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CHARACTER. Qualities of honesty, courage or the like; integrity It takes character to face up to a bully. Values that are the Building Blocks of Good Character. Responsibility. Fairness. Honesty. Respect. Trustworthiness. Good Citizenship. Compassion. Bullying.

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    1. CHARACTER Qualities of honesty, courage or the like; integrity It takes character to face up to a bully.

    2. Values that are the Building Blocks of Good Character Responsibility Fairness Honesty Respect Trustworthiness Good Citizenship Compassion

    3. Bullying Any behavior meant to hurt someone; intentionally and repeatedly using one’s power to hurt others.

    4. Bigotry Intolerance of other ethnic, racial, culture or religious groups

    5. Cyber-bullying Using computers, cell phones or other electronic means to harass someone.

    6. Gossiping and Spreading Rumors Saying something to damage someone’s reputation.

    7. Rejection Refusing to acknowledge someone---their presence, their value or their worth.

    8. Relational Aggression Acts that harm others through damage to relationships or feelings of acceptance, friendship or group inclusion

    9. Sexualharassment Any behavior that is uninvited, unwelcome and unwanted and is sexual in nature, such as writing a sexual comment on a bathroom wall or forcibly trying to kiss someone.

    10. Teasing Trying to upset others by saying something you know they won’t like.

    11. Be strong. • Stay cool. • Stand up for yourself. • Walk away and ignore the teasing. • Don’t bully back lighten the air. • Avoid unsafe areas. • Tell an adult. • Tell a friend what is happening. • Make friends. • Ask the bully to repeat what he or she said. • Keep a diary of what is happening. • Don’t blame yourself. What To Do If You Are Being Bullied