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Vendors: The Good The Bad and The Ugly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vendors: The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Vendors vs. Partners. Key Factors in Vendor/Partner Management. Scope of services Contract structure and terms Termination Remedy SLAs Contract flexibility. Governance. Relationship. Contract. Governance structure Staffing levels

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Vendors the good the bad and the ugly


The Good

The Bad and

The Ugly

Key factors in vendor partner management
Key Factors in Vendor/Partner Management

  • Scope of services

  • Contract structure and terms

  • Termination

  • Remedy

  • SLAs

  • Contract flexibility




  • Governance structure

  • Staffing levels

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Policies and procedures

  • Common goals and vision

  • Alignment of expectations

  • Communications

  • Partnership

  • Cultural fit



  • Actual Savings vs. the business case

  • Pricing vs. the market

  • Performance

  • Innovation and optimization

  • Access to full suppliers’ resources

  • Skills and experience of resources


3 phases of onboarding
3 Phases of Onboarding

Blind date



  • Agreement

  • Contract

  • Scope

    • What’s in

    • What’s out

  • Execution

  • Ongoing symbiotic relationship

  • Cold call

  • RFP

  • Network

  • Sole source

  • Expertise

  • Capabilities

  • Partnership potential

  • Goals & vision

  • Expectations

  • References

Strategies to strengthen vendor partner relations
Strategies to Strengthen Vendor/Partner Relations

  • Share information and priorities

  • Balance commitment and competition

  • Allow key vendors/partners to help you strategize

  • Build partnerships for the long term

  • Seek to understand their business also

  • Negotiate to a Win-Win agreement

  • Come together on value

Vendor partner management
Vendor/Partner Management

  • Determine who owns the relationship

  • Manage the number of vendors/partners

  • Track contracts and agreements

    • File executed copies

    • Track expiry and renewal dates, costs, services

  • Meet regularly to discuss performance, new initiatives

  • Be realistic and honest about expectations

  • Pay invoices in a timely fashion

The demo
The Demo

  • V. Mary Abraham’s KM Blog Above and Beyond KM, “Make it Count in 2012”

    • Only work on initiatives that are “force multipliers”

  • Among activities that eat up time and resources, but are low-impact with little chance of achieving force multiplication within a firm:

    Vendor demos

Cold calls
Cold calls

Types of Cold Calls

  • Partners looking to meet and provide a service

  • Professional cold callers working from a list trying to arrange a meeting for sales


  • Keep mobile phone numbers for your use

  • Screen calls, don’t answer names and numbers you don’t recognize

  • Use Do Not Disturb when busy


Cold calls1
Cold calls

V: Good day

P: Who is this?

V: I am so and so from xyz company

P: What is this regarding

V: We offer this service that will save you time and money

P: Not interested, thank you! OR

Listen to pitch for 10 seconds THEN

not interested. thank you

interested but not ready, call back in x months

interested but no time now, schedule time to speak (not meet) in more detail

Close the loop otherwise they just call back!


Perry Brock

Ventura Consulting Inc.

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416.315.7602 mobile


Joshua Fireman

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Kathleen Hogan

Senior Counsel & Director of Knowledge Management, BMO Financial