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What you need to know when planning wireless home audio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The purpose of this presentation is to educate people what they need to know for planning wireless home audio.

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Presentation Transcript
What you need to know when planning wireless home audio

What you need to

know when planning

wireless home audio

A Step-by-step Guide to Wireless Speakers

What will be covered
What will be Covered:

  • Why Wireless

  • Indoor & Outdoor

  • Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

  • Multi-room Audio

  • Sound Input

  • Streaming Source Support

  • Hi-res Audio Compatibility

  • Optimized Speaker Placement

Why wireless
Why Wireless

Sound quality for wireless devices has come along way since its inception. Listeners can now enjoy the convenience of wireless without sacrifice of sound.

  • Easy setup

  • Convenient control

  • Seamless streaming

  • Large streaming range

Indoor outdoor
Indoor & Outdoor

Wireless speaker technology is great for indoor outdoor use. Imagine picnics, camping trips and poolside all enjoyed with the background noise of your favorite playlist.

  • Consider a speaker with portable capabilities if your primary use is outdoor

  • Choose a water resistant speaker if it will be placed in any area with moisture such as a bathroom or outdoor use

Bluetooth vs wi fi
Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

The ongoing battle between Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi may never end. Here’s what you need to know:


  • 30 meter streaming range

  • Less powerful

  • Good for small rooms


  • 100 meter streaming range

  • More powerful

  • Good for small to large areas

Multi room audio
Multi-room Audio

Wireless speakers are great for multi-room audio functions. Industry leaders such as the HEOS by Denon support interlinking between their speakers, so listeners can enjoy truly seamless sound. Play the same song in unison throughout the house, or control different songs in each room all with a swipe on your phone or smart device.

Sound input
Sound Input

When choosing a wireless speaker system, do your research to determine if the sound input supports your favorite devices. You may not always wish to use the wireless function. Sound inputs may include:

  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

  • USB

  • AUX

Streaming source support
Streaming Source Support

Interested in using your speakers primarily for music? Make sure your favorite streaming services are supported by the device. Not all speakers are optimized to play every tune.

Hi res audio compatibility
Hi-res Audio Compatibility

The latest trend in audio is high resolution (Hi-res) sound. If you’re interested in playing loss-less audio files to enjoy the true music experience, make sure the devise supports the different file types. Hi-res file types include WAV, AIFF, FLAC and ALAC. Traditional file types (like MP3) loose a lot of the original recording quality when they are compressed for file creation. Leave limitations behind with hi-res support on a wireless speaker system.

Optimized speaker placement
Optimized Speaker Placement

Once your speaker choice has been finalized, it’s time to find the best home for your new speaker to get the most out of the sound. These tips will help you enjoy each tone the way it was meant to be heard.

  • Keep speakers at ear level

  • Point speakers out towards the center of the listening area

  • Keep space between the speaker and the wall

Information sources
Information Sources

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