Qualities to look out for when choosing a psychotherapist
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Qualities To Look Out For When Choosing A Psychotherapist - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qualities to look out for when choosing a psychotherapist

Qualities To Look Out For When Choosing A Psychotherapist


  • There are several licensed psychotherapists in Toronto like www.ellenstarrpsychotherapy.com who have been practising for quite some years now. When dealing with problems either personal or with your partner, it is always advisable to seek out help from a therapist. So the question that arises is how to choose from these many therapists that are available. We have put together a list of qualities that you need to look for in a therapist before you choose one.

  • Possession of interpersonal skills

    • Those psychotherapists in Toronto who can express themselves both verbally and non – verbally make for a great therapist and they make the patient feel comfortable immediately which is probably the most important requirement.

  • Trustworthy

    • It is illegal for any therapist to reveal information about their patients and this is what makes everyone speak out about their problems. It is very important for you to feel that you can trust your therapist with even your deepest and darkest secrets. If you do not feel comfortable enough to trust your therapist then you will not be able to open up about your problems and therapy will then be useless.

  • Can provide explanations for your symptoms

    • Patients usually seek out help from a licensed psychotherapist in Toronto because they cannot understand what is it that they dealing with. They cannot figure out how to deal with the problems at hand or how to overcome those. A good psychotherapist should be able to analyse your life and provide you with a satisfactory explanation as to why you have been facing problems and at the same time provide you with a solution for the same.

  • Develops an acceptable treatment plan

    • Those licensed therapists in Toronto who are effective have the ability to assess your problems very early on in the treatment. As soon as they have assessed the problem, they usually come up with the solution to help deal with the issue at hand. However, you shouldn’t feel unsure about the therapy that you have been and will be receiving. A good therapist generally discusses the course of action with you and will discuss it with you at length.

  • Flexibility in adapting the treatment

    • Every patient that the therapist is dealing with cannot be treated using just a single plan of treatment. Hence every psychotherapist must accommodate and make changes to the treatment plan according to the characteristics of a patient and also the problems than an individual is facing.

  • Unbiased

    • As every Toronto licensed therapist will tell you, the most important quality that every therapist must possess is the ability to remain unbiased. He/she must not let his/her own personal views to come in the way of treatment and should not be judgemental at all. Only then will a therapist be able to listen to the patient, analyze the problem and give an effective solution to overcome the same.

  • The outcome of every therapy depends on several things but every psychotherapist must possess the above mentioned qualities for an effective treatment. http://www.ellenstarrpsychotherapy.com/