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Department of Computer Engineering College of Engineering An-Najah National University. Smart Pen. Prepared by : Saif Marwan & Osama Nabulsi Supervisor Name: Dr. Luai Malhis Academic Year: 2011 – 2012. Contents . Introduction Why This Project ??? Abstract Features Problems

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Smart pen

Department of Computer Engineering

College of Engineering

An-Najah National University

Smart Pen

Prepared by :

Saif Marwan & Osama Nabulsi

Supervisor Name:

Dr. Luai Malhis

Academic Year:

2011 – 2012


  • Introduction

  • Why This Project ???

  • Abstract

  • Features

  • Problems

  • Implementation

  • Recommendation

  • Demo


Has there ever been a more amazing invention than the pen an incredibly convenient way of recording information that dates back thousands of years ??!!!

Why this project
Why this project ??

  • Pens and paper are not very compatible with the technology .

  • Managing information in handwritten forms and hard-copy documents remains an essential task for many businesses, but is often a slow, inefficient process.

  • We will try to develop this idea to be compatible with more futures and multiple using with low cost.


  • A smart pen is an input device which captures the handwriting or brush strokes of a user.

  • Converts handwritten analog information created using “IR Pen" into digital data, enabling the data to be utilized in various applications.

  • The data can then be interpreted by handwriting software and used in different applications or just as graphics.

Abstract cont d
Abstract Cont’d

  • Extended Easily to interactive smart board by converting any surface into touch screen.


  • Smart pens are portable and reliable .

  • Easy to use - low training and support costs.

  • Efficient handheld data capture that is secure and traceable.

  • Multiple use , that we can use smart pen as smart digital pen or smart board.

Features cont d
Features Cont’d

  • Support high capacity storage data memory .

  • Reduced data entry - handwritten data is converted to text ready for processing in back office systems .

    As a result, our application with its features came to provide a core for other software applications depend on handwriting or controlling project using IR position .


  • Detect the smart pen position .

  • IR sensor doesn’t exist as standalone device .

  • Mismatch voltage compatibility between microcontroller and IR Camera.

  • IR Camera give us messy data that wasn’t satisfying since the sampling rate was too slow to cope with the IR stimulus.

Problems cont d
Problems Cont’d

  • Stops sending data (freezes) after working for 2-3 minutes.

  • File system in SD Card problem .

  • Convert from IR Camera coordinates to screen coordinates and calibration issues.

Smart pen

PIC Vs. Arduino


  • Implementation IR sensor :

  • Extract the Wii IR camera.

Implementation cont d
Implementation Cont’d

  • Interface Circuitry .

Implementation cont d1
Implementation Cont’d

  • built a bi-directional level shifter N-Channel MOSFET circuit converter.

Implementation cont d2
Implementation Cont’d

  • Implementation of SD card circuit.

Implementation cont d3
Implementation Cont’d

  • Configuration of XBee Wireless device .

Implementation cont d4
Implementation Cont’d

  • Building IR Pen .

Implementation cont d5
Implementation Cont’d

  • Software coding …

  • Microcontroller code :

  • Initialize I²C Bus .

  • Initialize SPI Bus .

  • SD card initialization commands .

  • XBee initialization commands .

Implementation cont d6
Implementation Cont’d

  • Reading IR camera sensor .

  • Storing in SD card or sending by XBee wireless.

  • C# application software :

  • SmartBoard Form.

  • SD card reader Form .


  • There are a huge number of applications can be implemented depending in our project such as : handwriting detecting , Signature capture supports proof of delivery or attendance, Customer, salesman, contractor … etc.

  • Improve detecting speed with more accuracy .