india cms collaboration meeting chandigarh 7 8 oct 2004 n.
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India-CMS Collaboration Meeting Chandigarh, 7-8 Oct 2004 PowerPoint Presentation
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India-CMS Collaboration Meeting Chandigarh, 7-8 Oct 2004

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India-CMS Collaboration Meeting Chandigarh, 7-8 Oct 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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India-CMS Collaboration Meeting Chandigarh, 7-8 Oct 2004. Report to the Collaboration A. Gurtu. Status of hardware. HO installation progress

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status of hardware
Status of hardware
  • HO installation progress

To do: repair of honeycomb panels by mechanical method, using screws and nuts. Need specialized nuts, special tools to be able to position the nuts deep within the panel, up to a depth of 2 m.

After the repair is complete, to then insert the 6 trays and pack up in the wooden boxes for later installation inside the CMS detector.

26th August Sudhakar and Joshi went to CERN. 1st Sept rest of team (Birje, Kalmani, Harinder -later) joined them and they have been carrying out the repairs/insertions.

ho repair contd
HO repair – contd.
  • Repair procedures validated using pressure application from inside the panel
  • Situation on 3rd October:

- 22 panels are repaired and trays inserted

- 5 panels are repaired and awaiting tray insertion


ho installation schedule
HO installation schedule
  • Order of installation: R+2, +1, 0, -1, -2
  • R+2, +1 supposed to be installed by end-2004
  • R0 (2 layers) and R-1, R-2 only in 2005.
  • All cabling work would be done in 2005.
  • 24 cables made and carried to CERN for validation of lengths etc. To be done.
progress in si psd
Progressin Si-PSD
  • Last meeting: some discrepancies between DU and BARC analyses of detector data. 3-member committee set up to resolve this. It is somewhat delayed, but is being looked into now, with exactly the same data being at both DU and BARC. Hope to resolve soon.
  • More detectors being tested at BEL.
  • Anita Topkar is at CERN now for detector mounting expertise to be set up at BEL.
project extension and grid
Project Extension and GRID
  • Project extension Has been passed by DAE. Includes PU and DU requests for 2004-07 and new entrant Visva-Bharati University. For DST responsibility letter has been written to DST Secretary (copy to Asthana).
  • India-GRID proposal envisaging Tier-2 centers at TIFR (India-CMS) and SINP/VECC (India-ALICE) and Tier-3 centers at other India-CMS/India-ALICE institutions has been submitted to Member, Finance in DAE by Joint Secretary (R&D). Awaiting approval.
future steps what and how
Future steps – what and how ?
  • For 3 groups (2 in TIFR, PU) hardware fabrication in India is (almost) completed – optical cables remain.
  • For DU and BARC also, things are on track. 30-40% detectors still to be completed by BEL, and tested by DU/BARC. Mounting of detectors on ceramic and aluminum plates remains. This will be done at BEL, with quality control by DU/BARC (as for detectors). Anita Topkar at CERN for getting this mounting expertise.
future plans
HO related:

Installation, cabling, DAQ expertise, HO-RPC combined trigger test, SLICE test, …..

Test beam analyses, future test beams – 2006.

Other ….

Si-Preshower related:

Production, testing of remaining detectors, mounting of all on ceramic, aluminum plates.

Test beams ? In 2006. Participation in other tests ?

Future Plans
future plans 2
Future Plans -2
  • BARC (NPD) and Visva-Bharati: 2 new groups
  • Their plans for hardware related activity ?
  • Either new hardware (HI related ?) or as part of test-beam efforts of existing HO or Si-PSD ?
  • Also in software and physics simulation.

Question: how best to plan Indian activity to ensure maximum IMPACT in CMS. On what activities to collaborate among ourselves ? How to go about it ?

Deputations to CERN for all these activities. Refresh our thinking of the guidelines for 2005 and beyond. Staff member discussion.