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Welcome to Seminar

Welcome to Seminar

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Welcome to Seminar

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  1. Welcome to Seminar Fall 2013

  2. Introductions Your seminar faculty member is… Your graduate assistant is…. Your graduate assistant is in charge of your attendance and in some cases will lead seminar. Your Honors Board Member is….. Welcome to Seminar. Today’s seminar is an information session. You may wish to write some of these things down.

  3. This Week At Honors Begin running for membership on the Honors Board. We need five Freshmen and also several upper classmen. If you like leadership or wish to help Honors grow please join. You can place posters in the Honors building and at appropriate places on campus. You can introduce yourself in Seminar (2 minutes). You can do a meet and greet and a speech at the Fall Mixer Thursday, September 19th (Paarrrtyyy!) Good Food, Music, Games. Meet your fellow Honors students, especially those in your field. Questions? Go to the Honors website.

  4. This Week at Honors Scholarships and the Scholarship application posted on the Website by Wednesday. Please download the application (under Scholarship tab on the Website)and turn it in to the Honors Office on the 2nd floor of the Honors Building (Judice-Rickels) no later than Friday, September 20th. No late applications are accepted. Scholarships available for Freshmen and upper classmen. There is a new scholarship this Fall – Dwight and Ann Coles – former Honors Students. Check it out!

  5. This Week at Honors Part of our community service this semester is the Heart Walk. If you would like to walk on the Honors Team, please contact Dr. Frederick or Kevin Zamora on the Honors Board. The Heart Walk is Saturday, November 23rd.

  6. Calendars and the Website There is an extensive website for Honors. It contains new, a calendar of events, information on seminar and classes, contract forms, applications and many other important things. Please use it – often. A calendar of events for this semester will be posted by Wednesday. A calendar of events for Honors Living Community will also go up Wednesday under the HLC link.

  7. What is Seminar? A place to get announcements for events in Honors and the University A meeting of bright minds and a sharing of ideas. It is the way Honors was originally founded. A good place to meet new people. A place to practice giving a paper or sound out an idea. A place to share news

  8. How do we choose seminars? The second day of your seminar everyone, who wants to, can suggest an idea for seminar. After the ideas have been posted, you will vote for the seminars you wish to hear. Some will have 10 – others only 8 depending on the calendar. This semester Thursdays have fewer seminars because of Holidays. Each person voted in meets with the professor or student leader to pick a date for their seminar immediately after seminar. This is a firm date and cannot be changed, unless you can swap with another person. The only excuse for missing your seminar is illness. Others are waiting to hear you or your guest. If you “just don’t show up” it will be counted as a double absence. Afterward, the seminar calendar is posted on the Honors Website.

  9. What Kinds of Seminars? You can give one yourself or bring someone else with approval. You can give your fellow seminarians a question or introduce something and discuss it with them. You must lead the discussion.

  10. Rules for Seminar Your seminar must be what was voted on. No naked people, no weapons. Seminars should be no longer than 30-35 minutes to leave time for questions at the end. You must lead discussions. All opinions are valid if they are based on fact. You cannot raise your voice in anger. Raise your hand. Please turn your phones off or on vibrate. Do not text or play on your phone. Do not do other homework in Seminar. Please add to the discussion.

  11. The Seminar Book The Stranger by Albert Camus. You can get a copy from the Bookstore. Its not expensive and is in paperback. Albert Camus (7 November 1913 – 4 January 1960) was a French-Algeria-born French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist, and philosopher. The Stranger: “On the surface, it gives the appearance of being an extremely simple though carefully planned and written book. In reality, it is a dense and rich creation, full of undiscovered meanings and formal qualities...” If you would like to have book club – share and read with others, please let Dr. Frederick know when you are free in the afternoons. You can e-mail her at

  12. Thank You! Thank you for listening and have a great day! Think of what kinds of seminars you would like to give and please be ready with suggestions for next week.