interest Rate: 5% - 10 year repayment

    • Nine month grace period

    • Deferments & Cancellation Provisions

    • Awards vary up to $5,500

    Institutional aid
    Institutional Aid

    • University Scholarships

    • Discounts (employee/multiple children)

    • Institutional application may be required

    • Know deadline dates

    • Contact Financial Aid Office for details

    Teach grant
    TEACH Grant

    • Complete FAFSA

      • No demonstrated financial need

    • US Citizen/Eligible Noncitizen

    • Undergrad, post baccalaureate or grad student

      at a participating university

    • Enroll in appropriate course work

    • Maintain minimum GPA of 3.25

    • Sign TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve

    • Not fullfilled, unsub loan w/interest from initial award

    Direct stafford student loans
    Direct Stafford Student Loans

    • Freshmen $5500

    • Sophomore $6500

    • Junior/Senior $7500

    • Graduates $20,500

    • Independent students $4000/$5000

    • Disbursed ½ Fall and ½ Spring

    • Fees = 1.072%

    Direct student loans con t
    Direct Student Loans con’t

    • Subsidized

      • Federal government pays interest

    • Unsubsidized

      • Student pays on a quarterly basis OR

      • Capitalized

    • Interest Rate 2013-14

      • 3.86% capped @ 8.25%

    • Six month grace period before repayment

    Direct student loans con t1
    Direct Student Loans Con’t.

    • Complete 2013-14 FAFSA

    • Sign Master Promissory Note at

      • Student will need federal PIN#

    • Loan Entrance Counseling


    • Good for 10 years

    Federal plus loan
    Federal PLUS Loan

    • Must file current FAFSA

    • Parents of dependent students

      • Credit check required

    • Interest Rate 2013-14

      • 6.41% capped @ 10.50%

    • Fees

      • 4.288%

    • Repayment 60 days after second disbursement (January/Spring)

    • Contact your institution for specific application procedures

    Private alternative education loans
    Private/Alternative Education Loans

    • Nonfederal loans, made by a lender such as a bank, credit union, state agency or a school.

    • Student is the borrower w/credit worthy co-signer if applicable.

    • Based on credit check

    • Deferrable while in school

    • Fees, interest rates, loan amounts vary by lender.

    • Read the fine print and borrow wisely!

    Pheaa state grant
    PHEAA State Grant

    PA resident

    Full-time (12 or more credits)

    or Part-time (11-6 credits)


    * (max for 2013-14)

    Degree seeking

    Eligibility of eight semesters

    Academic progress

    Pheaa con t 1 800 692 7392
    PHEAA Con’t1-800-692-7392

    • Deadline May 1

    • Separate Award Notification

      • After May 15th

    • Limited Out-of-State

      • Reduced Grant

        • $600-$500 – for other states except NY, NJ or MD ( not eligible)

    • Income Validation

    Fafsa completion page
    FAFSA Completion Page

    Apply for your State Grant

    From the FAFSA



    Start your state application to apply for Pennsylvania state based financial aid

    Completion page con t
    Completion Page con’t

    Must be completed by first-time applicants in addition to the FAFSA.

    Can be submitted in one of three ways:

    1. Online upon completion of the FAFSA (Preferred); this is done via a link on

    the confirmation page; this option is available only once.

    2. Through Account Access at 24-48 hours after completing the

    FAFSA or.

        3. By completing a paper Status Notice if the student did not use the link

    above or provide a valid email address.

    All three options require submission of a paper signature page!

    Postsecondary educational gratuity program pegp
    Postsecondary Educational Gratuity Program (PEGP)

    • Program is for children of PA:

      • Police officers

      • Firefighters

      • Rescue & ambulance squad members

      • Correction officers

      • National Guard members

      • Died in the line of duty since January 1, 1976

    • November 30, 2004 amendment for:

      • Sheriffs & deputy sheriffs

      • National Guard members

      • Certain other individuals on federal or state active military duty

      • Died in the line of duty beginning September 11, 2001

    Pegp con t
    PEGP Con’t


    • Student must be 25 years of age or younger at the time of application.

    • enrolled FT in associates or baccalaureate degree.

      Will receive:

    • Tuition, fees, room & board waivers.

    • Minus any grant or scholarship received.

      • FAFSA must be filed.

    • At any PA community college, state university or state-related institution.

      Applications are available at .

    Pheaa partnerships for access to higher education path program
    PHEAA Partnerships for ACCESS to Higher Education (PATH) Program

    The PATH Program partners with:

    Nonprofit organization that provide scholarships to eligible needy students.

    PHEAA potentially matches dollar for dollar up to $2,500.


    Current FAFSA

    Contact participating PATH organization in your area

    A complete list can be found at

    Special state aid program
    Special State Aid Program Program

    • PHEAA administers a number of financial aid programs, some in partnership with other state agencies, which can assist the families with meeting college costs.

    • For a full listing and application requirements visit

      • Select Other Educational Aid

    Office of vocational rehabilitation ovr
    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Program

    • State Agency provides services for individuals with physical disabilities, mental/nervous disorders, drug & alcohol rehabilitation and learning disabilities.

    • Services include financial support (gift-aid) for higher education.

    • Must complete current FAFSA to determine state & federal aid.

    Other alternative sources
    Other Alternative Sources Program

    • Institutional/Private Payment plans

      • Staff Discount

      • Deferred payment plans

    • Home Equity Loans - Parent

    • Existing family resources

      • Savings, 529 plans, Educational IRAs

    • Employers & churches

    • Libraries – Scholarship Books

    • Internet –



      • Other FREE scholarship search sites


    Be scholarship search savvy
    Be Scholarship Search Savvy Program

    • No Credit Card #’s, bank or savings account information

    • No Fees

      • Application, disbursement, redemption & processing fees

    • No PO Box addresses

    • No Guarantees

      • Walk away

    • Avoid unsolicited scholarship requests

      • Ask how did you get my name?

    • Free scholarship or “financial planning” seminars

      • Sales pitch, act now or lose opportunity

    • Be leery of official sounding names

      • National, education, or federal

    Educational assistance program eap
    Educational Assistance Program (EAP) Program

    • State funded

      • PHEAA & the PA Dept., of Military & Veterans Affairs (DMVA)

    • Provides tuition assistance for students who enter the PA National Guard for a period of six years.

    • Students apply through local Nat’l Guard units.

      • PA Residents

      • Degree seeking

    • Max award is up to FT, in-state tuition at PA state owned university

      • $6428.00 (2012-13).

        NOTE: Guard member must fulfill enlistment commitment or reverts to loan plus interest

    Other military educational benefits
    Other Military Educational Benefits Program

    Reserve Officer Training Corp


    Veterans Educational Benefits

    Chapter 35

    For dependent of Veteran who

    is totally & permanently disabled

    Online publications
    Online Publications Program

    • Do you Need Money for College? Federal Student Aid at a Glance

    • Funding Your Education: The Guide to Federal Student Aid.

    • Visit

    Parting words
    Parting Words Program

    • Live like a student not a rock star.

      • Borrow only what is necessary.

      • Excessive borrowing will result in a longer repayment period that is costly.

      • Do you want to be repaying your students loan when your children enroll in college?

      • And/or moving back home.