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  1. Scientology A Modern day Cult

  2. What is Scientology? • “KNOWING ABOUT KNOWING, or science of knowledge” (L. Ron Hubbard – Founder).

  3. What’s wrong with Scientology? • It is a CULT • It is a FALSE RELIGION • We define any religion as false whenever and wherever it DEPARTS from the biblical God and his plan of Salvation as understood and proclaimed by the Historical orthodox Christian Church.

  4. Why can’t we accept Scientology? • It teaches FALSE Doctrine • Jesus Rebuked the false teachers – Matthew 23:13-30 • We are to abstain from the APPEARANCE of Evil • 1 Thessalonians 5:22 - Avoid every kind of evil. • We are not to have FELLOWSHIP with Darkness • Ephesians 5:11 - Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  5. What is this movement called Scientology? • It claims to be a Church and a applied religious philosophy • This movement was FOUNDED by L. Ron Hubbard

  6. Who is L. Ron Hubbard? • Lafayette Ronald Hubbard • Born March 13, 1911 in Tiden, Nebraska • He was a popular Science Fiction writer of the 1930’s • At the New Jersey Science Fiction convention he said, “Writing for a Penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.” (Time {April 5, 1976} 57.) • The Following year in May 1950, Hubbard released “Dianetics: A Modern Science of Mental Health.”

  7. Who is L. Ron Hubbard? • His first book on Scientology was published in 1951, and the Church of Scientology of California was incorporated on February 18, 1954. • He was raised near Helena, Montana • His father served a career in the U.S. Navy • He was one of the youngest Eagle Scouts in the History of the Boy Scouts of America • Married 3 times; accused of beatings, strangulation; kidnapping of their child to Cuba; counseling his first wife to commit suicide • He met his second wife in a Satanists Cult lead by Jack Parsons that practiced Black Magic and Sexual Magic

  8. Opposition To L. Ron Hubbard • Russell Miller – Bare-faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard • Former Scientologists Bent Corydon – L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman? • They show that Hubbard: • Lied about Traveling to Asia when we was in High School • Lied about being crippled; showed medical records that he was never crippled, blinded, or wounded in WWII (let alone being pronounced dead twice). • Question Hubbard’s Academic Degrees • Sequoia University was shut down in 1958 because they were discovered to be an unrecognized diploma mill located in a two-story house in Los Angeles • He attended 2 years at George Washington University for 2 years and placed on Academic Probation for poor grades • He spent 3 months at the Princeton School of Military Government • Nothing has surfaced to confirm his “alleged” degree from Columbian College

  9. The Church of Scientology • The Dianetics Movement • Dianetics means “through thought” or “Through the Soul” – it is the science of the mind. • Man is basically GOOD • Man’s basic instinct is SURVIVAL – to do this one must avoid pan and gain pleasure

  10. What is a Thetan? • Scientology likes the Thetan to MAN’S SPIRIT • It is a TIMELESS entity which reincarnates in interplanetary(between planets and the Sun) life forms • Once reaching earth as man, its goal is FREEDOM from the cycle of birth and rebirth • He must learn to GAIN CONTROL over his environment and become an “Operating Thetan” (OT).

  11. What is an Operating Thetan (OT)? • One who has control over MEST • MEST = Matter, Energy, Space, and Time – the physical universe • A Thetan Controls MEST by operating OUTSIDE of his body (Hubbard, Technical Dictionary, 279). • Since the OT no longer needs his body, he can leave it AT WILL through the act of “exteriorization,” – planetary Projection (Hubbard, Dianetics, 115). • OT’s climb fifteen levels, but the highest courses are obtainable only by a few members

  12. Dianetics – the structure of Man’s Mind • ANALYTICAL MIND – This works like the perfect computer; it never makes a mistake • REACTIVE MIND – Totally stimulus/response basis. It hold the mental images of past experiences called “engrams.” • SOMATIC MIND – place solutions into effect on the physical level. This mind keeps the body regulated and functioning.

  13. Being Unconscious • This is when the Body is awake and animated, but the analytical mind has stopped and the reactive mind takes over. The reactive mind takes in a detailed recording from the sensory organs. This recording is not a memory, but an image, like a motion picture called an “engram.” Everything said, seen, touched, and sensed is recorded as the “engram.” The reactive mind stores this engram, which works to stimulate the person to react to the stimulus.

  14. The Problem: • The reactive mind frequently interrupts the analytical mind. The Analytical Mind could run the persons life flawlessly, but the reactive mind keeps interfering with perfection.

  15. Example: • “Suppose as an example of an engram and its effects on the Spirit, Mr. A has a tonsillectomy under anesthetic. During this operation, the surgeon, who wears glasses, comments angrily to a clumsy nurse, ‘You don’t know what you are going.’ Mr. A recovers. A few months later, Mr. A, a bit tired during a hard day at the office, has an argument with his employer (who happens to also wear glasses), who says, ‘You don’t know what you are doing.’ Mr. A suddenly feels dizzy, stupid, and gets a pain in his throat. There is installed a kind of conditioned semantic response that affects the THETAN (a cyclical reincarnated entity “discovered” by L. Ron Hubbard).” • These engrams make a man react insanely to society: Mad, Inefficient, and ill.

  16. The Solution: • Rid that reactive mind of all engrams. Once this happens, the person is called “CLEAR.” The clear person has no reaction to the same situation because no engrams stimulates it. • The goal of Dianetics is to CLEAR the individual of all engrams of his past. • At First, Dianetics only dealt with engrams in this lifetime, but after more probing, Scientologists claim that they carry engrams from past lives (reincarnation) that also need to be cleared.

  17. The Clear Person • The clear person is on the evolutionary journey to the next stage of man, a godlike being called HOMO NOVIS. • This person can be tested for all mental disorders, emotional disorders, compulsions, repressions, and self-generated diseases to confirm that they are ENTIRELY without such problems. Additional tests will show the intelligence to be high above the current norm. • It IMPROVES eyesight, stops ear-ringing, increases the IQ, cures the common cold, speeds thinking computations, and saves marriages. • This is accomplished by Dianetics through COUNSELING. It may take years of auditing for the pre-clear to become clear. • This Clear, Operating Thetan, is “cleared of all wrong answers or useless answers that keep them from living or thinking” (Hubbard, Technical Dictionary, 75).

  18. Dianetics Rejected - • American Psychological Association – “These claims are not supported by empirical evidence of the sort required for the establishment of scientific generalizations.” (Publishers Weekly {September 16, 1950}: 1124). • Dr. Morris Fishbeck, former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, said went on record by warning people about “mind-healing cults… like Dianetics.” (Newsweek {October 16 1950}: 59). • Psychologists Eric Fromm – “Dianetics has to respect for and no understanding of the complexities of personality,” He revealed that Hubbard had saturated Dianetics in “oversimplified truths, half-truths, and plain absurdities.” (Paul Sann. Fads, Fallacies, and Delusions, 114).

  19. Dianetics Rejected • No “Clears” could be found until Feb. 1966 – Sonya Bianca – a Physics Student from Boston • 4000 people appeared in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles to see the first “Clear.” Questions from the Audience revealed should could not remember basic physics formulas nor the Color of Hubbard’s necktie she had seen moments before the show