climate change n.
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Climate Change

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Climate Change . And it’s damaging effects. Mississippi Delta coastal w etlands . N o ice… devastating to the Polar Bear. Sea Level Rise @ 20 meters. Something to think about!. Skinnerized Test Questions.

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climate change

Climate Change

And it’s damaging effects


Mississippi Delta

coastal wetlands

skinnerized test questions
Skinnerized Test Questions

1. Why doesn’t glacier melt effect the rise in sea level and land mass ice, like Antarctica, does?

a) Glaciers are compiled of far less ice than Antarctica.

b) Glaciers displace a volume of water that has a weight equal to that of the glacier.

c) The surface area of Antarctica is greater allowing faster melting than glaciers.

d) Glaciers displace a volume of water that has a greater weight than that of the glacier.

2. What effect does sea level rise have on the wildlife community?

a) No effect. Wildlife can adapt to many situations or migrate if needed.

b) Devastating effect. Drastic change in wildlife could damage the entire ecosystem.

c) No effect. Natural selection will sort it all out.

d) Devastating effect. Decreased wildlife means decreased car accidents that rid the world of bad drivers.