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Global Positioning System. Primary purposes: navigation, projectile guidance, search and rescue, surveying, communications, recreation. Global Positioning System.

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Global Positioning System

Primary purposes: navigation, projectile guidance, search and rescue, surveying, communications, recreation

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Global Positioning System

  • The GPS Master Control Station, operated by the 50th Space Wing's 2nd Space Operations Squadron at Schriever AFB is responsible for monitoring and controlling the GPS satellite constellation.

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THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate Release May 1, 2000


Bill: Today, I am pleased to announce that the United States will stop the intentional degradation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) signals available to the public beginning at midnight tonight. We call this degradation feature Selective Availability (SA). This will mean that civilian users of GPS will be able to pinpoint locations up to ten times more accurately than they do now.

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Q: What happened?

A: Selective Availability was removed

MAY 1, 2000 MAY 3, 2000

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Global Positioning System

  • What’s next: longer life expectancy and higher accuracy

    • GPS Block IIF – 2 of 12 launched (last in Aug., 2011)

    • GPS Block III (under development)

    • Much more here:

Gps to google earth9 l.jpg
GPS to Google Earth

This is why you average waypoints

Li ght d etection a nd r anging l.jpg

  • LiDAR – air and ground based

    • 30 year old technology

    • Cost effective only recently

  • System components

    • Laser scanner with a precise clock

    • Requires robust computer support

Li ght d etection a nd r anging11 l.jpg

Airborne scanning

30,000 points per second at ~15 cm accuracy


Li ght d etection a nd r anging12 l.jpg

How do multiple-

returns work?

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10 meter ???

Slide15 l.jpg

3 meter LiDAR point data

With buildings l.jpg
with buildings

Univ. of Wisconsin

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without buildings

Univ. of Wisconsin

High resolution topography some applications l.jpg
High-resolution topography: some applications

  • Fault mapping

  • Geologic mapping

  • Landslide hazards & change thru time

  • Flood hazards

  • Surface water runoff modeling

  • Precision forestry

  • Noise propagation (roughness)

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southern Bainbridge Island

Slide22 l.jpg

15 km west of Seattle

Toe Jam Hill

fault scarp

Waterman Point


beach uplifted

during 900 AD


Terrestrial lidar scanners l.jpg
terrestrial LiDAR scanners

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Slide29 l.jpg

Original scan by, Brandon Vogt, and Steve Jennings

Slide30 l.jpg

Original scan by, Brandon Vogt, and Steve Jennings

Slide31 l.jpg

Original scan by, Brandon Vogt, and Steve Jennings

Terrestrial laser scanning l.jpg
Terrestrial Laser Scanning

  • UCCS (Leica-Geosystems ‘TruView’)


  • Allerton Church


Gps lidar background l.jpg
GPS / background

  • GPS


  • Lidar