blastissimo or screamando n.
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Blastissimo or Screamando ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Blastissimo or Screamando ?

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Blastissimo or Screamando ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blastissimo or Screamando ?. By: Megan Gloss Presented by: Chris Teeters. Over-singing. Bending, stretching, and shattering notes that don’t deserve such a cruel fate Caused by singers attempting to sing repertoire out of their league . Causes of Over-singing.

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Presentation Transcript
blastissimo or screamando

Blastissimo or Screamando?

By: Megan Gloss

Presented by: Chris Teeters

over singing
  • Bending, stretching, and shattering notes that don’t deserve such a cruel fate
  • Caused by singers attempting to sing repertoire out of their league
causes of over singing
Causes of Over-singing
  • Youth, inexperience, lack of training, imitation, and limited knowledge about the voice
  • “Popera”
over singing in young s tudents
Over-singing in Young Students
  • Younger students should NOT sound like a 30-45 year old singer
  • Sound production is forced or pushed
  • A singer develop their own sense of style through the use of good, healthy technique
  • The student must be patient since developing one’s own style takes time and consistent practice
  • A singers voice is like a fingerprint no two voices are alike
microwave singing
Microwave Singing
  • Young singers will try to rush their development and will try to imitate the pop artists of the time
  • Pop-culture emphasis on singing competitions such as American Ideal
mechanics of over singing
Mechanics of Over-singing
  • Appling too much tension behind the vocal cords, creating pressure that affects the functions of the cords and keeps the sound constricted in the throat
side affects of over singing
Side Affects of Over-singing
  • Vocal blow outs
  • Head, neck, and jaw tension that result in shaking and distended veins in the neck due to shallow breath support
  • Vocal nodes
  • Frequent vocal loss
  • Significant loss of vocal range, hoarseness, and hemorrhaging
is bigger always better
Is Bigger always Better?
  • Students think they need a powerful voice and louder voices makes the music more emotional
  • Over-singing is inappropriate to artistic expression, since it affects crucial musical elements such as pitch and tone
how can students avoid over singing
How can Students Avoid Over-singing?
  • Seek guidance from a good experienced teacher
  • Focus on preparation
  • Avoid recordings
what i believe
What I Believe
  • A student should record his or her self to help the student to know his or her voice