saint valentine s day n.
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Saint Valentine's Day

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Saint Valentine's Day. Valia Mukhina.

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history of valentine s day
Predecessor Valentine's Day is a Roman holiday Lupercalia. a festival dedicated to the goddess Juno, uninhibited love of the beautiful and the faun, the god of fertility. Celebrated this holiday on February 15. Oracle suggested the Romans, you need to increase the birth rate: women need to be flogged with whips made ​​of sacrificial skin. Families in which there was little or no children at all, considered cursedHistory of Valentine's Day
In Wales, decided to give the so-called "love spoon". Their hand cut and applied a pattern of hearts, lock and keys. After receiving such a gift, you can be sure you have found a way to heart lover
February 14 Poles try to get to the metropolis of Poznan, where, according to local belief, their refuge acquired the relics of St. Valentine and stored icon with his image, which is considered miraculous. Pilgrims hope that their visit would help them find true love
Kisses - a symbol of love, a demonstration of feelings and just exciting. Valentine's Day kiss adopted, and some are willing to do it for all to see