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Negotiations That Win

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Negotiations That Win. PCA District Leadership Workshop Morning. CELEBRATE!. 15 states made improvements, eliminated discriminatory practices. 43 states have open dialog with their blues plan. Rewriting the map!. The Adoption Curve. Know How To Engage People. Understand The System.

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Negotiations That Win

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negotiations that win

Negotiations That Win

PCA District Leadership Workshop Morning

  • 15 states made improvements, eliminated discriminatory practices.
  • 43 states have open dialog with their blues plan.


the map!


Know How

To Engage



The System





Why Trust = Power!


Operational Philosophy

  • Become integrated - make change from within.I.E., “Working from the inside out”
  • Liaison: “”Communication for establishing and maintaining mutual understanding and cooperation."

9 out of 10 Employees Say:

Success = Trust


Being trusted to get a job done



Getting the opportunity to do the type of work you want to


Having power to make decisions that affect your work


Finding a company where you want to work a long time


Getting raises


Having flexibility

Knowing you have many different job options & opportunities



Getting promotions

Source: 2001 Randstad North American Employee Review, interviews with 2,600 employees conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide.

lessons from a horse trainer
Lessons from a Horse Trainer
  • 30 minutes versus 3-to-6 weeks.
  • Gentleness versus violence.
  • Fewer problems.
  • There is a “join up” language for organizations:
    • Hostility is significant cause of failure in negotiations.


The System

  • Blame the system, not people.
  • Understand what is "rational" to the system.
  • It's all about organizational problem-solving:
    • Which means you need to define the problem from the organization's viewpoint.
trim tab
Trim Tab


force field analysis
Force Field Analysis
  • What are the "helping" forces/players?
  • What are the "hindering" forces/players?
  • Where do you have influence?
  • Where do you lack influence?

Where do devote your time and energy?

(Hint: This is critical!)


Be Thankful


Get Over It



Your Destiny



Know How

To Engage


  • Show genuine interest in a real person.
  • Draw the map together.
  • Catch people doing the right things.
  • Find champions.
  • Trust is a powerful motivator - let them make the decision.

The Majority of the U.S.

Workforce is Not Engaged



loyal and productive


Not Engaged

just putting in their time




unhappy and spreading their discontent

Source: First, Break All the Rules: What The World's Greatest Managers Do Differently, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, 1999. The authors have culled their observations from more than 80,000 interviews conducted by Gallup during the past 25 years.


Sincere? Yes__ No__

Why or Why not?




Reliable? Yes__ No__

Why or Why not?




Competent? Yes__ No__

Why or Why not?




Involved w/me? Yes__ No__

Why or Why not?




develop external listening
Develop "External" Listening
  • Get beyond your internal dialogue.
  • Take notes - imagine you are a court stenographer.
  • 2% of sales closed - 1 sales call
  • 3% of sales closed - 2 sales calls
  • 4% of sales closed - 3 sales calls
  • 10% of sales closed - 4 sales calls
  • 81% of sales closed - 5 or more

sales calls

dealing with objections
Dealing with Objections

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."

Babe Ruth




  • Trust is a two-way street.
  • Own your mood.
  • Pay attention to body language.
  • Choose to be a player, not a victim!
  • Represent the profession, not yourself!
  • Do your homework:
    • Know your alternatives
    • Know what a win is!
four basic moods
Four Basic Moods
  • Resentment: I am a victim.
  • Resignation: There is nothing I can do.
  • Peace: I have done my best
  • Ambition: I see an opportunity to make positive change via the actions I take as a liaison.

Beware of your emotional triggers

speak skillfully when triggered
Speak Skillfully When Triggered


Allow all parties to present their facts:and other parties.


Your Company believes ____.

What do you believe?


As a liaison, this makes me feel ________. What are your feelings?

speak skillfully when triggered1
Speak Skillfully When Triggered


“I would like to clarify/find out more about ____.”


“My desire (I.e.,mission) is to _________.”


“I would like to ask that____.”

- OR –

“Therefore, it is necessary that I request _____.”


A L L E N S. L I F F, F.U.D.

Not a copy sold, yet!

Maintain the right attitude!


YOU’RE A *!#$@!

The book that's ruining negotiations!


“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”

Tom Peters

the association society domino affect
The Association/Society Domino Affect

Your DISTRICT can be the next to fall, just like the domino in front of you and behind you, if you do not take steps to understand the external changes that are forcing professions to rethink their role in today’s health care

conditions for associations to exist
Conditions For Associations To Exist!
  • Health care is changing.
  • Health care Legislation increasing.
  • Health care is in crisis.
  • Health care will change for employers/employees in the next ten years.
  • Health care is no longer a right of passage for employees.
associations and revenue
Associations and Revenue
  • Vendors are weighing in on annual meeting expenses.
  • Vendors have begun to use E-Commerce.
  • Vendors are reassessing which society offers the best venue for increasing their business.
  • Vendors look at registration numbers before committing to a trade show anymore.
membership why join any society
Membership –Why Join Any Society?
  • Potential members can obtain information. from internet portals at a price that your society/societies can’t touch; nearly free!
  • Advertising is down and publications are costly to produce.
  • Members want up to date and quick information.
member stagnation
Member Stagnation:

Membership levels and revenue have been at the same point for a long time and the “culture” you represent are seen as going along with the crowd rather than becoming innovators and risk takers!

why reach out to non members
Why Reach Out To Non-members?

Shared knowledge from different districts form the core competency or body of knowledge needed to build and administer a state organization.


Importance Of Non-members

  • Members and non-members, or potential members want to go to one place to obtain their credits, their information and their support for issues and problems they are experiencing every day!
  • Why REACH OUT? Not for you but for your colleagues! That is the main reason!
difficulties and the differences
Difficulties And The Differences
  • Most likely, LEADERSHIP in any DISTRICT is unlike anything you’ve prepared for. It is humbling to realize how much there is to know and how serious are the mistakes that can be made if you lose sight of any of these guiding points:

Difficulties And The Differences

  • What you do about ISSUES will define your profession and your society for many years to come!
  • Will you be a communicator, a facilitator, or a leader?
  • Will you spend more of your energy focusing on negative “me issues”?
The Master you are serving is the Future:

This means that you are not working for just the association/district;

Instead, you are working for what the association will become!

keeping your members first
Keeping Your Members First
  • During DISTRICT MEETINGS you need to “over communicate” what discussions you are having with your membership of each of the respective associations/districts.
when to communicate
  • The Best Time to COMMUNICATE is before it is necessary.
  • When collective energies can be used proactively instead of being sapped by the demands of crisis management.
  • When one voice is the best voice.
why leaders fail
  • Unwillingness by some members.
  • Improper structure.
  • Timing
  • Lack of effective communication.
  • Economics and Egos – two big E’s.
why leadership works
  • Clear Communication.
  • Stakeholders
  • Legislators
  • Regulators
  • What members want.
  • Accomplishments feel great!
providing information about the integration
Providing Information About The Integration

Information = Power!

Especially as it affects individuals careers or business.

critical communication points
Critical Communication Points
  • The Harvard Business Review (November-December 2000) says that there are two critical periods in the life of most associations.
    • Association Leaders need to be champions of communication.
    • Association Leaders need to organize tangible successes.
reaching the recalcitrant
Reaching the Recalcitrant
  • They are called by many names:
    • Dream Stealers
    • Joy Grabbers
    • Naysayers
  • These are the folks who can’t or won’t grasp your vision for the future.
steps to bring the recalcitrant along
Steps to Bring the Recalcitrant Along
  • Clearly articulate the vision and show them their place in it.
  • Stress the importance of reinvention personally and organizationally.
  • Create excitement around the possibility of dismantling your organization and rebuilding it.
steps to bring the recalcitrant along continued
Steps to Bring the Recalcitrant Along - Continued
  • Do your best to understand the risk-adverse personality.
  • Illustrate how the change might fill the inherent need for meaning and purpose.
  • Teach the recalcitrant, mentor them, cheerlead them into seeing how they are needed to bring about positive change.
focus factor
Focus Factor
  • Stay focused on the vision and stop worrying about getting along with those who won’t come along for the ride.
focus factor1
Focus Factor
  • Give them opportunity, but do not dwell on their failure to get on board, today’s fast changing association environment demands that we have faith in our leadership skills and in the vision our boards set for us!
purpose of the pennsylvania chiropractic association
Purpose of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association
  • Advance the Chiropractic Profession
  • Share common interests
  • Educate inform advocate
believe you can win
Believe You Can Win!
  • Most successful athletes imagine winning, they visualize their success before they attempt to succeed! Do you have a mental picture of what you want to achieve in your district for your association?
  • Have a winning game plan and see the positive outcomes that you will create!
now it is your turn
Now It Is Your Turn

PCA Leadership Training Workshop

  • Role Playing develops consistency
  • Role Playing is dress rehearsal for success
  • Role Playing develops skills
  • Role Playing builds confidence and creates LEADERS!
pca leaders
PCA Leaders

Thank you for spending time with us today –Your leadership and support of PCA is a winning combination!


Gene Veno