Traditional and online discussions in l iterature
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Traditional and Online Discussions in L iterature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traditional and Online Discussions in L iterature. Enikő Horváth Mercy College NYSTESOL ’02 Saratoga Springs, NY November 9, 2002 This presentation can also be found at: Presenter can be contacted at: [email protected]

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Traditional and online discussions in l iterature l.jpg

Traditional and Online Discussions in Literature

Enikő Horváth

Mercy College


Saratoga Springs, NY

November 9, 2002

This presentation can also be found at:

Presenter can be contacted at: [email protected]

© Enikő Horváth

Introduction l.jpg

  • Why should we use online discussion in an offline class?

  • Possible advantages vs. disadvantages of the different mediums

  • Recommendations for implementation in the general classroom

© Enikő Horváth

Goals l.jpg

  • Due to difficulty of discussing literature for non-native English speakers

    • encouraging student participation

    • making participation more effective

    • introducing a different medium

    • encouraging students’ usage of technology

  • Comparison of a poem discussion based on the mediums where they take place

    • classroom discussion vs. online chat

© Enikő Horváth

Methods l.jpg

  • Students:

    • Advanced ESL class reading class using literature (Arrivals by Jann Huizenga, Addison-Wesley)

    • 10 students/class

  • Same instructor (regular class instructor)

  • Material: “Elena” by Pat Mora

  • Total time of discussions: 21-22 minutes

  • WebCT software provided by school (online component for all classes)

© Enikő Horváth

Slide5 l.jpg

  • WebCT ( a commercial provider

S ubscribers login page l.jpg
Subscribers’ Login Page

© Enikő Horváth

Login l.jpg

© Enikő Horváth

Procedures l.jpg

  • After reading the story, discussion by both groups, addressing the same questions

    • class discussion

    • vs. online chat in four different chat-rooms

  • A short introduction of software usage

    • Introduction to functions

    • A short log in

  • Offline class discussion is tape recorded.

© Enikő Horváth

Questions l.jpg

  • Why did Elena want to speak English?

  • Are your reasons similar or different? How?

  • What obstacles (=difficulties) did Elena have?

  • How was she learning English?

  • Collect expressions (words) that project positive and negative feelings. (e.g. smile - positive feeling) List at least two each!

© Enikő Horváth

Results l.jpg

  • Participation is better

    • Total online responses=72

    • Total offline responses=32

  • Paired t-test shows trend (p<0.086)

  • High number of responses is due to four groups (Would the result be similar in case one group discussion?)

  • Overall possibility of repetition (20 tokens repeated within the same discussions) possible confidence builder

© Enikő Horváth

Student evaluation l.jpg
Student Evaluation

  • "I really enjoyed class today."

  • "We have worked a lot."

  • "Let's do this next time, too."

  • "It was very exciting today."

© Enikő Horváth

Advantages l.jpg

  • More possibilities of participation

  • Possibilities of repetition

  • Suiting different personalities

  • Accessing different learning modes

  • Implying

  • Students address questions to each other (for clarification, opinion, and further discussion of the material)

  • Possible permanent record that can be used later (if chatroom can record discussion)

© Enikő Horváth

Disadvantages l.jpg

  • Slower response time

  • Delayed feedback

  • Side discussions not related to topic

  • The inclination of responding in whole sentences in written mode

  • Technology can be a hindrance

  • Spelling and typing difficulties

  • Technology facilities are needed in school

  • Demanding on the instructor (especially in smaller group discussions)

© Enikő Horváth

Recommendations l.jpg

  • Use both to complement each other

  • Variety for class, students, instructor

  • Other Possible Activities

    • student-lead group activities

      • assign group leaders who lead discussion

      • prepare with questions beforehand

      • summarize discussion in the end

© Enikő Horváth

Some possible free providers l.jpg
Some Possible Free Providers

  • Blackboard

  • Chat Pro LE



  • Free Chat Software Downloads


  • Friendly Talk

  • SigmaChat

© Enikő Horváth