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Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work InSTEDD’s Work in the Mekong Region May 20, 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work InSTEDD’s Work in the Mekong Region May 20, 2011

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Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work InSTEDD’s Work in the Mekong Region May 20, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work InSTEDD’s Work in the Mekong Region May 20, 2011
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  1. Innovative and Pragmatic eHealth Solutions at Work InSTEDD’s Work in the Mekong Region May 20, 2011

  2. Who are we? • Non-profit based in Silicon Valley, USA • Works globally • Innovation Lab in Phnom Penh working in six countries: Burma, Cambodia, China, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam. • Funded by and others

  3. Guiding Principles Vision: We envision a world where communities everywhere design and use technology to continuously improve their health, safety and development. Mission: Our mission is to improve global health, safety and sustainable development through: BuildingCapacity within communities to foster a local culture of innovation Creating Collaboration Technologies for social good Collaborating with End Users through a bottom up design and development process Ensuring Usefulness and Impact through research and evaluation

  4. Guiding Principles Value: Social Responsibility: Progress can be made in reducing human suffering, death, and disease on a local and global level. We believe we have a responsibility to use all our skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive impact on global health and safety. Collaboration: Collaboration is a driving force in overcoming silos and divisions, allowing different communities and sectors to work together effectively to achieve common goals. We shape our programs and technologies to support and enhance local and global collaboration aimed at achieving meaningful social impact. Agility: We believe the most effective programs and technologies are flexible and iterative and are built on joint participation of the communities they are meant to serve.  We work in incremental and adaptive steps, side by side with our stakeholders and beneficiaries, to jointly design programs and technologies that have measurable impact.

  5. InSTEDD Innovation Labs Sustainable Local Innovation - ICT for Social Goals - Local Capacity Building - Contracted for ICT Projects and product development Khmer staff – - Product Management and field support - Engineering - Program Management

  6. Example Collaboration Tools GeoChatDynamic Resource MappingVerboice

  7. GeoChat – Mobile collaboration tools • Realtime Chats • Reports of structured and unstructured data • Alerts • Works on any phone with low signal • See your team on a map • Interact over email, SMS, twitter, GTalk,

  8. About GeoChat • Message can be sent from SMS,Email or GeoChat website • Works even without internet • Can work with basic mobile phone • Sender spend only one SMS cost at most • Work from any location with mobile phone signals

  9. GeoChat-View on the map

  10. Reporting Wheel • Simple and accurate data reporting for community workers • Simplifies data reporting for those with literacy challenges • Code base reporting work with SMS or IVR (Interactive Voice Respond)

  11. Reporting Wheel

  12. Dynamic Resource Mapping • Visualize your inventory/resource of each site on the map • Real time update information from the fiend via SMS • Query your inventory/resource via SMS • Public or Private group view of available resources on map. • Help designing and building what you need

  13. Dynamic Resource Mapping

  14. Dynamic Resource Mapping Real time SMS update from the field

  15. Example Ongoing Projects • GeoChat • Bureau of Epidemiology, MoPH, Thailand • ILI hospital surveillance system • Mukdahan Provincial Health Department, Thailand • Notifiable diseases report (wheel and GeoChat) • Outbreak response • HIV/AIDS appointment reminder system • National gateway setup • Rapid Response Team Disease Surveillance

  16. Thai BOE ILI Hospital Surveillance: Using GeoChat for SMS Reminders & Alerting SMS Monday Reminder: Send ILI Report GeoChat 976 Hospital s: Sends BOE Weekly Reports on ILI from computer/web GeoChat SMS Tuesday 2nd Reminder: Send ILI Report REMINDERS BOE Computer Analysis of ILI Reports Weekly Reports GREEN ALERT– NO OUTBREAK (hospital) ALERTS RED ALERT – POSSIBLE OUTBREAK (hospital, PHD) PHD PHD MOH BLACK ALERT – OUTBREAK (hospital, PHD, MOH)

  17. Alerts sent out by GeoChat Overall 2000 messages were send out for inform the ILI situation to the hospitals as well as related people for example the executive and decision makers in the areas.

  18. Disease Reporting Subdistrict-District -Province • Case report • 11notifiable diseases • 142 users From Subdistrict 1 “ili 3 cases” From Subdistrict 2 “ili 2 cases” From District 6 “ili 27 cases total” Subdistrict District Province

  19. Dengue out break response in Mukdahan First case reported by GeoChat in Dec 2009 GeoChat report of Dengue case

  20. Appointment Reminder System NCHADS

  21. About Appointment Reminder System • Extension to the existing NCHADS OI/ARV Database System • Aim to reduce the lost of follow up patient • Alert Home Base Care of up coming patient appointments • Home Base Care can send the appointment confirmation back to the system

  22. GeoChat Deployment in KH-CDC Cambodia - Connect Rapid Respond Team leaders of from all provinces with National Level (Cambodia CDC) - Alert channel from National level to update outbreak info from the region and in the country - New guideline update information

  23. Highlight of GeoChat experience • Using Phone Operator CSR to contribute to provide free or low cost • Thailand – DTAC • Cambodia – SMART, CamGSM • Early detection • Early warning 70% of users suggested GeoChat supports better for infectious disease detection

  24. Dynamic Resource Mapping • Children immunization program in China – Myanmar border • Tracking malaria medicine stock from Health Facility in Cambodia • Mapping malaria patient test information and tracking RDT and ART stock from rural village in Laos