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Dork Diaries. Geori McCoy. Book Summary.

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Dork Diaries

Geori McCoy

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Book Summary

She is in 8th grade and things aren’t going so well for her this year. Nikki worries about being popular so much that she tries too hard, and this popular mean This story is about a girl name Nikki J. Maxwell. girl at her school name Mackenzie doesn’t make it any better. This story tells Nikki’s great adventure with a new school, new mean girl, and a new crush.

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This setting mostly takes place at Nikki’s humongous middle school. But, there are side settings, like her home and Mackenzie’s house. At the same time a dramatic scene happens in every setting. Even in the book they have sketches of pictures so you can believe she is writing in diary. The book comes to life in a way that is really cool.

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Main Character

To me Nikki is a perky, unique girl. But, she does not have confidence in herself that she is somebody. She doesn’t realize that being popular isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. If Nikki only knew how strong she was she wouldn’t come off so needed to be popular. Maybe things would go easier for her. So, until then Nikki is then girl that people don’t like to be around.

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The climax of the story is when Nikki starts to believe in herself, mostly because the boy she likes is saying that she is way better than the CCP girls (Cute, Cool, & popular).

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Why I recommend

I like this book because it lets me know you don’t to popular to have a good time. Plus I love comedies and this is definitely one. It makes you laugh when you are sad. I would recommend this book to anyone even my mom.