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To: District 13. Post Card. From: Katniss. Key Moment: Pg. 304.

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Post card


District 13

Post Card



Key moment pg 304
Key Moment: Pg. 304

“The grace period has ended. Perhaps Snow had them digging through the night. As soon as the fire died down, anyway. The found Bogg’s remains, briefly felt reassured, and then, as the hours went by without further trophies, began to suspect. At some point, they realize that they had been tricked. And President Snow can’t tolerate being made to look like a fool. It doesn’t matter whether they tracked us to the second apartment or assumed we went directly underground. They know we are down here now and they’ve unleashed something, a pack of mutts probably, bent on finding me.

“Katniss.” I jump at the proximity of the sound. Look frantically for its source, bow loaded, seeking a target to hit. “Katniss.” Peeta’s lips are barely moving, but there’s no doubt, the name came out of him. Just when I thought he seemed a little better, when I thought he might be inching his way back to me, here is proof of how deep Snow’s poison went. “Katniss.” Peeta’s programmed to respond to the hissing chorus, to join in the hunt. He’s beginning to stir.”

Post card

Dear Friends and Family,

This is Katniss writing, and I just want you to know that despite everything that President Snow said, I actually am still alive and fighting. We managed to escape the pods, but we lost a few lives in the process. I don’t have time to write much, and I don’t think this will reach you, but I still think that it’s worth a try. This is not the end, even though it is scary with Peeta hissing my name in his sleep. He seems not to have healed, even though I thought he got better. We are going to continue to press deeper into the Capitol and hopefully finish Snow off. We’re being chased by lizard mutts and we’ll probably lose more lives to them, but its an acceptable risk if it means ending a 75 year long regime of terror. If this reaches you, you’ll already have word if I succeeded or not, but I’m still choosing to write this.

I have to go, but wish us luck,



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