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Spaceport News Presentation for the Launch Operations and Support Working Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Aviation Administration. Spaceport News Presentation for the Launch Operations and Support Working Group. FAA/AST COMSTAC Doug Graham May 23, 2006. Introduction. Purpose

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Spaceport news presentation for the launch operations and support working group

Federal Aviation


Spaceport News

Presentation for the Launch Operations and Support Working Group



Doug Graham

May 23, 2006


  • Purpose

    • Provide the Launch Operations and Support Working Group (LOSWG) with an overview of the latest news from commercial launch sites around the globe.

  • Scope

    • All commercial sites were examined but only those with noteworthy news since February are included.

  • Organization

    • Sites are organized alphabetically within three categories: established, developing, and conceptual.

Established launch sites
Established Launch Sites

  • California - Mojave Airport

    • California Senate Bill (SB) 1698 Approved

      • Approved by senate committee on April 18, 2006.

      • Provides $2 million to fund the California Space Enterprise Competitive Grant Program, established in 1997, to develop commercial use of space, space vehicle launches, space launch infrastructure, manufacturing, applied research, technology development, economic diversification, and business development.

    • California SB 1671 Approved

      • Approved by senate committee on April 19, 2006.

      • Provides an $11-million loan from the California General Fund to the East Kern Airport District to construct the Mojave Spaceport Terminal.

      • Temporarily shelved on May 8, 2006, may not make it into California state budget request.

Established launch sites1
Established Launch Sites

  • Florida - Spaceport operated by Florida Space Authority

    • Florida House Bill (HB) 1489 Approved

      • Approved by the Florida House of Representatives on May 3, 2006.

      • Consolidates Florida state space agencies into one “super-agency” called Space Florida, under the existing Enterprise Florida commercial development organization.

      • The bill provides $43 million for industry retention and attraction as the shuttle program is phased out.

Developing launch sites
Developing Launch Sites

  • New Mexico - Southwest Regional Spaceport (SRS)

    • New Mexico HB 89 and HB 473 Signed

      • Signed by Governor Bill Richardson on March 1, 2006.

      • Allocates a total of $100 million in state funding for the spaceport over three years (2006-08).

      • HB 89 creates the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to oversee commercial space activities in New Mexico.

      • HB 473 allows local communities to ask voters if they want to support the spaceport and related development through a new local options gross receipt tax.

    • New Mexico HB 835 Signed

      • Signed by Governor Bill Richardson on February 24, 2006.

      • Allows the State Investment Office to invest in New Mexico aerospace companies that receive more than $100 million in funding from federal agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Developing launch sites1
Developing Launch Sites

  • New Mexico - Southwest Regional Spaceport (cont.)

    • UP Aerospace Builds Amateur Launch Facilities at SRS Site

      • 17-meter launch rail, a custom-built rolling rocket enclosure, storage facilities, launch control center, and payload processing center.

      • Aiming for first launch in July of 2006.

    • SRS Request For Proposals Issued

      • The State of New Mexico issued an RFP for the design and engineering of the SRS on April 6, 2006.

      • Pre-proposal conference for the RFP was held April 19, 2006.

      • Final proposals were due May 9, 2006.

UP Aerospace Launch Rail

Developing launch sites2
Developing Launch Sites

  • Oklahoma - Oklahoma Spaceport

    • Environmental Assessment Completed

      • A public hearing regarding Oklahoma’s draft environmental assessment (EA) occurred on March 9, 2006, in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.

      • The public comment period for Oklahoma’s draft EA closed March 13, 2006.

      • FAA Issues Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for OSIDA’s Launch Site Operator License on April 27, 2006.

Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark

Developing launch sites3
Developing Launch Sites

  • Texas - Gulf Coast Regional Spaceport

    • Launch Pad Development

      • On March 14, 2006, Brazoria County Commissioners approved interlocal agreements with the Gulf Coast Regional Spaceport Development Corp. to build a launch pad and roads.

      • The pad will be either 20-by-20 feet or 40-by-40 feet.

      • On May 9, 2006, Brazoria County commissioners approved notice of intent to issue bonds for $13 million worth of proposed projects, including $25,000 for spaceport site development.

      • The corporation proposes to develop and operate a commercial space launch site.

Developing launch sites4
Developing Launch Sites

  • Wisconsin – Spaceport Sheboygan

    • Wisconsin Act 335 Signed

      • Signed by Governor Jim Doyle on April 14, 2006.

      • Creates the Wisconsin Aerospace Authority (WAA).

      • WAA is authorized to sell up to $100 million in revenue bonds, which are loans that spaceport backers and lawmakers say taxpayers will never have to cover.

Developing launch sites5
Developing Launch Sites

  • Wisconsin – Spaceport Sheboygan (cont.)

    • Support For The Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center

      • The WAA will help move the proposed Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center, a $15-million space and science education center at the Sheboygan Armory, toward a planned March 2008 opening.

Proposed Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center

International conceptual spaceports
International - Conceptual Spaceports

  • Australia - Asia Pacific Space Centre (Christmas Island)

    • Asia Pacific Space Centre (APSC) Cancelled

      • The Australian government formally cancelled plans for the planned Christmas Island APSC in March 2006.

      • The government had originally promised AU $100 million (US $77.2 million) in support, but APSC failed to meet key conditions and milestones, including first launch by end of 2003.

      • A spokeswoman for Australian Territories Minister Jim Lloyd said AU $68.6 million (US $53 million) allocated to the project for infrastructure would still be spent on transport works.

      • APSC has already spent AU $17 million (US $13.1 million) on road upgrades and port facilities, with further work planned for other roads and the runway.

International conceptual spaceports1
International - Conceptual Spaceports

  • Australia - Woomera Rocket Range

    • Large Investment in a Woomera Spaceport Advocated

      • Australian astronaut Andy Thomas met with the Australian Science Minister in March 2006 to advocate an AU $150-million (US $115.3-million) 10-year investment in Woomera to build an international spaceport for launching satellites and space tourism.

Woomera Rocket Range

International conceptual spaceports2
International – Conceptual Spaceports

  • Singapore - Spaceport Singapore

    • Spaceport Singapore Concept Unveiled

      • Space Adventures, Ltd., together with a Singapore-based consortium, announced on February 20, 2006 that it plans to develop an integrated spaceport.

      • The spaceport will offer suborbital spaceflights, as well as operate astronaut training facilities and a public education and interactive visitor center.

Spaceport Singapore Concept

International conceptual spaceports3
International – Conceptual Spaceports

  • Singapore - Spaceport Singapore (cont.)

    • The minimum estimated cost of Spaceport Singapore is US $115 million.

    • The consortium supporting Spaceport Singapore is a combination of commercial, research, entertainment and tourist interests.

    • The project is being funded by Space Adventures in partnership with His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi of Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Other sponsors include Occitane Pte, Batey Pte Ltd., Lyon Capital Inc., DP Architects, and ST Medical. Additionally, KPMG in Singapore has begun to raise the final funds needed.

International conceptual spaceports4
International – Conceptual Spaceports

  • Sweden - Kiruna Spaceport

    • Kiruna Spaceport to be built at the European Space Range (ESRANGE)

      • On April 9, 2006, Virgin Galactic announced that its European space center will be built at Kiruna in the far north of Sweden.

      • The space center will be on the site of the ESRANGE, which has an existing runway that Virgin believes will be big enough for its operations.

      • It is projected that Kiruna will begin commercial flights in 2008 with trips through the Aurora Borealis beginning in 2011.

    • Kiruna Spaceport Consortium in Development

      • As of May 4, 2006 the Swedish Space Corporation, Sweden’s civil aviation administration (LFV), and the Ice Hotel are now putting together a Kiruna Spaceport consortium to develop space tourism.

      • The first space tourist flights from Kiruna are expected to take off in 2010 or 2011.

International conceptual spaceports5
International – Conceptual Spaceports

  • United Arab Emirates - UAE Spaceport

    • UAE Spaceport Concept Unveiled

      • On February 17, 2006, Space Adventures, Ltd. announced plans to develop a commercial spaceport in Ras Al-Khaimah in the UAE, less than an hour from the capital, Dubai.

      • His Highness Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi of Ras Al-Khaimah, along with the UAE Department of Civilian Aviation, has granted clearance to operate suborbital spaceflights in their air space.

UAE Spaceport Concept

International conceptual spaceports6
International - Conceptual Spaceports

  • United Arab Emirates - Ras Al-Khaimah Spaceport (cont.)

    • The cost of the UAE global spaceport development project is estimated at a minimum of US $265 million.

    • The project will be funded by various parties, along with shared investments by Space Adventures and the government of Ras Al-Khaimah. The UAE spaceport currently has commitments of US $30 million.

  • Gulf Region Interested in Commercial Space Tourism

    • Announced March 27, 2006.

    • Space Adventures receives thousands of inquires from individuals in the Gulf region who are interested in commercial space tourism.

    • Forty-year-old entrepreneur Adnan Al Maimani will be the first UAE national to launch from the future UAE commercial spaceport.

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