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UNCW Panhellenic. Dear Potential New Members,

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Dear Potential New Members,

Let us begin by congratulating you on your acceptance to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington! We are so excited to have you and can not wait to see what amazing additions you will make to our wonderful campus. We are so glad you have shown interest in going through Panhellenic Formal Recruitment, participating could be one of the best and most impactful decisions you make during your time as a Seahawk. We understand that the recruitment process can be an overwhelming and confusing one, that is why we have created a guide to each sorority to help you understand further who you are meeting when you are meeting them. We have also trained a group of sorority women, Gamma Chi’s, to help guide you through the process as well. If you have any questions feel free to approach any and every Gamma Chi on campus. They are eager to help and will be there with you every step of the way. Good luck Seahawks, we can’t wait to watch your soar!


alpha chi omega
Alpha Chi Omega, ΑΧΩ
  • Philanthropy: Domestic Violence


  • Founded in 1885
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in


  • Chapter Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green
  • Mascot: The Lyre
  • Dues for first year are $1,033
alpha chi omega1
Alpha Chi Omega

When I made the decision to come to UNCW I didn’t know a single person. Needless to say, I was nervous! But, I knew that joining a sorority would mean I’d get the chance to meet friends and make the most out of college. Recruitment was a whirlwind of excitement, fun, and decisions! It was obvious that it was the perfect place to find a solid group of friends! What I didn’t realize at that time was that I would find so much more…I would find a home full of sisters who would love me unconditionally.

My bid day was the start of a long awaited journey. That day, I ran home to the most supportive, caring, and fun-loving group of women that I could’ve ever imagined. Since then, I have jumped head first into Alpha Chi Omega. With the encouragement of my sisters, I have found the strength to become a leader and the woman I have always wanted to be. These genuine, kindhearted girls remind me every day why I fell in love with this sisterhood. I will never forget that day of recruitment when I walked into a room full of 100 Alpha Chi Omegas and came out on cloud nine. My heart knew where I belonged and I have felt the same ever since.

- Jordan Holmes, Junior

alpha delta pi
Alpha Delta Pi, ΑΔΠ
  • Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
  • Founded in 1851
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in 1983
  • Chapter Colors: Azure Blue and White
  • Mascot: Alphie the Lion
  • Dues for first year are $710
alpha delta pi1
Alpha Delta Pi

"I always knew that I wanted to be in a sorority but I never knew what it would come to mean to me. I think that, as women, we are put in this world in order to be support systems and sisters to one another. Alpha Delta Pi has definitely shown herself worthy of the title sisterhood .The word sister has come to mean different things to me over this past year. It was hard at first to call all of my sorority sisters "sisters" because I had only ever known the bond of a blood sister. But as this past year progressed I learned the true meaning of sisterhood.. I never would have made it through my first year of college if it wasn't for the constant love and care from 100 girls that were once -not long ago- strangers. The bond that we share is truly special. It always seems that when something so great happens in your life you always want to tell anyone who will listen. That is how I feel about Alpha Delta Pi. I wear my letters with pride and could talk about what they means to me for days! I want to continue to serve my chapter in return for all that it does for me. And my hope as we get new members this fall is that they will find the home that I did. In the Eta Alpha chapter I have found some of my best friends, the best listening ears, shoulders to cry on, and hearts to laugh with. I am so lucky to have found all of these things in a group of women that I am truly honored to call my sisters!" -Kellie Dale

alpha gamma delta
Alpha Gamma Delta, ΑΓΔ
  • Philanthropy: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Founded in 1904
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in 1991
  • Chapter Colors: Red, Buff, and Green
  • Mascot: Squirrel
  • Dues for the first year are $970
alpha gamma delta1
Alpha Gamma Delta

Four short years ago I made what would become one of the best decisions of my collegiate career. As an incoming freshman I chose to “Go Greek” through fall recruitment and my life has been changed by this resolution everyday since. As a sister of Alpha Gamma Delta, I have had constant encouragement to be the best version of myself. I have become a more confident and ambitious individual and have attained goals I could not have even imagined having as a freshman. Through Alpha Gamma Delta I was given a network on the UNC Wilmington campus that gave me the opportunity to become involved in everything from studying abroad to a professional fraternity. Through this involvement I having held various leadership roles around campus and have learned to never fear the power that comes with those roles but to respect it. I have learned that organization and preparation are critical, honest and transparent leaders are often the best and that sometimes the right decision is the hardest. Most notably, my time spent in Alpha Gamma Delta has taught me the true meaning of love through friendship and sisterhood. It has encouraged me to not only continue to appreciate the wonderful best friends I have gained in college, but also to cherish every minute I have with the people that I choose surround myself with. The Theta Mu chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta has a cultivating and loving culture that values each of our members for their unique characteristics. –Clair White, Senior

alpha phi
Alpha Phi, ΑΦ
  • Philanthropy: Alpha Phi Foundation
  • Founded in 1872
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in 1989
  • Chapter Colors: Silver and Bordeaux
  • Mascot: Phi Bear and Ivy
  • Dues for first year are $1,111
alpha phi1
Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi has played a very significant role in all of my successes at UNCW. I accredit my confidence to strive for excellence in all that I do to the Eta Xi chapter of Alpha Phi. As a freshman, I learned that to reach success confidence was crucial, I learned this skill through becoming a chapter officer and eventually an executive member. After holding these positions, I was encouraged by my sisters to continue that effort in other organizations and that is truly how I became so involved in other various campus entities. Without the constant encouragement and persistency by my sisters to push me into greater opportunities I would certainly not have the motivation I have today to continue towards superiority. Alpha Phi instills a passion for work ethic in its members and encourages women to be all that they can be. The chapter of Eta Xi Alpha Phi is visionary in that it sees the utmost potential in all of it’s members and I can say that my sisters saw the potential in me and gave me the necessary skills to achieve all that I have.

-Kayla Churchill, Senior

alpha xi delta
Alpha Xi Delta, ΑΞΔ
  • Philanthropy: Autism Speaks
  • Founded in 1893
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington

in 1987

  • Chapter Colors: Blue and Gold
  • Mascot: Bear
  • Dues for first year are $849.50
alpha xi delta1
Alpha Xi Delta

"Alpha Xi Delta is the reason I am still to this day a proud Seahawk. Without these beautiful women I don't know where I would be. With the love and support from every sister I never knew I needed, and memories I never dreamed I would make, Alpha Xi Delta became not only a sorority, but it also became my home. Alpha Xi Delta has made me apart of something larger than myself and stands for everything I believe in. It is guiding me into the woman I want to become and I’m having a wonderful time along the way. With the endless love and support from all of these women I was able to realize my full potential and continue to honor the values set forth by the women who made this whole experience possible. If you had the chance to be incredible, why not take it?" -Jordan Hall, Junior

chi omega
Chi Omega, ΧΩ
  • Philanthropy: The Make-A-Wish


  • Founded in 1895
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington

in 1990

  • Chapter Colors: Cardinal and Straw
  • Mascot: The Owl
  • Dues for first year are $1,105
chi omega1
Chi Omega

When I came to UNCW in the fall of 2011, I was so excited to begin my college journey but equally as nervous. I knew that I wanted to go through the recruitment process, as my older sister had been in a sorority at her college. Recruitment weekend was an adventure in itself- I met awesome new people and learned more about all that UNCW had to offer through Greek Life. When I received my bid from Chi Omega I was thrilled. In the weeks after recruitment, I began to feel more homesick than ever. I had a new sisterhood and already formed great friendships but I still missed all the comforts of home. Feeling embarrassed that I was not 100% loving college, I confided in my new sisters. Pledge sisters reassured me that what I was feeling was normal, while older sisters were quick to share their experiences and express the home they found in Chi O. Now, four years later, I could not be more grateful for everything Chi Omega has given me. Without Chi Omega I doubt that I would still be at UNCW. With a group as diverse as Chi O, I know there is always someone to count on, something to do, or somewhere to go. Chi Omega has inspired me to try new things, be a better leader, and always show the support and love that others have shown me. -Hannah Ashley

delta zeta
Delta Zeta, ΔΖ
  • Philanthropy: The Painted Turtle Camp, Speech and Hearing: The Starkey Hearing Foundation, Gallaudet University and the House Research Institute.
  • Founded in 1902
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in 1979
  • Chapter Colors: Rose and Green
  • Mascot: Turtle
  • Dues for first year are: $912.41
delta zeta1
Delta Zeta

Joining a sorority was never something I had put a lot of thought into, but during the course of my freshman year, I became friends with a lot of the girls in Delta Zeta. I ultimately rushed the following spring semester, and I am so grateful that I did. I was originally apprehensive that I wasn’t a “sorority girl,” but soon realized that Delta Zeta wasn’t about fitting into a stereotype. It was a place where I could be myself, and each one of these women welcomed me with open arms. College is a time when you start realizing what you want to accomplish as you start discovering who you are as a whole. Being part of Delta Zeta has given me the confidence that no matter what I decide to get involved in, I have strong, passionate women standing behind me offering strength, support, guidance, and advice about any and everything. As cheesy as this sounds, I truly found everything I needed in my life in Delta Zeta. I can only hope that each one of you can find a place that you can call home as proudly as I call Delta Zeta mine.

-Mary Katherine DeVane


phi mu
Phi Mu, ΦΜ
  • Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
  • Founded in 1852
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington

in 1968

  • Chapter Colors: Rose and White
  • Mascot: Lion
  • Dues for first year are $844.50
phi mu1
Phi Mu

Me? A sorority girl? Never. I never thought of myself as being the stereotypical sorority girl. But then I found out that there's nothing stereotypical about being in Phi Mu. Every person in Phi Mu is so different. We are a diverse group of young women from the inside out that defines our chapter, not a chapter that defines our members. Phi Mu has made me do things that I had never thought possible, like be an advocate for girl's rights around the worlds through Panhellenic groups like Circle of Sisterhood, be more involved with the community, UNCW, and even study abroad in Italy this past semester. Without the unending support that my sisters have always shown me, I wouldn't have had the courage to believe in myself and that's something I couldn't live without. From keeping me involved with our chapter while I was away, to comforting me in a time of need, even from 4,456 miles away, my sisters have always made me feel at home even though I wasn't. Before I went abroad, my Phi Mu suite mates came to my hometown, with handfuls of letters to give me to read during my experience for when I was "Feeling Lonely", "Trying Something New," etc. and while I was abroad my whole chapter even sent me a box of hand written letters to show that they were thinking about me throughout the semester- needless to say the other study abroad students were a bit jealous! But then I would get to tell my friends from around the world that don't know what sororities are, that my second best decision was studying abroad, but my first was joining Phi Mu! Our sisterhood gives me the strength to follow not only Phi Mu'svalues of Love, Honor, Truth but my dreams. I now know that I can live a lot of other places in the world, but Phi Mu Gamma Kappa chapter will always be my hΦΜe! –Logan Brantley

sigma sigma sigma
Sigma Sigma Sigma, ΣΣΣ
  • Philanthropy: Robbie Page Memorial

and the Sigma Sigma Sigma


  • Founded in 1898
  • Colonized at UNC-Wilmington in 1992
  • Chapter Colors: Royal Purple and White
  • Mascot: Sailboat
  • Dues for the first year are $700
sigma sigma sigma1
Sigma SigmaSigma

My reason for going through recruitment went far beyond simply joining an organization. I was searching for that everlasting bond we always heard about –sisterhood. But not only just the promise of sisterhood, I wanted the undying support and love that are the building blocks to unforgettable memories and friendships. By joining Tri Sigma I found all these elements and more. Coming in as a timid freshman, Tri Sigma was able to see through my shy exterior and recognized my potential to not only be a leader, but a stronger woman. Through the unconditional love and support my sisters showed me, I was encouraged to embrace that potential and become the confident woman I am today. Even more than that, my sisters faithfully supported me the entire way. They stuck by my side through the good and the bad times. My sisters were there through the tears and through the moments our cheeks ached from laughing. I opened my heart to them, and in return I gained over a hundred new family members. Within this sorority I found not only the confidence, courage and determination to be a better woman, I found a group of genuine, caring women that I can count on for anything. Most importantly, I found that promise of genuine sisterhood that I’m confident will last far beyond graduation. Tri Sigma isn’t just for four years, it’s for life and I can’t imagine it without my sisters by my side.

-Emily Foulke

what will being in a sorority do for me

Leadership opportunities

  • Life long friendships
  • Sisterhood
  • Opportunity to give back to the community through service
  • Emphasis on scholarship
  • Social Opportunities
  • Everlasting memories
  • Networking opportunities to connect with national chapter members from across the country and internationally.

What will being in a sorority do for me?

what is panhellenic sorority recruitment

Recruitment is a week long series of rounds, coordinated by the Panhellenic Council and the various chapters on campus, where the chapters get to know the women of each chapter. Panhellenic sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process full of opportunities for prospective members to learn about the Panhellenic sororities. It is a time for students to meet the sorority members, ask questions.

What is Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment?

how much does sorority recruitment cost and where does the money go

The registration fee at UNC-Wilmington is $45.00. Once you complete the online registration you will be able to pay online. Recruitment fees pay for refreshments and food during recruitment, and a recruitment t-shirt that you will wear for the first few days.

How much does sorority recruitment cost and where does the money go?

what is a gamma chi

A Gamma Chi, or recruitment counselor, is a woman who is already a member of a sorority on campus who will help you through the recruitment process by answering questions, and guiding you through the exciting events of the week. They will remain disaffiliated from their sorority during recruitment, enabling them to remain impartial. Every Potential New Member will be assigned to a group led by two or three Gamma Chi’s.

What is a Gamma Chi?

what is the commitment for recruitment week

Recruitment week begins on Tuesday August 26th and will continue until Tuesday September 2nd . Every day's time commitment is different and you will not know of which rounds you are attending and when until you arrive each morning. If on the week days you have conflict due to class you will be excused and can talk with your Gamma Chi about what to do and how to proceed throughout the week without a problem. You will have a more detailed schedule of the week once you meet with your Gamma Chi’s.

What is the commitment for recruitment week?

what should i expect my recruitment days to be like

Recruitment can definitely be tiring both physically and emotionally. However, it is really up to you to decide how positive a recruitment experience you will have. A good attitude and an open mind are vital. Remember that even though small talk may become tedious and repetitive, every chapter visit is a new experience. Approach even the last chapter of the day with an open mind and good attitude; it could be the right one for you!

What should I expect my recruitment days to be like?

how do sororities decide who they invite back to their rounds

As the number of chapters you see is reduced day to day, so is the number of women each sorority is allowed to invite back. Everyone who participates in recruitment has something different to offer a sorority, but sororities must release some potential new members, just as you will have to make decisions about some sororities. In deciding which potential new member to invite back and which to dismiss, each chapter has its own process. Great lengths are taken by chapters to ensure a fair process and equal consideration for each potential new member.

How do sororities decide who they invite back to their rounds?

what should i talk about at the rounds

It is important for you to be yourself during recruitment and let the conversation flow naturally. The sororities are presenting themselves to you just as you are presenting yourself to them. The conversation should go both ways. Asking questions is encouraged. As you go from one day to the next, conversations will become more in-depth and involved. Remember that you have to narrow your choice of sororities each round. Therefore, collect enough information to comfortable make these decisions.

What should I talk about at the rounds?

how do i choose between different chapters

Difficult decisions are a common dilemma. Potential new members however, shouldn’t look at this as a problem. Most women would probably be happy in several sororities on campus. Besides, keep in mind that sororities have to make decisions too. Think carefully and look objectively at what each sorority has to offer. A sorority should be a second home, a place where you feel totally comfortable and welcome. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Your intuition, experiences at each round, personal goals and desires should guide you to the group that is right for you.

How do I choose between different chapters?

is there a gpa requirement

You may not go through sorority recruitment if you are on academic probation, Wilmington requires a 2.5 minimum GPA to register. Please be advised that every sorority has established its own academic requirements. Many chapters follow the guidelines set by their inter/national organizations when deciding to offer invitations and bids. It is also important to note that very few grade exceptions are made by each chapter. Potential members who do not meet a chapter’s academic requirements are released early in the recruitment process to allow them the opportunity to explore other alternatives. However, grades are considered throughout the entire process.

Is there a GPA requirement?