telesoft lp meeting october 2004 ameesh divatia ceo n.
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Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO

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Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intelligent SAN Components Powering Next Generation Storage. Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO. Company Facts. Founded in 2001, headquartered in San Jose, CA Design centers in San Jose, CA and Bangalore, India 65 employees worldwide. Financial Backing.

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Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Intelligent SAN Components Powering Next Generation Storage Telesoft LP Meeting October 2004 Ameesh Divatia, CEO Company Confidential

    2. Company Facts • Founded in 2001, headquartered in San Jose, CA • Design centers in San Jose, CA and Bangalore, India • 65 employees worldwide Financial Backing • Over $36M in funding raised to date • VC: Telesoft Partners, Kennet Venture Partners • Corporate: Infineon, Intel and McDATA Market Focus Management andEngineering Team • Technology available today in target markets • SAN switch providers • Storage appliances • Technology extending Aarohi into new markets • Storage system providers (Array, NAS) • Server blades • Ameesh Divatia, CEO – Cisco, 3Com, AMD • Chris McBride, Sales – McDATA, Compucom, IBM • Joel Warford, Marketing – Rhapsody, Gadzoox, Adaptec • Kaushik Patel, HW Engg – Azanda, Cirrus Logic, GEC • Chan Ng, SW Engg – Candera, IBM Aarohi Overview Company Confidential

    3. Only player in the Intelligent Storage Processor space with multiple Tier 1 design wins • Switch vendors designing FabricStream™-based intelligent switches • Storage OEMs & ISVs building FabricStream appliances Aarohi FabricStream™ architecture endorsed by multiple Tier 1 storage OEMs • De-facto standard for intelligent storage switch platforms • Storage appliances and arrays embedding FabricStream FabricStream Intelligent Storage Processor & Intelligent Storage Controller optimized for: • Sustained wire speed performance, minimal latency impact • Built-in FC interfaces Extensive FabricStream Developer Program • Multiple tier 1 OEMs & 5 announced ISVs working with FabricStream SDK to adapt their storage applications Aarohi Highlights Company Confidential

    4. “Universal Storage Platform” TagmaStore SVC VirtualizationEngine • “On Demand Computing” N1 Data Platform • “N1” Storage FoundationsFor Networks • “Utility Computing” Storage Vendor Data Center Strategies & Products “Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)” Storage Router • “Federated Storage” • “Grid Computing” VersastorCASA Company Confidential

    5. New SAN Requirements Erupt Non-disruptive data movement Heterogeneous, tiered storage Real-time data management & automated provisioning Application availability; host independent management Content awareness Application Servers SAN Infrastructure Storage SAN infrastructure requires multiple points of intelligence and new levels of performance and scalability Company Confidential

    6. Introducing Aarohi FabricStream™ Copy Services • Non-disruptive Data Migration • Replication • Continuous Backup Virtualization Services • Storage Pooling, • Provisioning • Snapshot • Tape Virtualization SAN Services • Routing, VSAN, QoS • Performance mgmt • Content-aware policies = SAN Intelligence Our mission is to be the leading supplier of Intelligent SAN Components enabling flexible and cost effective implementation of next generation storage infrastructure 6 Company Confidential Company Confidential

    7. FabricStream Intelligent SAN Components Product Categories Intelligent Storage Processor Intelligent Controller Intelligent Router Target Markets Array Market Adds intelligence to embedded controller Adds multi-protocol intelligence to embedded controller Adds intelligence to fan-out switch Switch/Appliance Market Adds intelligence to fabric switch or director Replaces HBA in server-based storage appliance Replaces multi-protocol router box with module Blade Server Market Adds intelligence to blade module Adds intelligence and lowers cost of FC connectivity Adds intelligence to switch module Company Confidential

    8. Targeted SAN Components Market $3.6B Market for SAN Components Source: Gartner 2004 Company Confidential

    9. Intelligent SAN Components $800M+ Market Opportunity for Aarohi Products Company Confidential

    10. FabricStream™ Partner Ecosystem Developer Program rapidly expanding Volume Management/Virtualization Data Management/Migration/Snapshot Replication/Disk backup Performance Management Company Confidential

    11. Why Aarohi? • Aarohi technology is shipping today • Currently being designed into platforms with OEM endorsement and software support • Revenue generation underway • Technology is a generation ahead of any available product in the market today – 10x IOPS performance, 40x latency reduction • Software partnerships offer time to market advantage • Strong roadmap allows for effective market expansion • Aarohi is poised to own the Intelligent SAN Component market space with FabricStream™ • Leveraging paradigm shift in intelligence distribution in storage fabrics Company Confidential