how to play starcraft 2 as a winner l.
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How to Play Starcraft 2 As A Winner? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Play Starcraft 2 As A Winner?

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How to Play Starcraft 2 As A Winner? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how to play starcraft 2 as a winner

How to Play Starcraft 2 As A Winner?

Some tips to play Starcraft 2 as a better way

Here are some tips which can help you to Play Starcraft 2as a winner. By following these tips you will definitely get much better results:
a locate and destroy logistics headquarters and free all the citizens on mar sara in dominion

a) Locate and destroy Logistics Headquarters and free all the citizens on Mar Sara in Dominion.

Highlight your Marine Unit and go until you get two Dominion Marines thus you'll become familiar with brief tutorial of how to attack & destroy the enemy opponents.

Get this right from beginning and do it properly to move on in a good position otherwise you'll be facing disaster.

If you take it wrong by thinking you know a better route then you could have a challenge with moving on to the next phase.


b) Do not head north up road where you'll get Dominion Holoboard and will have a new Bonus Objective to destroy 6 out of 6 Holoboards because;

  • You will not be able to advance in game and will face your own demise.
  • Failing to do this will mean your own units destruction. Therefore you eventually fail at moving forward in playing starcraft 2.

c) Remember to play as a team because reinforcements will fly down to ground in the middle of the Dominion Marines group and start attacking.

  • Take your own units and provide them full support and if you neglect this or get it wrong, you really should only expect to start all over.
Follow these few tips for getting started in play starcraft 2 and you'll surely succeed and enjoy with the benefits of this game. You can get more info from