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Zoya Minasyan RN-MSN-EDU. Nursing Practice Today. Current Nursing Practice. Domain of Nursing Practice Wide variety of roles and responsibilities to meet the health care needs of society. Current Nursing Practice. Definitions of Nursing(ANA A merican Nursing Association)

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Zoya minasyan rn msn edu


Nursing Practice Today

Current nursing practice
Current Nursing Practice

  • Domain of Nursing Practice

    Wide variety of roles and responsibilities to meet the health care needs of society.

Current nursing practice1
Current Nursing Practice

  • Definitions of Nursing(ANA American Nursing Association)

    Is a protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

Current nursing practice2
Current Nursing Practice

  • Nursing’s View of Humanity

    -An individual has


    psychologic (or emotional),

    sociocultural (or interpersonal),

    spiritual, and environmental components.

    -No two individuals are exactly alike.

Current nursing practice3
Current Nursing Practice

  • Scope of Nursing Practice

    • entry level( work with other health providers),

    • specialty(critical care, pain management, pediatric, psychiatric, med-surg, dialysis),

    • certifications(ongoing: oncology, DM

  • Delivery of Nursing Care

    • Team nursing-team leader

    • Primary nursing-one designated nurse was responsible for planning the pt’s care

    • Managed care-case management

  • Critical thinking

    • Confidence, creativity, flexibility, open minded, intelligent, information seeking, logical reasoning.

Influences on future nursing practice
Influences on future nursing practice

Healthy people 2010

  • Physical activity

  • Overweight and obesity

  • Tobacco use, substance abuse

  • Responsible sexual behavior

  • Mental health

  • Injury and violence

  • Environmental quality

  • Immunization

  • Access to health care

Influences on future nursing practice2
Influences on future nursing practice

Evidence- based practice EBP

  • It is a use of evidence based on research, pt’s assessment, clinical experience, pt’s preferences and values in decision making.

  • JCAHO joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations now requires that practice be based on evidence.

Influences on future nursing practice3
Influences on future nursing practice

  • Five steps of the Evidence- based practice EBP

  • Ask question by using PICO format

    P- patient interest

    I- Intervention

    C-Comparison of interest

    O- Outcome(s) of interest

  • Collect the evidence.

  • Synthesize the evidence.

  • Integrate all evidence in making a decision or change.

  • Evaluate the decision.

Standardized nursing terminology
Standardized Nursing Terminology

  • NANDA-North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

    www.nanda.org; Appendix B in your textbook

  • NOC- Nursing Outcome Classification


    Ex: The pt will maintain normal vital signs in respond to activity in 2 days.

  • NIC- Nursing Intervention Classification


    Ex: Monitor pt’s oxygen response(Vital signs)

    Encourage, assist, provide, monitor, collaborate with PT and OT, teach, etc…

Nursing informatics
Nursing informatics

Is a specialty nursing science, computer science and information science


collecting, identifying, processing and managing data an information


support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and the expansion of knowledge.

Nursing process in nursing practice
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Independent-more autonomous, nurse initiated

  • Dependent-when carrying out med orders, diagnostic tests and orders

  • Collaborative-including nurse, physician, IV med’s, providing emotional support

Nursing process in nursing practice2
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Assessment

    Collection of data

    subjective –interviewing patient; whatever patient says

    objective-observed and measured

Nursing process in nursing practice3
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Diagnosis Phase

    • Data analysis and problem identification

    • Nursing diagnoses

      • NANDA nursing

Nursing process in nursing practice4
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

Diagnosis Phase

  • One part statement: Readiness for enhanced nutrition.

  • Two part statement:

    Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements r/t limited income for food purchase.

    Risk for aspiration r/t impaired swallowing.

  • Three part statement: problem-etiology-signs and symptoms(PES).

    Pain r/t surgical incision, localized pressure, edema, as evidenced by verbalization of pain, isolation and withdrawal.

Nursing process in nursing practice5
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Planning Phase

    • Priority setting

    • Identifying outcomes

      • Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC)

        Short outcome-The pt will maintain normal VS in response to activity in 2 days.

        Long outcome- the pt will identify a realistic activity level to achieve or maintain by D/C.

    • Determining interventions

      • Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)

        Choosing activities (managing, monitoring, teaching…)

Nursing process in nursing practice6
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Implementation Phase

    • Delegation and assignment

    • Nursing interventions that require independent nursing knowledge, skills, or judgment, such as assessment, pt teaching, and evaluation of care, cannot be delegated.

      (Using activates)

Nursing process in nursing practice8
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Evaluation Phase

    As a result of evaluation, the nurse determines whether the plan should be maintained or discontinued.

Nursing process in nursing practice9
Nursing Process in Nursing Practice

  • Documentation

    • Nursing care plans

      • Specific directions for carrying out the planned intervention, also used as a teaching /learning tools.

    • Concept maps

      • Visual diagrams for pt problems and interventions

    • Clinical (critical) pathways

      • includes care plan, documentation, interventions